Russian anti-war protesters 'drafted into army' as videos emerge of families ripped apart by Putin's mobilisation

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Russian anti-war protesters have been drafted into the army after being detained during a march

Meanwhile, footage of families saying their goodbyes as they're ripped apart by the new draft has emerged, with heartbroken relatives saying farewells to men who are due to be shipped off into bloody war that is turning against Russia.

"They are grabbing whomever they can. IT graduates with PhDs are no exceptions. There will be ocean of blood."Russian men have been mobilised into the invasion of Ukraine.Questions over how 300,000 people will be sufficiently trained and equipped, given Russian supply issues, means their initial effectiveness in the war will be dubious.

Ukrainian estimates put Russian losses at around 55,000 men, while Russia has only recently admitted to 6,000.'Months of suffering is over': Five Brits captured by pro-Russian fighters in Ukraine released


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Russian soldiers aren't even men. They run away from Ukrainians!

Putinsky is screwed. Let the people of Russia finally turn on the demented old fart bag

Putin’s arming the revolution

AKA.... Death sentence. Despicable banana republic dictator.

Staged so the world don’t blame Russian people

They will just cross into Ukraine and defect to the west 😂😂😂😂

Clearly not true. If it is, they’re just drafting even more Russians to fight against Russia. Or, Putins decided he doesn’t have the room to imprison the people who don’t like him, so he might as well add to the tally of Russians to be killed by Ukrainians.

There’s nothing like a motivated fighting force. And these are nothing like a motivated fighting force.

FranJWilliams Many defect to Ukraine

No Right of appeal 🤔

As much as I am against this part of me would have a cheeky side grin if they done this with antifa.

Good way to show your people that you are a tyrant

Punishment is swift in Russia Putin country.

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