Roger Federer beats old foe Rafael Nadal to reach Wimbledon final

Roger Federer beats old foe Rafael Nadal in four sets to reach his 12th #Wimbledon final


Roger Federer beats old foe Rafael Nadal in four sets to reach his 12th Wimbledon final

MIKE DICKSON AT WIMBLEDON: Federer, an unlikely 37, will face Novak Djokovic after an astonishing display which saw him just about hold his nerve in a crunching climax at the end.

Roger Federer booked his place in the Wimbledon final with a four-set win over Rafael Nadal

Momentum shifted against Nadal though and two early breaks saw him lose sets three and four

Not only had he dominated coming forward but he also outpunched Nadal from the back of the court, winning 45 out of 76 points that lasted five strokes or more.

There is a bigger war at play in these battles over Wimbledon's closing stages, that of who can bag the advantage in the all-time Grand Slam winners tally. Nadal will be left on 18, while Federer will go to 21 or Djokovic will head up to 16.

Sometimes it seems like the men's game has been frozen in aspic since the mid to late 2000s. Many fans would not complain too much about that, and while Federer and Nadal may have slightly thinner hair they have not changed a vast amount.

Nadal races across for a forehand return as he was powerless against Federer's serve early on

The clearest superficial difference from that famous night in 2008, which concluded at 9:15pm, is that Nadal was then wearing a sleeveless shirt and shorts so long they were almost like pantaloons.

The tiebreak initially went in Nadal’s favour but at 2-3 the Swiss electrified his returns and when he thumped a forehand down the court to take it 7-3 the crowd, which had been far more balanced than for the Djokovic match, rose to acclaim him.

When he unsuccessfully attempted one of his ‘sneak attack’ returns there was the sense that he just wanted it out of the way and to move onto the next one, perhaps as an energy conservation move.

Federer shows his quality around the net with a drop volley that left Nadal chasing the ball

It seemed to do the trick as he began the third set much like the first. Using his forehand to dictate, he forced a break point and took it after a stunning duel at the net, which ended with him planting a high backhand volley right onto the sideline for a winner.

By the time he had closed out the third he had taken 13 out of the 16 rallies lasting five shots or more. That was all the more remarkable a figure as the speed of the Centre Court looks, if anything, to have slowed further this year.

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Well done Roger. YOGI052270 Old Horse Power House 💪 😩 A Swiss Roll. Tg won't have to watch Raffy pick his backside before every service. 🎾 Finalls Federer cuts the lead to 10-4 lol with Nadal 101st Wimbledon win.

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Roger Federer beats Rafael Nadal to reach Wimbledon finalRoger Federer has beaten Rafael Nadal in four sets to reach the Wimbledon final. The Swiss won 7-6(3), 1-6, 6-3, 6-4 on Centre Court and will play Novak Djokovic on Sunday. More follows… The greatest !!!!! Amazing! Well done Roger amazing win

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