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Royal bombshell: Prince Harry breaks protocol by copying serious rule-breaker Meghan Markl

Royal bombshell: Prince Harry breaks protocol by copying serious rule-breaker Meghan Markle


Royal bombshell: Prince Harry breaks protocol by copying serious rule-breaker Meghan Markle

MEGHAN MARKLE broke a serious royal rule in the past, and since then her husband Prince Harry has been spotted breaking the same rule.

He added: “I have always offset my Co2. I think part of the group discussion that we had earlier is ‘what is offsetting Co2'.

The royal couple are currently preparing for their official South Africa tour, where the Duke will go on to carry out visits to Malawi, Angola and Botswana.

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So Meghan is bosom buddies with Ellen Degenerate...I might have known ! Harry has been shutting his own car door long before he even met Meghan and there was no article of him breaking protocol then but now all of a sudden it is 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Never heard anything so interesting. They shut a car door and it's a bombshell. This could be the start of world war 3

Obsessed! Every article is a hypocritical attack on meghanmarkle How about balanced reporting & mention all the times the Cambridge’s travel by P Jet. More importantly why not report the real reason of vile threats against Meghan & Archie and why they took his first trip by PJ Hypocrites .... not royal family.... waste of money...... F off to Africa ....

Not interested Woman closes car door. World ends. Husband closes door world ends. Sheesh. Why is it such an issue.

Beaming Prince Harry meets inspirations at Invictus Games do…without MeghanPRINCE Harry beamed from ear-to-ear as he met military heroes at the fifth anniversary of the Invictus Games. Dressed in a smart blue suit and green tie, he was not joined by Meghan Markle at the e… And 2 weeks ago the sun et al were slavering to drive him and his family out of the uk?

Prince Harry seals £1bn trade deal at 9/11 charity event in City Prince Harry was joined by celebrities including Game of Thrones star Kit Harrington at the 9/11 charity event in London. I was watching another TV News channel and thought I saw it happen as someone was being interviewed in a room with the WTC in the window's background when the first plane hit? I couldn't stop myself watching it and now wish I hadn't. But is it really about kay?

Prince Edward heartbreak: Why Queen's youngest son will struggle with future royal lifeThe Queen and Prince Philip lacked 'affection' for their children according to royal expert Marline Koenig. She says there is a much more 'hands on' approach from the younger generation of royals.

Royal heartache: The tragic way Prince Philip responded to King George VI's deathQueen will give Charles the title of Prince Regent to mark his change of power, claim experts on the Royal Central podcast. They state this is because it is 'unlikely the Queen will abdicate'. so long ago.. “Oh well, never mind.” Queen Mummy’s parents were rather strange looking Narcissists. They had a “look” in their eyes 👀 that’s so telling of a great secret “plot”.

Meghan and Harry urge public to speak out on World Suicide Prevention DayIn an Instagram post, Harry and Meghan said: ‘This World Suicide Prevention Day, we would like to spread the available support far and wide to ensure that no-one goes through a crisis alone if you don't have a foodbank, speak out Okay. The suicidal go to hell. Death is Haram. Did MeghanAndHarry give out their personal phone numbers? Can I call them if I feel suicidal? Our is this just more of their 🐄💩 🧐🤨

Royal bombshell: The heartbreaking sacrifice Prince Philip made for the Queen revealedRoyal editor Chris Ship reveals Prince Harry is doing his 'duty and service' his 'own way' compared to the Queen, after opening up about mental health.

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