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Sajid Javid, Coronavirus

Sajid Javid’s advice to not ‘cower’ from Covid provokes backlash

Sajid Javid’s advice to not ‘cower’ from Covid provokes angry backlash

7/25/2021 2:25:00 AM

Sajid Javid ’s advice to not ‘cower’ from Covid provokes angry backlash

Bereaved families, Labour and Lib Dems all condemn health secretary, accusing him of insensitivity

Photograph: Tolga Akmen/AFP/Getty ImagesThe health secretary, Sajid Javid, advised the public: ‘Please, if you haven’t yet, get your jab, as we learn to live with, rather than cower from, this virus.’Photograph: Tolga Akmen/AFP/Getty ImagesSun 25 Jul 2021 00.08 BST

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Last modified on Sun 25 Jul 2021 00.20 BSTSajid Javid has provoked a wave of anger from families of the victims of Covid after he said people must no longer “cower” from the virus.The health secretary announced on Saturday that he had made a “full recovery” from Covid-19 after falling ill eight days ago, and said: “Please, if you haven’t yet, get your jab, as we learn to live with, rather than cower from, this virus.”

Jo Goodman, the co-founder of Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice, said Javid’s “comments are deeply insensitive on a number of levels”.“Not only are they hurtful to bereaved families, implying our loved ones were too cowardly to fight the virus, but they insult all those still doing their best to protect others from the devastation this horrific virus can bring,”

she said.Labour accused him of denigrating people who followed the rules to protect others, while the Lib Dems told him to apologise to those who have shielded because they are particularly vulnerable to the disease.David Lammy, the shadow justice secretary, called into question the health secretary’s use of the word cower, in words echoed by Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner.

“129,000 Brits have died from Covid under your Government’s watch,” Lammywrote. “Don’t denigrate people for trying to keep themselves and their families safe.”The Lib Dem’s health spokesperson, Munira Wilson, said Javid’s tweet was “outrageous” while thousands remain in hospital with Covid.

“His careless words have insulted every man, woman and child who has followed the rules and stayed at home to protect others,” she said in a statement. “He owes them all, especially the millions who are shielding, an apology.”Ian Blackford, the SNP’s leader in Westminster,

said: “‘Cower from this virus.’ Really. The job of government is to keep people safe. To show empathy with folk. To seek to protect people when necessary. This is not acceptable. You might want to reflect and think about your role as health secretary in England.”

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Ministers have been criticised over the past weeks for undermining the public health campaign against Covid by givingmixed messagesabout the virus.Public health expert Devi Sridhar said his remarks would be “painful to read for those who were severely ill” and those who lost loved ones to Covid-19. The professor at the University of Edinburgh wrote: “It wasn’t because they were weak, just unnecessarily exposed to a virus.

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Goes to show again what a certain sort of person a Tory is. Cameron was going to make them more compassionate, then May was, erm, going to do the same. But the Nasty Party just can't help itself, can it? Not helped by the takeover at local levels by UKIP arrivists either Alhamdulillah God is protector echoed by hesitations of vaccine,why recommend vaccine Mr sajid it is cowardice too.

Isn't he just gaslighting? Typical Tory behaviour. greg_jenner The new death minister speaks 😡 Were the 160,000 people who died of COVID cowering? No they were fighting for their lives. What a pathetic excuse for a politician. Didn’t take too long for Javid to turn into a complete pillock Been to work every day in a mixed office used public transport not not been ill once.

From labour voters right ? Despicable. Javid is clearly suffering from 'long Brexit' it addles the brains of those afflicted, Dreadful

Coronavirus live: England’s health secretary recovers from Covid; Italy records further 5,000 casesUK health secretary Sajid Javid has announced the he’s made a full recovery from Covid-19 after contracting the virus last week.

So hopefully Boris won't be a coward and he let us live our lives, no lockdowns, no tracing apps, no mandatory vaccines, no covid pass. Yes, people use ' covid' as an excuse. Another one with not a clue!! He’s right! Where is the limit for us little islanders to stop this madness of government we have, to hold them to account, to made them sajidjavidresign because they are just damaging our health and laughing at us with this stupid statements. When ?

For such a statement to come from our Health Secretary is very sad indeed. Callousness at the heart of government. Straight out of the Trump playbook. Almost word for word 🙄 Embarrassing The tweet by sajidjavid is just another example of uncaring Conservatives. The fact that 140k+ UK citizens have died due to coronavirus on their watch due to their mishandling of the pandemic without any real sorrow from them is telling.

His real name is Sajid Covid! But not really. This is your top story and it’s irresponsible and while possibly true to some degree, reporting on a response that’s ephemeral is a problem existentially for your newspaper He's not wrong

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Maybe now the Tories can now not cower from saying “No “ to buddies who want gov contracts . Tories not cower from telling the truth , not cower from taxing the rich, not cower by making law a living wage for everyone not cower from climate change You English have lost your minds. Even my woke friends in the U.S. are living their lives again and cooling it with the political rhetoric.

Finally, a politician who sees that he's essentially created a nation full of bed wetters who need tucking in at night. If they want to hide away, let them, I just wish they wouldn't expect everyone else to. Many cases are 'asympto', and most are mild (as we know) so I'm more annoyed about his assertion 'the vacx helped' when he can't possibly know. Persuasion stroke propaganda is one thing, naked bs - from a Minister - is not on.

But only amongst Guardian readers. Don’t like the guy but a heck of a lot of misrepresenting what he is saying going on. Got to say that Hancock with all his faults wasn't as useless as hapless Javid ! Rich won't cower with gated residence

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Faux outrage. Imagine losing a relative to covid and then be told don't cower away He's right, all you have to do is stand with your legs too far apart and macho the virus away. I'm too tired for this nhs NHS 🙄 This is my Health Secretary,,,,what did I ever do to deserve him., !? 😭😢🤮 Silly me, thought a Health Secretary was mainly concerned about the public health and wellbeing. Apparently that doesn't apply in Johnsons Toryland. Minister for finance and propaganda maybe

He's not wrong tho. People better start learning to live with COVID, because it's never going away. He certainly embraced it . Project Fear 🤦‍♀️ Son of a bus driver though.. Just about the level of empathy you'd expect from ex chancellor sajidjavid. He's really not interested in the wellbeing of the nation.

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Ex Banker. Sounds a lot like...! Neither amending or deleting the tweet while a number of conspiracy theorist spawned a whole load of hate towards scientists + medical professionals in the centre of London. That's what's so wrong with his tweet. Cower. We've been trying to stay alive. poor man appears to have classic male pattern forgetfulness and thinks he is still the Chancellor, or the Minister for Commercial Property Portfolios, or what have you

Disrespectful. Unfit for office. Well they’ll hardly reach their natural herd immunity plan if people aren’t going out getting themselves sick. Sajid the Savage Yes from people wilfully misinterpreting his words because the government has spent 18 months scaring folk there are people cowering from the virus and still scared.

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yet another di**head. How is it that we have the consistently worst people in government? I mean, surely I could do a better job and I'm a cartographer. I also have a heart and a conscience so I guess that rules me out of the club. UK's answer to Bolsonaro 🤦🏽‍♂️ horrible Because it was a totally cuntish thing to say.

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