Royal Navy rejects Priti Patel’s ‘illegal’ plan to push back Channel migrant boats

The Royal Navy will abandon Priti Patel’s plans to push back small boats in the English Channel amid concerns that they could result in more migrant deaths

1/18/2022 12:00:00 AM

The Royal Navy will abandon Priti Patel’s plans to push back small boats in the English Channel amid concerns that they could result in more migrant deaths

The Royal Navy will abandon Priti Patel’s plans to push back small boats in the Channel amid concerns that they are illegal and could lead to the death of more

Boris Johnson is handing the military responsibility for overseeing Border Force and other government agencies operating in the Channel in an attempt to stem the number of migrants coming to Britain. It is one ofintended to shore up his leadership amid calls for him to go.


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The government gives the orders, not the other way round. At PMQs today,the disgusting spectacle of Johnson even talking about Armed Forces Day,when he and his inhumane Home Sec have been intent on ordering these brave men and women to basically attack asylum seekers in flimsy rubber boats on the open seas,to appease his right wing.

Aren't Priti Patels parents economic migrants? Carol Hedges takes a look at the National and Borders Bill and its possible meaning for British Jews and others with a potential claim on another citizenship. 'will abandon' the Royal Navy never signed up to do that in the first place. At least proof read your headlines

GreatDismal Ah Brexit. The gift that pretty much keeps fucking over pretty much everyone. The law of the sea; 'There is a duty pursuant to international law for a ship to attempt the rescue of persons at danger at sea.' 500 years of naval tradition trumps the here-today-gone-tomorrow Home Secretary. Good for them

pritipatel EpicFail Take them all to the Isle of Wight. . Keep them there until all documentation is completed. So the governments response to telling lies was to tell more lies! Un bloody believable! JohnsonOut ToriesOut Good

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Cancel the 'non' royal yacht and spend the money on resettling the poor souls who desperately want to live here that they risk their lives to to come to Britain! Obviously Navy officers don't want to get charged with crimes against humanity. Let Priti do her own dirty work & end up on trial in the Hague.

Excellent pritipatel evil plan flounders once more 👏👏👏 So who,s going to do it then or aren’t people bothered by unvetted people coming into our country every day that could be murderers ,peado,s Terrorists etc maybe they would if they was living next door to them Glad that one our institutions at least has the balls to push back against sociopath Patel.

Sounds fine to me but in which case let’s stop funding the RoyalNavy please, I’ll leave with you pritipatel to take forwards. If they will not follow reasonable orders what use are they in protecting this country. We could use the cash saved to better fund the NHS Illegal...why is Pritipatel only interested in conducting UK affairs illegally

Oh another pritipatel failure. False statements mounting up now. Things are going to get ugly 1922Committee tick Tock Speaking to some of my former armedforces colleagues (I wasn’t RN but they were) about this and they were appalled That’s Patel sunk, quicker than the Bismarck !!!!!!!

Royal Family are 'au natural' - 'not big on the Botox & fillers' but prefer 'rejuvenation'THE ROYAL FAMILY are full of individuals of all ages, yet all of them have one thing in common which is great skin. Some of the British Royal Family members, as well as the Arab and the Danish royals, have reportedly undergone skin facials and treatments from Skinfluencer, an aesthetic and laser skin clinic based in west London. ANBR antichrist Nazi British Regime

Yes, Royals do not Like Fachism. Excellent distraction well done. 🙄 This is not a military matter. Leave the Navy out of this. OR Why do we have a border force, they are doing best they can with an impossible mission. Stick pritipatel in an inflatable and push it out into the channel, then pull the bung out.

That is heartening. Not all British Institutions can be so easily suborned to support amoral measures as the Conservative Party members in the House of Commons have shown themselves to be. The House of Lords has also refused to be so corrupted. BZ, sailors! BZ. 👍 Proving that they are our military not the governments. This is what makes Britain great

Intercept and process through a centre, I don't see anything wrong with that. brexit has caused this problem when we had EU membership and the Dublin agreement ZERO migrants! Well done the Navy.👍

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AlanGWardrop The Royal Navy would be breaching international maritime laws if they followed Priti Patel's monstrous ideas. Operation 'red meat' fails at the first sight of ethics. This will mean more people in danger in the Channel will be brought to safety for ‘processing’. Good. Fair play to Priti Patel she actually has tried

OUR COUNTRY IS BEING OVERRUN WITH ELLIGALE IMMIGRANTS, IT IS WAR EXCEPT YOU CAN'T SEE THE GUNS YET?, WHAT WILL THE ROYAL NAVY DO THEN, WILL THEY NOT FIRE A SHOT IN CASE SOMEONE GETS HURT Can they just not lock her up instead? The Term Royal in the Royal Navy, would have implicated the Royals in Patel's evils. No wonder she has had to 'pull back' so sharpish - a telephone call from 'the Palace, no doubt' Ms. Patel has lost it'- offspring of immigrants, acting out her Nazi like experiments

Patel is going to patrol the channel herself Will Johnson now start to look at ways of privatising the RN? That will anger Patel. She suggested the BF could have immunity for deaths. Military tasking often results in accidents and deaths are a consequence of military endeavours (the nature of the job). Finding a Navy refusing to undertake orders from the government is hilarious.

Andrew 'screamed if maids moved his teddy bears' as grown man, royal cop saysEx-cop Paul Page told presenter Ranvir Singh about the Duke of York's precious toys in an upcoming ITV documentary

Good. Let’s try and behave properly and decently instead of appeasing fascists and racists. Ah what a shame. How's pritipatel gonna get wet now? Monkey Tennis? The inevitable consequence of a party unfit to govern thinking that being in government is an electoral campaigning activity and the grown ups refuse to descend to the government's level.

👏👏👏 It’s not “illegal” it is illegal 🙄 Well that Patel policy didn’t last long, did it? Even a dead cat usually lives a little bit longer. The French say they would not accept boat migrants if the Royal Navy pushed boats back into their territory Perhaps the country could follow the Royal Navy’s humanitarian example. Never thought I’d be writing that (with absolutely no disrespect intended to the RoyalNavy, simply that one of the British Armed Forces would be forced to tell Home Secretary were to stuff it).


Grenadier Guards warned not to lobby for their favourite royal to replace Prince Andrew🔴 NEW: The Grenadier Guards have been urged not to lobby for a specific member of the Royal family to replace the Duke of York, it has emerged

In the navy tra la la la la la. In the navy.... Good. Excellent!! At least we know our Royal Navy have integrity!! Pick them up and deliver back to French ports then! Navy now human traffickers? As bigger boats because RNLI taxi service can't cope with demand. Can't feed our own people; having to feed & house this lot. supported by human trafficker judges. Criminals become lawyers to protect them. wonder why they come here?

This just restored a little faith that not all the establishment are monsters ToriesUnfitToGovern About time some elements of the British system started highlighting the foundational cruelty and brutality of this regime. Good. The problem is pritipatel when you try to develop right wing populist policies on the back of an envelope in an effort to save a right wing populist Prime Minister, they tend to unravel within hours .

The Royal Navy is too decent to pursue Priti Patel's desire to drown innocent people in order to prop up liar Johnson Conservatives 1922Committee JohnsonOut

GMB's Alex Beresford blasts Prince Harry's critics after royal demands police protectionPRINCE HARRY has been defended by Good Morning Britain's Alex Beresford after it was claimed that the Duke of Sussex had demanded police protection when he visits the UK. piersmorgan Maybe he can provide his security then.

1922Committee time for operation LameDuck In the interests of national security blojo must go so that you can replace those in high office with people who are fit to serve. As the Senior Service they will still be around when this government is a warning chapter in school history books. AlexChalkChelt when the military refuse to support the home secretary it is time that she, and the man who appointed her, are replaced. It is a national security issue. BorisMustGo

When the military feel they cannot carry out the instructions of the sitting government it puts our security at risk and the government or those who lead it must be replaced. BorisMustGo This is because it is illegal - the officers would be open to prosecution if they push boats back and it led to deaths. Utter nonsense from Gov & this was nothing but a dead cat story in the first place to distract from DowningStreetParties

ChasPeeps Gosh! Who'd have thought? Prepare for a fleet of admiral sackings. Having human beings dying in the channel & on British shores is disgraceful. When Cameron invaded Lybia it was Mediterranean shores, still is. Why wasn't a plan in place to safeguard the channel 11 years on? Always blaming traffickers without taking responsibility of failures.

Well done to our Royal Navy. They are not to be used as scapegoats for killing refugees. Disgusting they dragged the Royal Navy into their mess!

This is not a job for our armed forces, this Tory Gov are literally useless, how long will BREXITEERS allow the UK to fall apart? Its just not working. Would that be because 1st and foremost every sailor is a sailor who would never let a single soul drown if they could help save them Facists in the CorruptTories need to be removed from power and criminally investigated CorruptToriesOut JohnsonTheCorruptPM NastyToryScum

So brexit is going well then. So the lords vote against them, the navy will refuse to follow illegal orders from them, the vip lanes for ppe were deemed unlawful, the party’s are being looked into, Brexit is a disaster they still haven’t fixed, and Boris is hiding from the press. Conservatives 2022 blondiesa Good, her plans are not only illegal they are inhumane.

Open defiance of the government quite understandable. Imagine in 30 years time the government is prosecuting sailors for deaths that resulted in executing this inhumane policy. Northern Ireland chickens come home to roost. Well its obvious it will result in migrant deaths and I am sure No Pity Patel will let the Royal Navy take the fall for manslaughter. Its a lazy way to look at the problem.

What next? Priti Patel going to tell the Royal Airforce to bomb them ? TeresaC123 Thank goodness for that. The government even considering asking the Navy to do this is just vile.

It’s going well for the 🤡 and his fledgling dictatorship, eh. A government that actively approves of methods that could drown refugees😡 that’s where the U.K. is now Forget the ethics, the first question the Admiral would’ve asked is “what does success look like” and then they get the blank looks and the implicit response “distracting the plebs for 10 minutes.” But we shouldn’t forget the ethics either.

So keep welcoming them until UK collapses in economic chaos. Stop them, so they stop coming. caz5697 👍👏👏😎🇳🇿 Oh darn the gammonati will be annoyed. That was a quick climb down I should think so also Patel should look at her own family history how they came to the UK in their hour of need. Can we all agree Johnson was just wrong about everything and continues to be wrong. The Royal Navy has better things to do than prop up Johnson’s failing govt.


💛 Our Royal Navy Quite right too. That’s what happens when you get professionals in to make the decisions. garygilligan Good!

migrants. Boris Johnson is handing the military responsibility for overseeing Border Force and other government agencies operating in the Channel in an attempt to stem the number of migrants coming to Britain. It is one of intended to shore up his leadership amid calls for him to go. Sponsored However, military sources made clear that the navy would focus on escorting migrants to shore for processing in new migrant hubs. Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, chief of the defence staff, believes the plan ensures “no one gets to the UK on their own terms”.