Russia-Ukraine latest news: China tells US it opposes moves that 'add fuel to the flames'

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🔴 China has told the US that it opposes any moves that 'add fuel to the flames' in Ukraine. Follow live Russia-Ukraine updates throughout the day here ⬇️

Around 3,000 Americans have pledged their commitment to the cause in Ukraine and fight against the Russian invasion, Voice of America reports. It comes as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for the formation of an 'international legion' of foreign volunteers to help fight the war as Western nations continue to abstain from getting involved militarily.


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I'll translate, as I have a bit of Chinese from netflix action series: 'China opposes any moves that might offend our 'lover' V. Putin'. Chinamission2un MFA_China china

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On Sunday, Boris Johnson will issue a plea to world leaders to match their words on Ukraine with action as he sets out a six-point plan for tackling the crisis. RussiaUkraineWar

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China very shrewdly supporting Russia. It weaken both US and Russia hence dragon ambition for number uno.

the Chinese are aiding and abetting a nation that nuked it

What did China have to say about Ukrainian farmers and their tractors? These farmers are the largest weapons supplier to the UA :)

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...meanwhile GoldmanSachs and jpmorgan quietly buying the RussianDIP ; Why? TheGreatGame

Speaking of flames, these two deserve one another.

That's a US speciality .It's what they do best

Disgusting China, obviously accomplice of Putin, betrayed its ally on DAY3 and now is talking about peace. Blinken is even more ridiculous. 6m people died of the CCP's concealment of the epidemic. He's asking China's help now. Biden imposes sanctions on Belarus but spares China

China is right.

mau masuk atau gak masuk.... kalian akan rasakan akibatnya sendiri....

Chinese wants every inch of Land should be covered by Russian so that, it can acquire some Land of Ukraine.

We oppose interning hundreds of thousands of Uighurs We oppose unfair trade practices We oppose intellectual property theft We oppose lying to us about covid We oppose authoritarian governments

We thank Pooh Bear & Co for their input, and presume they’re enjoying the lesson on what happens if they ever inch across the Strait. StandWithUkraine️ TanksVlad

China has no credibility in this department.

China can always cut off Putin’s lifeline to help Ukraine

Feel free to make ample use of extinguishers.

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United Kingdom Latest News, United Kingdom Headlines

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