Russia 'meddling to help Trump win re-election'

Russia meddling to help Trump win re-election, US lawmakers hear


Russia meddling to help Trump win re-election, US lawmakers hear

US intelligence agencies reportedly warned Congress of the alleged meddling in a meeting last week.

The comments came in a closed-door briefing to the House Intelligence Committee on 13 February, officials told US outlets.The New York Times reported that Mr Trump was particularly angry that Adam Schiff, the Democrat who led the impeachment proceedings against him, was at the briefing.

The president announced this week that Mr Maguire would be replaced by Richard Grenell, the US ambassador to Germany and a Trump loyalist.Richard Grenell, the US ambassador to Germany, was appointed the DNI this week

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson transferred to intensive care

Over 51,000 people in the United Kingdom have tested positive for COVID-19, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

Russia? Seems more like FBI - we know that last time they had Democrats supporters as agents vowing to down the elected President. Making Russia great again FakeNews The dems just can not stop lying. The corrupt dems’ profoundly immoral and wicked actions and panic started when Trump first started his presidential campaign. The “Tools” the media are, are easily used by the dems to spread their lies. Fake news.

I hear a republican oligarch bought his way into the democratic debates. Total Fake News by the Luberal/DemocRAT MSM Here we go again..... COMRADE TRUMP-ARE YOU OR HAVE YOU EVER BEEN A MEMBER OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY Its true look he's tickling his bum Why do bbc post this bs

Russia trying to get Trump re-elected, intelligence officials reportedly tell CongressPresident said to fear his Democratic opponents will use the assessment against him Of course but who is there who is not controlled by DT who can do anything about this intrusion? Oh yeah? How, exactly, is he/them doing such? Mind rays from outer space? I think we all knew it, just waiting for it to become official.

The BBC are a joke, happy to report on conjecture, hearsay & engage in a bit of Trump bashing. However 66 weeks or thereabouts of people on the streets of France, with the French Police openly beating protesters or the almost weekly bombings in Sweden & no reporting from them! Not if he gets shot If people are so thick and stupid, that they base their decision on what appears on their social media screens, then they can have no right to complain about who gets elected.

Again with the 'Russia 'narative' How about the EU meddling? Not this could site the BBC meddling in US affairs with bad news... Do something useful like stopping child sex traffic or prosecuting evil banking owners... Does what he wants If this is proven, shouldn't his candidacy be revoked. I mean, hes been impeached so he shouldn't be running anyway. America is more screwed up that the UK, and that's saying something.

And this is this doesn’t happen 24/7 in all governments Mr Meddle and Mr Muddle have control; pointless to say otherwise! Such people will survive for as long as there's a favour culture.

US Congress panel criticises India’s 'punitive' new citizenship law days before Trump visitPanel says Modi administration’s policies could disenfranchise Muslims and ‘represent a significant downward turn in religious freedom in India’

This is becoming a tried and trusted technique of the media. Get someone to make an allegation against someone you don’t like. Make a prominent headline out of said allegation. Put on innocent face and claim you’re just reporting what someone said. Rinse and repeat. This is surprising to me cos I thought the rate of literacy with the Americans was among the highest in the world. Such that they would be able to make independent decisions regarding whom to elect; without being influenced by outsiders like Russians, through the social media.

democracy.just like christianity.will forever thrive on 'faith and belief'.thoughts and evidence will never be welcomed To distract that the Israelis and aipac are the elephant in the room They need to keep America down so best way get the greatest fool in the world a second term For all the Russian bots saying this is fake news by the BBC are just ignoring that this is actually being reported by other news agencies too. via msnbc


US intelligence warned House members Russia is working to get Trump re-elected – reportsBriefing to members of Congress is said to have led to abrupt removal of acting director of national intelligence Trump meddles with judges, DoJ and Stone case. Trump offers Assange pardon for exonerating statement. Trump tries to suppress intel showing Russia helping him. Trump hires loyalist with no experience to be acting DNI. This is just this week. I'm sure I've forgotten many things. So Trump sacked the director of national intelligence and replaced him with a toady so he could pretend the threat wasn’t there Fake news, he's going to win in a landslide

Goodness America's heartland has a large Russian population huh? Surprising, to absolutely no one. strange how at the BBC hear-say and Chinese whispers now became fact or damming evidence RussiaReportNOW !!!! Hypocrites The Democrats are doing far more to ensure Trump's victory than Putin ever could. BBC protected celeb pedophiles,. U have the cheek to peddle fake news

Traitor New bbc campaign underway.... its why we pay our tv tax Considering how those 🤡s cut up on that debate stage... Why not? realDonaldTrump got away with it the first time and after ImpeachmentFail he knows he can do what he wants. WakeUpAmerica, this is what you got.

Donald Trump 'offered Julian Assange a pardon if he denied Russia link to hack'Offer claim made at WikiLeaks founder’s extradition hearing after WikiLeaks published emails damaging to Hillary Clinton in 2016 🙈 Lie for me, I will make it worth your while. How do you spell Quid Pro Quo again?

if you believe this story there is a bridge in Brooklyn for sale. Just make an offer. This is not only nonsense it means nothing. Russia nor any other country will dictate what the voters here do. Russia is no better off with trump. Maybe the world is set off its axis a touch and that’s not good for any country. But it’s a game for Putin. It’s just a game. Cold warriors and all that bullshit. He has a chess piece in the game, on the board, and he’s making moves.

Without Vladimir Dump would be nothing. And he knows that. Shame you don’t hold our own Govt to account re Russia Report really. Or would that be too much like proper journalism? When are you going to photoshop a Russian hat onto Bojo’s head for Newsnight? BBCBias Everything old is new again WeSeeThroughYourLies

democracy.just like for the brain dead Ok, so how are they going to stop these two monsters The left has already prepared their concession excuse, when they saw the dem debate

US attorney general William Barr 'considering quitting over Trump tweets'President called himself the 'chief law enforcement officer of the country' Nah it’s all a ruse That’s wrong to stop the president of tweeting. Look forward not backward. This is the computer age, and justice must not be barricaded behind fortresses. Ridiculous to force the president by taking away his freedom. Are we free, or not? good, get going barr. the guy has been covering up for the worst in American politics for decades.

America deserves him. He is their creation and they must suffer the consequences of their ignorance and stupidity. This is not surprising. Putin has the ultimate asset in Trump in place. Putin's hold or influence over Trump is clear & so if you want your asset to continue to be of benefit you do everything visible & invisible to public eye to ensure it stays in place.

Getting the damage control started early? What a pathetic headline! So someone heard something - it must be true, or at least worth an inflammatory headline! Trump, Putin, Xi and Modi all in the same tent, a multi world order Ban Donald. Yada yada! This is quite a fact by now... muh russia...

Opinion: Mike Bloomberg is the Donald Trump of Democrats — and he will destroy usDemocrats are starting to think he's the lesser of two evils — but they couldn't be more wrong no, he is the Oligarch of the Republican Party that switched sides to gain more power

Face news More BBC bias shite BBC sells drugs from its headquarters, my friends hear (when I tell them today).

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