Rishi Sunak Hints At Cost Of Living Hand-Outs In Dividing Line With Liz Truss

8/9/2022 1:15:00 AM

'As soon as we know how much bills will go up by, I will act.'

Uk News, Boris Johnson

Rishi Sunak has said he will help families to get through an “extremely tough” winter with cost-of-living support.

'As soon as we know how much bills will go up by, I will act.'

ByNews Editor, HuffPost UK

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How about forcing energy companies making record profits to lower their prices? No? Because that TOTALLY won't be a conflict of interest between money bags and his energy firm friends.... 🤬

Rishi Sunak aims to repeat 'underdog' North Yorkshire win in Tory leadership election race Rishi Sunak has said he is taking inspiration from his unlikely selection to replace William Hague as the Tory representative in Richmond in his uphill battle against Liz Truss to become the next Prime Minister. They could have put a plastic bag as the candidate for Richmond and as long as it represented conservative it would have won How is a rich politician an 'underdog'? As chancellor, he was happy to allow his wife to not pay certain taxes, but he's happy to fleece the country & take more from average taxpayers. He's greedy & deceitful.

Liz Truss’s pledge to bring forward tax cuts slammed by Rishi SunakLIZ Truss’s pledge to bring forward tax cuts to October from April are today savaged by rival Rishi Sunak . The Tory leadership favourite wants an emergency Budget in September to scrap his 1.25 per… Wouldn't believe anything they pledge,not one of them will follow through,England don't vote for these wealthy ppl to be prime minister,they look after their own not the ordinary STRUGGLING WORKERS/FAMILIES,same with every government in every country,ROBBING THIEVES ALL OF THEM🤬

Rishi Sunak Promises To Keep 'Brexit Safe' In Mysterious New Promo Video'Keep Brexit safe from what - reality?' When did the dogma of a tiny splinter of the Tory fringe become Rishi's Last Stand? Keep britain safe from this cockwomble.... Small mistakes can cause big problems. Big mistakes, however, are nothing to worry about - just stick to it, and stick to it and tell everybody: 'That was the best decision in our lifetime.' Keep Brexit Keep Rees-Moog 🤡 Keep medieval units 🤓 Keep reaching for that 🌈

Clashes over economy continue in Truss and Sunak battleThe two candidates vying to replace Boris Johnson as prime minister continued to clash over their plans for the economy What a difficult choice for a few elderly racists to make - who do you want to be PM….the cunt on the left or the cunt on the right.

Newspaper headlines: Sunak pledges billions and winter poverty warningThe Tory leadership hopeful's promise of another cost of living package and calls for an emergency budget lead Sunday's papers. billions for Do you support giving your tax dollars to the poor Jesus

"As soon as we know how much bills will go up by, I will act..Slick Sunak is best candidate for PM but Liz Truss offers voters crucial hope Her camp hit back, with an ally branding him the “founding father of a recession”."Keep Brexit safe from what - reality?" By Senior Trends Reporter, HuffPost UK 08/08/2022 03:09pm BST.

" By News Editor, HuffPost UK 08/08/2022 10:30pm BST .