Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary accused of racism for saying terrorists are 'generally Muslim men'

Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary accused of racism for saying terrorists are 'generally Muslim men'


Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary accused of racism for saying terrorists are 'generally Muslim men'

Michael O'Leary in an interview also appeared to mock obese passengers, and hit out at the need to accommodate disabled people.

Ryanair predicts weakest passenger growth in seven years Ryanair told Sky News that any suggestion that Mr O'Leary thought Muslim men should face extra airport security checks were"simply inaccurate". "Michael was only calling for more effective airport security checks which would do away with much of the unnecessary queues at airport security today for all passengers," a spokesman said. Image: Michael O'Leary (L) has worked at Ryanair for more than 30 years The controversial comments came during an interview in which he also appeared to mock obese passengers - and hit out at the need to accommodate disabled people. He said that the need for wheelchair facilities on each floor of an office he had built in Dublin was"complete and utter nonsense" That"fairly shortly we'll have to have gender-fluid toilets", adding:"I'm male today and I'll be female tomorrow" And described obese airline passengers as"monsters", saying:"If you have complete monsters you may need to buy two seats" Hate crime monitoring group Tell Mama said his"flippant" comments could have serious consequences for the business where he was worked for more than 30 years. "Besides being discriminatory and basing judgements on the 'looks' of people, which is abhorrent, O'Leary clearly does not know about the history of terrorism, where people have used others to bypass this blunt and divisive technique," it said. Rules on staff relationships 'go too far' - O'Leary The Muslim Council of Britain also criticised Mr O'Leary, describing his views as"the very definition of Islamophobia". "He openly advocates discrimination against 'males of a Muslim persuasion', which presumably is not based on specific intelligence but solely whether someone 'looks or acts like a Muslim'," a spokeswoman said. "It is a shame that such racism is being expressed so openly, and that the CEO of a large airline would so want to discriminate against his customers so brazenly." Mr O'Leary is no stranger to courting controversy, having famously proposed that passengers should pay to use the toilet, and he dressed up as a pope to launch Ryanair's new route from Dublin to Rome. He has also been at loggerheads with the UK government in recent times - Read more: Sky News

Play guess the religion or race the next time a major incident is reported on the TV... maybe even try with minor crimes... Keep a record and get back to me in 12 months... Hes God damm right, and you all know it... just to scarred to admit it Um...most are, are they not? What's racist about that? It's those crazy, crazy ones that were taught HATE and KILL all those who don't agree with them.

Islam is not a race. The word racism is meaningless here. Man speaks truth & gets attacked by left. Unfortunately he is absolutely correct, however stating a fact is not racism. I don’t think he was discriminating against somebody because of their religion. A few years ago most terrorists were Irish, now there Muslims. It’s not racist it’s just fact.

Religion is not a race a national or ethnicity a colour or a sex - religion is a spiritual thought and a way of living your life in accordance to its teachings- Mr O’Leary is not racist - educate yourself before accusing people 🧐 In think he’s right. So what about that statement is not true? Really? What race did he allegedly insult?

Are these barriers racist because they have been installed only to protect us from one set of religious people 😘 Is it a statistical fact? JustAsking

Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary slammed for 'racist' remarks on Muslims'If he can tell me what colour Muslims are then I'd be very happy to learn from him' He's got tok much money that's why. They end up living above the clouds in a world of their own. 🤮 Looking forward to my flight in April with my bearded, Muslim husband and my kids (they don't have beards.) Which is on Ryan air coincidentally.😄

Well all I can say is that I agree with him... Racism? Why? Is he stating wrong facts? He's right. Why is he wrong? Its the old saying That not all muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are muslim When did religion become a race? Asking for the non ‘woke’ bullshit news Well it's a fact isn't it 🤔 Every airliner bombing since Pablo escobar in 1989 has been carried out by Muslim men. Muslim men aren’t a race either.

It isnt Racist to call out an ideology. Sky FakeNews Slightly hypocritical!

Ryanair boss calls for extra checks on Muslim men at airports'In Germany this week a white person killed eight people. Should we profile white people to see if they’re fascists?' says MP What he really wants is some attention of the media. If this isn't direct racism then what is

1) Muslim isn’t a race. 2) if it’s a true fact it’s not racism see no 1 If some people can’t grasp the difference between a religion and a race then it’s time to simply ignore them... It's about a religion, not a race. As AyoCaesar likes to say ‘facts don’t care about your feelings’. Sounds accurate though ,what's the figures say

Muslim isn't a race, how is it racist? Up roar for what... True tho. Muslim=ISLAM=RELIGION=NOT a RACE... Is it true or not?

MP condemns Michael O'Leary for 'encouraging racism'Ryanair boss called for racial profiling at airports in an interview with The Times I genuinely don’t see the problem with what he said. It’s fact and there is clear evidence to back up his statement. Move on. Nothing to see here... How would he know who is muslim? They aren't all brown and called mohammed you know o'leary!! And security isn't just about terrorism, what about smuggling of drugs or someone wanting to hijack a plane for a ransom or wanting asylum elsewhere smuggling a weapon on board!! He's thinking profits - get them on the plane and in the air faster.

They are Telling the truth is racist now is it? Can’t stand the man but statistically he is correct. ‘Muslim’ is not a race. How a religion now a race ? ISLAM IS NOT A RACE! The truth. Islam isn’t a race! He is, correct. I don't know who is accusing him of being racist, some woke idiot probably, he is of course right, but still, he mustn't forget IRA were/are white.

Ilhan Omar accuses Meghan McCain of hypocrisy towards 'Bernie bros' over online attacksThe freshman representive says the co-host regularly shares 'anti-Muslim' smears about her

avoidryanair shameful... All intelligent travelers should boycott Ryanair.. I'm not Muslim... But this Ceo buys yachts thanks to those Muslims These days they are. He also said that before it was the IRA. You'd rather die on a hijacked plane than upset a few do-gooders? Well they are ....aren’t they....?

What are the statistics relating to this statement? 🤔 It’s pretty accurate unfortunately but nobody is allowed to state facts these days! Yes it's awful. It's clear terrorists are normally female Quakers.. Don't know the guy but he's got a valid point. Facts don’t care about feelings When did the last non Muslim blow up a plain ? Escobar ?

Fuck me, for telling the truth

Hanau attack reveals 'poison' of racism in Germany, says MerkelGunman who posted manifesto online kills nine at shisha bars before shooting himself Full details not yet fully available, but this guy does look like a complete fruitcake, in this case it does look like a single deluded nutter All caused by Mrs Merkel. Somehow I don't remember accidents like that happening in Germany before Merkel invited engineers from Asia and Africa?

How is speaking the truth racist? Please someone tell me? That is why you must stop the thought police Is it now wrong in telling the truth Who, exactly, has accused him of racism, and on what grounds? Clearly it can’t be anything to do with Muslims as they are no more a race than are Christians or Buddhists. So come on, Sky, do tell!

The reason we are in the mess we are in today is because you try to stop people telling the truth. Its hasn't worked or helped. Facts always hurt He is speaking factually. Perhaps if we were allowed to discuss issues openly and not get shut down by the lunatic leftists, we could discuss and solve these issues more easily

Well hes right That’s called accuracy Good bloke & well done for him having the balls to say this

German terrorist's nine victims all had migrant background, police sayAll nine people shot dead in a far-right terror attack in the town of Hanau on Wednesday had migrant backgrounds, Germany's top prosecutor said, while foreigners are also thought to be among six wounded. Thank you for calling him a TERRORIST. Interesting. Mass immigration and replacement of native population are real problems.

Isnt he only stating facts Is it factually correct though? How would Mr O'Leary if we stereotyped all white Christians as racist and asked foreign governments to thoroughly check them before allowing them in to their countries. Or maybe he might agree and say that they all are with his shit for brains😉

When you make comments like that you know you were lucky to be the boss of a company like RyanAir because you didn't reach the top because of your brains! Closet racist finally comes out. Snowmen are generally white...is that a racist comment? His comments need to be taken in context and the easily offended snowflake brigade need to take a day off.

Muslim does not equate to race. Stop speciously using the term. I think he’s probably correct, & I’d guess that most of the Western world would agree as well. accused of racism by whom ? TERRORISTS ? lololololol Facts are not important anymore, are they ? I think the Muslim community should shut their mouths for the sake of diversity. They are blatantly trying to an attack the Irish for having the freedom of thought

Hey... wasn’t that Muslim attacker in London last week white? I guess the racism claims BS... the two don’t correlate. Islam and terrorism however...🤔 Where’s the lie tho? Aren’t they? I mean it goes against being politically correct but he’s right (terrorists with other religions are also available) Facts don’t care about your feelings

Can’t be racist against a cult. Silly people It would appear everyone wants a piece of 'Overt' white supremacy these days. Trump can't be the only one having all the fun. In my experience many Irish people are still trying to prove they're white by exercising white supremacy at every chance. World has gone mad.

Someone has an opinion

Erm if I’m not mistaken he is absolutely correct,but don’t let facts get in the way of a good racism story. The truth isn't racist Yes racist comments but true I don’t think he’s wrong for stating the bloody obvious Action/reaction. Maybe we should have a look at the root causes of radicalism. terrorism freedomfighters newnarrative

I dont like our remainer Ryanair boss ,however on this issue he is spot on ,credit where credit is due , who knows I might even fly Ryanair in the future ! Prove it's not the case rather than call the racist card. BTW Muslim (Religion) is not a race it's just stereo typing people with a certain belief. I don't like the man for many reasons but He has the right to make his own conclusions unless clear facts can refute what he said?

1. Islam is not a race. 2. Australia. Since 2014 all but 1 planned, thwarted, carried out attack have been by Muslims. 3. Majority of prisoners in Goldburn Jail, NSW are Muslims. Can't stand the guy but isn't that true... It’s tough being correct. And it’s not racism, we all know it to be true.

Truth always hurts! He’s not far wrong at the moment! This statement is true. As a percentage of all terrorists, muslim men are the largest group. not racist he’s saying what most people are thinking But... but I thought that facts don't care about your feelings?! AyoCaesar owenjones84 No lies detected.

Sounds true enough Tell him mass shooting and white extremism are always by (not usually) white man only. And? It's true Well he’s just lost a whole load of business. I can’t get angry anymore at someone who is racist. They haven’t been educated properly. I have.

He didn’t mention any race whatsoever. He is probably anti muslim terrorists. Is he wrong🤷🏻‍♂️ Muslim isn't a race. U racist p..y The truth is racist Is it racist to see reality before your very eyes? Apparently so. He’s not wrong tho is he? I’m pleased he had had the balls to say it He’s wrong, and full of shit.

Complainant made by 'Tell Mama' yawn. It isn't 'racist' to state a fact, neither is religion classified nor confined by 'race'.

This 8s no racism it is fact of about certain religion culture. One day ,Europe and America will regret absolving and integrating wrong people in their societies. No matter the race Islam have bring people together in hostile faith. Accused of telling the truth. The truth is racist. Go figure. Errrr these days they generally are. 30 years ago over here they were white Irish. Times have changed, but keep screaming ‘Islamophobia’, yeah.

He's 100% correct Last time I looked religion wasn’t s race Fact. We have to fight to ensure that speaking the truth is allowed at all times - no matter how many sensitivities the truth may hurt. Michael - don’t cow-tow to the PC brigade. Read the comments below and take back your apology immediately! Yea right

Ryanair owner describing himself & his company Policy : 'People either see me as Jesus, Superman or an odious little s**t. “ I think I'm JESUS. A prophet in his own time”. U.K. Equality Act applies on this criminal . The State must take swift action . True War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

I think the CEO of Ryanair just used logic to narrow down who is NOT committing terrorist acts. What was he left with? Facts.... Not often people agree with O’Leary but count the terrorist attacks in the UK over the past 3 years and Im sure his definition of a terrorist could be correct😳😳😳 For stating facts

O’Leary is 💯 % right. The blokes right What race is he insulting? Muslim is a religious term not a racial one.

Racist for stating facts!.. Welcome to 2020 The hideous crime of stating the bleeding obvious. How they treat us like children... how they try to gaslight us... Calling people racist doesn't work anymore Why wasn't he accused of sexism? He said terrorists are men. Lots of women have committed acts of terrorism.

1. He's right, the vast majority of modern day terrorists are Islamists. Some people might not want to hear that, but it's true. 2. Muslims can be any race, Islam is a religion, so how can he be racist? Bizarre FakeNews The truth hurts! Well fuck me, I'm a racist so 🙄 What race is Islam? 🤔 Muslim is not a race . It's a religion.

The problem is he’s Irish and saying that!! I respect the Irish but he should know better especially coming from a nation that has a big faction of its society constantly being blamed for terrorism.

is he not right then What are the stats on this? I dont get it. Isnt this just true? When did facts become racist? Muslim isnt a race either is it? Twat, not the ones who down planes because they are depressed!!! Does he have stats to back up his statement Well, that's sort of true based off news reports and facts.

A religion is an ideology, not a race. All ideologies must be open to criticism. He is a bellend, but sly news always have to use the card! ryanair should shut down they just keep pulling fast 1s He’s right though isn’t he.......there’s going to be a Third World War isn’t there..because people aren’t getting this

I bet Ryanair profits will soar after this. He's only saying what everyone knows is true but most are scared to speak We’re all racists! 🤷🏻‍♂️ So this is fairly simple. There are stats out there, records. Look them up and see what is what Show me country where they have settled and have have not caused trouble and I will show you a liar.

Who accused him ? Is he lying? Don’t particularly like the man but how can you be called racist for telling the truth 🤔 Terrorists are generally not Jewish females Having flown Ryanair, just the once, I’m not sure I’d trust him to get me to where I want to go ever again, but he’s not wrong on this one. Hes not racist! He's just speaking the truth!

The sad thing is that telling the truth is now called “racism” Ok well chuck In women then as it’s true! Is religion a race now ? Erm well they are 😂🤣 absolutely correct Race isn’t religion? Why fake news? Is he wrong? To be fair he said 'generally'. And sorry but he's probably not wrong. He has every responsibility as an employer to protect the safety of his staff!!! That is not blady RACISIM ffs!!!

You can't deny truth.

Spot on, factual, accurate to the point He is right tbh! Muslims can be anyone. It's a religion. Not a race. Or irish Muslim is not a race. Men is not a race. Islamist terrorists are a global threat. Three facts. This is a bad look for terrorists. Truth hurts still then Oh dear It isn't racist to state a fact.

He's right. And Islam is a religion, not a race.

Michael. Er islam isn’t a race and O Leary isn’t a racist. Whether he is right on this issue is a very different matter but these constant allegations of ‘racism’ is just complete BS and most of us know that. Facts and truth hurt the liberal lunatics. Facts are racist, we need to remember this He should know better. The truth is not acceptable in the UK

Good on him Racism.....Blah blah blah! Truth and facts Muslims aren't a race. If this is anything which it isn't, it would be sexist.

When is the truth racist?. Staying fact is not racism, it is fact. So true Well they are ffs He is right but you are not allowed to blame Muslims for anything the police and the government get very upset at the truth. And he's wrong? He's not wrong Quite a bit of outrage surrounding the comment ,,, based on statistics would his comments be supported or not 🤔

It is though 👌 He’s right isn’t he? Then boycott his airline if you’re a Muslim.

What a load of bo57l8cks it's not racism it's a fact The bloke is factually correct Facts = racist 🙄 Most are but not all muslim men are. Sort of like how a square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square How dare he tell the truth, lock him up. Takes a terrorist to know a terrorist boys still playing with there toys

Islam a race? RacistRyanAir you’d have to be an absolute masochist to fly with them in the first place - and if you are, you deserve their brand of hospitality I don’t think it was Muslim men who went into Iraq and killed millions, I don’t think it was Muslim men who created a demolition of 3 buildings on 9/11 with 2 cgi planes, but that’s what the honker nosed khazars want us to think, they always create hate through race.

You can not be a racist if it’s true! Feck dat guy When will stupid people understand that Islam is a politically- driven RELIGION, not a RACE. Criticising Muslims is NOT racist! Grow up ! They are. True..... End of. Truth hurts The man does not deserve to be in charge of any company never mind Ryanair. He has made a very serious accusation, its statements like his that give raise to fascism and Extremism. Shame on you Mr o'Leary

Never thought I’d agree with that guy. It is totally insulting going through airport security especially with children. Please show he wrong ! the Stats says yes almost all terrorists are muslims. Show the stats that say otherwise.

Is it racist or is it a fact? accused by who? Well he's right Well if it wasn’t reported differently depending on colour it might help I think Michael might be right on this occasion, well said👍 Well, it’s not like a 90 year old nun is going to blow a plane up Absolutely correct thank god for men like O’Leary

Islam isn't a race! hamzadawud Probably this idiot is looking for early retirement. I don’t like the man, but on this point, isn’t he factually correct? Until we stop squirming and being squeamish about ‘causing offence’ being more important than actually addressing the problem, we’ll always be stuffed.

He is right . You give mh granny same checks as the most likely to do harm What is wrong with that. It is correct. Well done Ryanair MichaelOleary. Speaking truth to perpetually offended muslim terror perpetrators. Remember 9/11? It wasn't fkn leprechauns! 3000 dead! Arab scum. Lol Just a note BBCNews love this sort of thing bring on the usual defenders 🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏻🙋🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏽🙇🏽‍♂️ Femi_Sorry your up !!

'man criticised of racism for stating a fact' what a load of bollocks. It's like saying child sex exploitation gangs are usually Muslim. Where's your evidence? islam is not a 'race'!!

They are 😂 He's right though Racism? Prove he’s wrong. Willing to accept proof otherwise When was *Muslim* a race? Well he’s right isn’t he....🤔 I usually don't agree with this shitbag but I'll give him a by ball on this one. Be advised: Islam is NOT a race That’s all He's not lying nah According to the the acting director of the FBI white supremacists are the biggest threat to global peace

They are.... How’s that racist 😂 Ryanair is going down there here. Oh dear ... Declined Can’t argue with facts Lol but he's wright get told off for telling the truth if you look at all the terrists that are dead or are in prison how many are Muslim what happend to free speech But I thought that Islam is not a race, so naming Muslims can not be racist. Doh!

He is just bloody right . Simple The truth can't be RACIST.🙄 Uhhh...is grass green?

I feel like there is more context to this i doubt he just said that And so are most grooming gangs in the UK. The question is what are the government going to do to remove these threats? Currently everyone is afraid to discuss these subjects It is anti Semitic to criticise Jews But okay to criticise Muslims? Individuals commit crimes and everyone from that demographic shouldn’t be responsible for it.

Sometimes the truth hurts. Well, it hurts the immature, and easily offended. In general terrorists, at the present time are Muslim men. Stop crying about it, grow up, accept the truth, and move on. It isn't hate, its fact. Be a couple of his planes dropping out of the sky now What the fuck how is that racist statistically is that not true?😂

unojen_wood Typocheck: Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary puts company’s future in jeopardy by spouting nasty racism as he says ‘terrorists are generally Muslim men’ Based All Germanys are NAZIS All Irish are IRA All Americans are KKK 👍 They are

And women He really has opened up a can of worms. Statistically speaking he has a point. Whilst many are outraged, he has statistics to back up his claims. Personally I think he's talking shit, but he has evidence to call upon. But it’s a fact so why is it racist? Not just men though. Muslim isn’t a race as Jewish isn’t a race. They are religions.

He’s right! What an absolute load of twaddle. I suspect a bit of statistical logistic regression analysis will prove that he is right. Is he SO out of line with what most people think? JustAsking We all have a voice same as him 👍

Never seen a bacon eater blow a plane up Sky News ..😂😂 He’s Just pointing out the obvious All these people forgetting about the IRA I think he was speaking of current terrorists not historical, statistics support what he says I believe that rain is generally wet. There. Go nuts! Guys, we do know that Islam is a religion right? It’s not a set of physical characteristics you can profile. So, yes, what he is saying is in fact racist. And that is a fact.

I_Phoenix_Rise About time someone had the balls 2 say it. Well done mike I_Phoenix_Rise In UK, Sweden, France and Germany, l would say he is probably right. Once again someone being hounded as racist for stating facts unbelievable Jeff

In the present climate, I don’t think there’s an argument against that. icytentacles001 Haha fucking ridiculous.... it’s a fact.. the lunatics are slowly taking over the asylum.. and we’re letting them, when does this bollox end? Speaking the truth is not racist is it Truth often hurts Its the truth its there for everyone to see

Didn't always use to be the case did it Mr O'Leary form Cork.... Why ? When they are muslims are terrorist Thie most prolific terrorists are Blair and bush guilty of the mass murders of Muslims in the unlawful invasion of iraq perhaps this is a racist act

For goodness sake stop taking what people say as literal- he has committed no crime or done anything wrong but speak..not threatening anyone,I may add,but commenting on people who have committed murder!..not just being un-pc- let’s focus on that however and forget the terrorists. He's pointing out a fact ffs!

Where is the racism? Just stating facts I can't remember the last time that I saw someone called 'Dave' accused of being a terrorist tho! Let’s not forget the fact that he’s 100% right In modern times he's 100% correct But he's not wrong, is he? These IRA mafakas have the nerve to talk about terrorism?! And the point being ?

Don’t agree with much O’Leary says but he’s quite correct on this!

ShanMirza5 THE TRUTH IS NOT RACIST.. IT TRUE. MOST TERRORIST ARE MULISM MEN A FACT.. boycottryanair He also said the pope was catholic.. He needs to be profiling the women as well then... 5 muslim women found guilty of plot to blow up Notre Dame catherdral... Where's the lie? BTW muslims aren't a race.

Most. fatalities from terrorism caused by Islamists. In 2017, 84.27% of all fatalities were caused by Islamist attacks. In 2016 even higher, with 96.34% of terror fatalities caused by Islamist attacks. O’Leary is right...Wokies wrong! What’s the problem? Most of the terrorist incidents in the UK over the last few years have been committed by Muslim men. Facts are seldom convenient to the woke left.

Stating the obvious isn't racist just fact. That’s nit racist though is it. It’s what most ppl think. How do right wing and left wing extremists fit in? Or so-called 'freedom fighters?' Or UN sanctioned resistance movements?

People have being saying this about Irish people for years. Just because someone says it doesn’t make it true. Michael is a a self promotor and know saying this kind of shit will get Ryanair free advertisement. Don't bite. Truth hurts, look at terrorist attacks over the last 20 years, mainly by muslim extremists. Wake up Sky,🤬🤬

Rich coming from an Irishman. Muslims aren’t a race you dopes Night generally follows day. Not sure about rascist, but Michael O’Leary may well be misogynistic as he doesn’t reckon much for female Muslim terrorists Gets called a racist for saying something we already know..FFS Racism or not, he is absolutely correct!

Truth hurts occasionally Sort of like saying Chinese generally have black hair or or Russians like vodka. What's racist about that? Have a look around the world and see who is terrorizing the mote people?

Because he speaks the truth, it is!!! Ummmmmm Muslim isnt a race. You can have Black Muslims, White Muslims(like the one who stabbed the Imam recently), Brown Muslims and even far east Asian Muslims. Do you understand yet? Its not a race....its an ideology....NOT a race 👍 Well its true let’s not kid ourselves here , the thing is that know one likes the truth

Might be racist but true also Where's the lie DougGT500 ? He was stating the bloody obvious That wasn’t exactly what he said now was it! Put his comments in to context- it would help... Islam isn’t a race Well he’s not wrong... He’s only saying the truth, statistics prove it surely,how is that racist? Snowflakes and pc brigade everywhere, stop being naive and get real!

Even though it factually correct, you portray him as racist! You really can't handle the fact he's speaking the truth FFS! It's disgraceful! Is he wrong ? Can he prove it? Because he may be right That's crazy,he is right. Hes right ,prove him wrong if you can In recent years, what is relevant now, I would guess he is correct. Where is the racism in stating the facts

What race is a religion? Enough with that bullshit, the only reason we take our shoes off in airport security is yet another Muslim terror attempt. Not to forget the 9/11 attacks which have left us with additional general security. Islam’s a race now? And need a new WOKE handbook!

Since the General Election and BREXIT, what's refreshing is that people are no longer afraid to speak common sense. And Woke is dying. Ask the BBC. bbc Editors and majority of the readers of the MailOnline are frothing at the mouth. piersmorgan you regularly write articles for this paper. Care to comment?

So, what did he say that was wrong?. 100 % Right God don't be caught directly saying what the problem is..... Skirt around it using mental health tags first.... Oh and Asians of course.... Don’t suppose he gives a shit Maybe he’s never heard of Sinn Fein... Is he wrong? Do the statistics not support that claim? It is not white Christians.

Come on! Tell me he was wrong!its the clear fact that among those terrorists,Muslim and men are particularly outstanding!tell me I was wrong! Truth is dangerous !

he is spot on! Wondered how long it would take for the race card to be dealt. If you mention a Muslim in any capacity, out it comes without fail. Muslims are not a race. Can’t stand O’Leary, but he’s right. Islam isn’t a race They are.!!.. Yep that's the truth Just facts though. Not racism if stating a well known fact..

Ryanair RyanairPress it's ok, no offence, I grew up in England in the 70s and assume everyone with an Irish accent is a terrorist too... doamuslims Err, they are! He'll also claim water is generally wet. Ridiculous.

It depends. Do we regard the illegal attack on Iraq as an act of terrorism? Do we regard the Israeli murder of Palestinian people in their own land terrorism. Since when has a religion been a race, please qualify your headline. We'll wait. It's actually sectarianism ps muslims aren't a race Because they are, no matter you 'whiten' the situation.

So...he told the truth. He's quite right! I don't think he'll care do you! Yep she fits that profile. Facts can’t be racist.

But is this factual? Facts can be awkward things, but facts are not racist What race is Muslim? 🤔 ...on that note why don't you add he is also sexist! 😜 Unfortunately, the truth is silenced to protect a failing multiculturalism It is fact ...deal with it ...massive respect to Michael o'leary for saying what needs to be said

He's spot on Will he give a 5hit? No way To be fair it is Ryanair and he is catering to his audience. Well,look at the statistics of terror acts conducted around Europe in the last 10 years! Then you will realise that he’s not wrong! Not all muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists today are Muslim extremists

Racist for stating clear facts 🙄. Okay.

If it is statistically true then it cant be racist. Why is that racism? Those who follow islam come in all colours. Prove him wrong then!!!! He’s got a point! They are? Oh my God, I had no idea!!! 30 yrs ago the IRA were terrorists now they’re paramilitary activists. How people have moved on so quickly.....

Another example of political correctness diminishing what others firmly believe as truth/reality. If you disagree, fine. But to merely strike the ‘racist’ card, that is deplorable. Note the media promoting Islamaphobia by only calling it racist, not sexist. ryanair Michael O'Leary stated half fact. He failed to acknowledge the fact that (1) Europeans are worst terrorists from time immemorial to date. (2) Guns and bombs used by muslim terrorists are produced and supplied by Europeans and European - Americans...

Not all muslims are terrorists BUT most terrorists are muslim.... you only have to look at the news.....

they could have accused him instead of being accurate, which would at least be true. No, it is because he is calling for religious profiling at airports to target men who look like they might be Muslim. You are being disingenuous. Racism ?........just weight of evidence ! Very true though Men in suits i would say

If a Ryanair flight did get highjacked there is a better chance of it landing nearer your destination..though they probably charge you extra for that! Well he would, wouldn’t he ? Correct 💥 He is not racist. Only telling the truth Any sentence with the word Muslim is almost guaranteed to be called racist

Better phrasing would be 'the vast majority of terrorist attacks internationally since the late 1990s have been by young men who self declared as Muslims, just like the vast majority of terrorists in the UK during the Troubles were young men self declaring as Catholic & Irish.' They are though ain't they 😂 can't be a racist for stating a fact

Except when they're Irish Muslims are not a race , it’s a political ideology/religion that seeks to undermine the progress western civilisation has made over the last 200 years. Why is speaking the truth always dismissed as racist? But.. he is right. Racism for telling the truth. MORE MAINLAND UK CITIZENS SLAUGHTERED BY REPUBLICAN TERRORISTS THAN JIHADISTS..OLeary conveniently forgets this.

He is a thoroughly dislikeable individual! he speaks the truth but is still a nob! He's right

Not speaking the truth leads to Rotherham, Telford etc etc He’s right As much as I dislike the fella he’s right Is it racism if it’s an actual fact? Or that he dared to speak it? Of course he is. It’s what the left do. It’s what’s getting them smashed at every election of late. When will they learn. Maybe he is stating his opinion ITS CALLED FREE SPEECH

Says the Irishman?! 🤦‍♀️ .... what no murderous white supremacists then ? This is more than racism from Mr. O'Leary. Ryanair still takes everyone's money though. Funny that. What's racist about telling the truth, is not any other religionis crap doing it, and guess what it's Muslim men doing it, so who would up blame for it, its not rocket science, about time people stop using racist as any excuse for anything

so easy pulling out that special card

😂 😂 they are this is not racism it is a fact probelm? islam isn't a race. What about the stabbings in the mosque in Germany? Any ‘accusation’ or statement even if true will in today’s political and socioeconomic climate be regard as racist... He speaks the truth. Nevertheless he is a globalist remainiac c*nt

But true Well he’s not wrong. Islam is not a race. Anyone that thinks it is shows their own racism & stupidity. Islam is a totalitarian political ideology. I S L A M O P H O B I A

Well I guess the old saying it true, a broke clock is still right twice a day Ryanair A. It cannot be racism for the obvious reason. B. He is correct. C. Until we accept the truth,even if it is unpalatable we can never find answers to this enormous problem. D. I dislike O'Leary intensely,my prerogative .

I guess he has forgotten about ' the troubles' then Well he has a point - and what happened to freedom of speech ? greedy fuck ... he’s right... Racism = stating facts What about Muslim men working in airport luggage, security and cargo...... He’s not wrong though is he! Why is stating fact racism? In general it is radicalised Muslim males.

castigating a man for speaking obvious fact is peak neoliberal utopianism Facts are facts and O’Leary has hit the nail on the head ... 🤷‍♂️ They are They are not old white Amish Women...? Islam isn't a race. Is that still not understood by the media? Crappy airline...shitty CEO becomes a gammon spokesperson....what a *anker...

No way Michael O'Leary is racist. Most of his racehorses are brown and he loves them. islam Is Not A Race Thats not racism. Thats called err.. FACT ism?! 😂

How many times do we have to say Islam isn't a race? Can't speak truth anymore.. Sensible quote Michael does not beat about bush how is that racist . Since when is a 'religion' a Race. I have said for years, any terrorist protection office who thinks a young white English family going to Spain for their holidays is a terrorist threat should be sacked

I read the interview and I do not see any racism at all! Only facts! And he also made a juxtaposition with IRA! Also sexist That’s fact Not racism at all ,he is telling truth we all know that . We need to address the issue instead of hiding from the facts and encourage people of that belief to speak against others who cause trouble for everyone else . People will still fly Ryanair regardless ryanair

“Terrorists are Muslim men” and “Muslim men are terrorists” r two different statements wit two distinct meanings n implications... let’s be guided.

Well they are. The truth hurts sometimes. Uncomfortable truth for the politically correct. Let’s look at the official statistics. boycottryanair What would this pimps ancestors say about it !!! Whatever next? Next thing they'll be telling us that most gay men have male partners... Ridiculous! So one is a racist now for stating the obvious- whilst white people are subject to racism at all times!!!!

Michael O' Leary is an idiot & has forgotten the profiling of young innocent Irish man was common both in England and north of Ireland, still happens to this day; detrimental impact is significant, some wrongly imprisoned for years. In fact, O' Leay's ancestor would be ashamed. Objective fact Why is it racism and not sexism also. The outrage is not about prejudice but because there's protective classes.

He’s right I hold the view that those who don't wash their hand after urinating are Christian men...generally 🦴💦 IslamophobiaIsReal He’s right these days... He's probably correct - he's not saying all Muslim men are terrorists, he saying that 50% of convicted terrorists are Muslim men. I don’t care for Michael O’Leary or his crappy airline in the slightest. With regards to the terrorists bit, the only sensible thing to do is to look at all the people that have carried out terrorist attacks in this country & others, and there’s your honest answer.

Must be brexit again What are the numbers? Is he factually correct? How is that racism? Muslim isn’t a race...next question.

Lol! Waiting for someone to prove him wrong when did sky news change their format to tabloid Worlds gone mad Truth hurts then ? Oh well another company to boycott Number 1 - facts aren't racist Number 2 - Islam is not a race How can stating a fact be wrong. He is undeniably right. Anyway it’s not a race it’s an ideology. Only those that follow and agree with the ideology can disagree. The vast majority of us absolutely 100% agree with him. I do however believe that there are peaceful Muslims

Extra security to profile bearded men should be a laugh for ryanair flights to Jordan and Morocco. Thanks for exposing your bigotry Michael O'Leary. Well he's not wrong. And since when has Islam been a race? 🤣

Accused of telling the truth. What a strange world we live in. Since when was Islam a race? This is the problem in today's society. Statistically, Muslim men are more likely to commit terrorist acts than any other group (a couple of decades ago, it was Irish Whites). Knife crime is mainly young black males. Let's talk about why and move forwards, rather than deny.

Liberals accused of denying the truth for the sake of being politically correct. Is a fact Islam is a religion, not a bloody race. 🙄 What is a ‘Muslim Man’ ? He's not wrong though it's a fact though.

Since when was Muslim a race? It's about safety and security which is paramount.Those 2 trump everything and anyone else. I could'nt give a rat's arse about hurt feelings or offence so long as we are all safe. The racist bastard. Someone please correct him with facts. Who IS most likely to be a terrorist on a plane?

Think the owner of an airline will know who potential terrorists are. I’ll trust what he says. We shouldn't let woke culture force us to ignore the facts. The truth hurts. But it’s true isn’t it, so how can it be racist ? Is Muslim a race? Still not a race. You can’t say shit nowadays without somebody getting offended by something I was just enjoying the news of the blue passports being introduced and bang a racism story then in a bit it will be diversity then homophobic then transphobic Islamophobia fuck me.

For most of my life the terrorists were Irish... And? Muslims are not a race of people Muslims. Aren't. A. Race. Of. People. Its an ideology and religion ...so where is the racism? . The people leveling the accusations need to look themselves in the mirror Boycott Ryanair. Never travelling again ❌❌❌ Truth will soon be criminal

But he's right though. Nothing racist about that at all. Seems you can't speak the truth these days. Except for all the far white white terrorists of course... WTF!……… He’s Right!

He clearly never visited Northern Ireland! But it’s true, it’s like saying black dudes are better basketball players than most other white dudes. Or a penis makes you a male and a vagina makes you female. FACTS Can someone tell me what other terrorists kill more than Muslims. Im not say only Muslims are terrorist but I'd hazard a guess they kill far more than all others put together. Oh and not to like a creed does not make someone rascist.

It's the truth Lol they are!!!!!!! I’ve noticed they are all Muslim Most Muslims aren’t terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims 🤔 How is that racist, its true! Can’t stand the man,but he is right. Nazis are ‘generally white men’. Europeans are hypocrites. 99% of terrorists in the world are Muslims and you are accusing a man for saying just that. You preach freedom of speech and expression everyday, but when it comes to exposing evils you cry faul.

An ideology is not a race. He's correct. That's like stating most of the best athletes and boxers are black. That is not racism but truth. But they are aren't they? Racist! It's not racist if it's true. He is just saying what everyone thinks should be done, but can’t say it or they would be branded racist !!

How DARE he spout racist hate-facts like that! Just because it's demonstrably true that doesn't make it true. 😤 I would just say that it’s a statement of fact as the situation is at the present time. PC should not get in the way of security. ... and Western Armed Forces continually invading foreign countries (to be even more FACTUAL & ACCURATE)! It is looking likely that they could be invading Venezuela next (lead by the U.S) as they (THE BANKSTERS) want to... ``STEAL THEIR OIL``! XXxx

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