Sage smart grinder pro – can it take the grind out of making the perfect brew?

1/28/2022 10:27:00 PM

Sage smart grinder pro – can it take the grind out of making the perfect brew?

Sage smart grinder pro – can it take the grind out of making the perfect brew?

Espresso of French press? We put the Sage smart grinder pro to the test to see if it could take our brews to the next level – here’s our review

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9/10 Ease of Use The Sage smart grinder pro feels like the Ferrari of coffee grinders, boasting all the bells and whistles that make you feel like you may have “made it” in the world of home coffee grinding, yet still with the safety net of being guided through the process if you’re not quite at barista-level yet.The smart saddle was designed by experts led from Inner Mongolia peak phwoarrr .An American author has revealed that a family mix-up of crossed wires led him to be engaged to a cousin he didn't know existed.

It may look complicated but the display is pretty self-explanatory, almost talking you through the process as you choose between “cups” or “shots”, giving you guidance depending on what coffee you’re making, whether its French press your grinding for or an espresso. You can play around with the settings to adjust the coarseness to your preference, as well as the grind time to make sure you aren’t wasting those valuable grounds. The generators also serve as sensors and can provide data on rider posture. Read more: 7 best milk frothers to make a proper coffee at home Once you’ve found the perfect formula for you, the Sage saves them so everything is set up just as you need. He famously gave Lady Di her iconic crop moments before a major photoshoot. It even kicks into action just from pushing your portafilter into its cradle, so you don’t even have to push a button. You can grind directly into your machine’s portafilter, into the container that comes with it or into anything else, so you can use it straight away or sort your grounds out for later, knowing they’ll still be fresh. It turns out my ex and I were third cousins, once removed.

The screen gives users plenty of guidance, and even saves settings for your next cuppa (Ellen Manning) It’s also fairly easy to keep clean, with a removable tray that you can clean any spilled grounds or coffee dregs from your portafilter.” Instagram content originates from. It also comes with a handy brush for sweeping any missed bits out of the moving parts. Design If you want people to know how seriously you take your coffee, the Sage smart grinder pro will definitely give that impression. It’s got something of a space-age appearance, with its blue LCD display contrasting with the machine colour of either black stainless steel, brushed stainless steel or “black truffle”. But, it's not just the circumstance in which her hair was cut that's baller (we're imagining our gal Jodie with her head tipped over the kitchen sink). It’s pretty clear and easy to read too, showing you the grind setting, grind time and number of shots or cups you’ve selected. “You can technically marry your third cousins, once removed, but I think there’s something too that we do kind of look alike around here.

It comes off as pretty funky, but isn’t a small piece of kit, so you’ll have to accept that it will take up a bit of space on your kitchen countertop and might not be as easy to hide away in a cupboard as some other grinders are. You can kick it into action by pushing the portafilter into its cradle – no button pressing necessary (Ellen Manning ) That said, it’s not an unattractive kitchen gadget, and if you value your coffee quality then it’s worth allocating a bit of space to the machine that’s going to make the magic. It feels sturdy and robust and you get the feeling it will stand up to the test of regular use in the hands of a coffee fanatic. Performance When it comes to the actual grind, the Sage allows you to focus on precision, adjusting and programming the grind time to within 0.2 second increments. One said: "Holy Cow, that's wild!" Another said that Jesse's Mormon heritage may have contributed to the crossed wires.

Overkill for some – absolutely vital for others. The dials to adjust grind amount and program, as well as grind size, are smooth and easy to use, while the buttons to start or pause, and to adjust shots and cups are responsive and self-explanatory. The grind is consistent and efficient and in terms of noise, the Sage isn’t too disruptive, so you won’t find it too offensive first thing in the morning. The verdict: Sage smart grinder pro With a price tag upwards of £200, the Sage smart grinder pro isn’t necessarily an entry-level machine. But if you’re looking to take your coffee more seriously and want to invest in it then this could be the one for you.

It looks great, and feels like a serious bit of kit, yet is also easy to use and self-explanatory, with its digital display making it abundantly clear what you need to do to get the exact grind you want. The quality that comes with its cost is clear to see, and you can expect your Sage smart grinder pro to stand up to the job of daily use by someone who loves their coffee. It’s easy to clean, looks good, isn’t too over-sized and, most importantly, grinds your coffee beans to the exact specification you want, time and time again. A worthwhile investment if you’re planning on taking your coffee seriously every step of the way. Sage smart grinder pro .