Russia Shells Ukrainian cities Amid Kremlin-Staged Votes

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Russian forces launched new strikes on Ukrainian cities as Kremlin-orchestrated votes took place in occupied regions of Ukraine to create a pretext for their annexation by Moscow

Russia Shells Ukrainian Cities Amid Kremlin-Staged Votes

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged Ukrainians in occupied regions to undermine the referendums and to share information about the people conducting “this farce.” He also called on Russian recruits to sabotage and desert the military if they are called up under the partial troop mobilization President Vladimir Putin announced Wednesday.

“Half of the population fled the Donetsk region because of Russian terror and constant shelling, voting against Russia with their feet, and the second half has been cheated and scared,” . It’s “like a joke, because it’s the same as it was in Crimea, meaning it’s fake and not real,” she said, referring to a 2014 referendum that took place in Crimea before Moscow annexed the peninsula in a move that most of the world considered illegal.marked a sharp shift from his effort to cast the seven-month war as a “special military operation” that doesn’t interfere with the lives of most Russians.

Police moved quickly to disperse more demonstrations against the mobilization that were held in several cities across Russia on Saturday and detained more than 100 participants. Over 1,300 protesters were arrested during antiwar demonstrations on Wednesday, and many of them immediately received call-up summons.out of the country as as rumors swirled about a pending border closure. Thousands others fled by car, creating lines of traffic hours or even days long at some borders.


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Has Ukraine done anything wrong in this war yet?

Excellent image, forget the advertising

No voting is taking place. Just a gathering of signatures at gun point. That is not voting for anything. It is a bunch of nonsense that means nothing.

... 👎🇺🇸🇨🇦they will be able to decimate europe to survive...👎 ,,,, if the choice is to let Europeans die, starving and cold, for Americans and Canadians to have food in the fridge...TAKE A GUESS... 🥀🇪🇺🥀🇬🇧🥀 ...( 2054 😅🤣😂) ...

People are happy to leave the Ukronazi land and join Russia ... 100 000 Square kms and 8 millions will be part of the Russian federation !! This is huge !! British Independent REAL journalist reporting in situ

👎🇺🇸👎 ...

What kind of annexation? The Russians are liberating Ukraine from the fascists that the US and the EU brought to power in Ukraine in 2014.

Blimey, I can hear your breathlessly composing that masterpiece of nonsense. Now do the USA Afghan elections in 2004.

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