Russia says White House should not publish Trump-Putin phone calls without its permission

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‘This is a certain diplomatic practice,’ says Kremlin spokesperson

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Gee..I don't think that Putin has to worry about that, since he is trumps boss. LyinDonny has protected Putin since he started running for office.

It seems as though two of the world's greatest democracies are being trashed by unscrupulous politicians.

Seems like realDonaldTrump is being called back from the Off-Leash Park by his owner. ImpeachTheMF

Trump says...”Yes Master. I am your puppet. Get me elected again”

The whole world now dictates to America. No condition is permanent

Are they private phone calls or isn't a president allowed to have any personal time to himself? If not, this is ridiculous as WHO else would be put in THAT position? NOT I(underline), I can assure you. It is preposterous just because one has an important position in the world.

GDPR opt outs probably don't apply in this situation

This is Puin trying to imply there is reason to be concerned about their phone calls so congress subpoenas those records and further piss off trumpers and furthers trumps claim “no one will talk if every transcript is released” Transparent as day. Not falling for it

This standard practice! The white house had to receive permission from Volodymyr Zelensky (Ukraine) before publishing that conversation. - This standard practice/protocol

that's brilliant !!! Let's see if Trump bends the knee to Putin.

Awww go on..

The heat is on and it seems like Vladimir is getting worried.


johnsweeneyroar Why not? ;)

The U.S has become a laughing stock to the world.

johnsweeneyroar Just for saying that they should be published. Looks like Puty babes getting nervous. Oh goodie looks like the treasure chest has been located.

Trump the Russian puppet Trump the Saudi Arabia puppet this is what you get when you compromise yourself

A likely story.

The Russians meddling in our affairs!

Russia has a good point.

Lol we’re a sovereign country, it doesn’t work like that. Also, who’s desk is he at in the photo? He hasn’t done that much paperwork combined since he moved in 3 years ago

No worries, Donald will always ask Russia for permission!

To bad because they will be published

Trump is Putin's bitch. Also Kim Jong-Un's bitch, Netanyahu's bitch, MSB's bitch, etc. The list goes on & on. Case in point: Trump is a bitch!

Well well well looky what we have here... putin directly telling America not to release damning evidence of their shitbag dealing.. what’s putin/trumpf gonna do? Pee pee all the way home?

yeah, they can complain in an international court, the UN security council or even propose sanctions, like not sending russian dark money over ...

Of course they should. People have the right to know all


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United Kingdom Latest News, United Kingdom Headlines

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