Rishi Sunak banned from local pub after voting against free school meals

Now Rishi Sunak's been barred from his local, should more pubs follow suit?

10/24/2020 9:30:00 AM

Now Rishi Sunak's been barred from his local, should more pubs follow suit?

The chancellor and three other MPs are barred from The Mill pub in North Yorkshire.

AdvertisementAdvertisementHe said: ‘I thought it was the only way I could get people to listen and see how poor the decision is to allow children to go hungry in 2020.‘Anyone with a decent moral compass would realise that for a government that has spent £12bn on a Test and Trace system that doesn’t work, to not fund food for hungry children is ridiculous and can’t be allowed to happen.’

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Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak hosting a roundtable for business representatives at Franco Manca in Waterloo, London (Picture: PA)The Mill pub owner Alex Cook said it was a ‘personal protest’ (Picture: Google Maps)Mr Cook claims to have been ‘harassed’ by supporters of Mr Sunak after making his decision – but says he has also received lots of support from other people.

He is not aware of Mr Sunak visiting the pub previously but says the chancellor ‘definitely knows it exists’.Mr Cook has admitted he wouldn’t normally punish a member of the community for issues linked to their job role but insisted he must stand up for what he believes in.

He said: ‘If I have upset people by this I genuinely apologise and I do appreciate all that the government has done for me and other businesses during this pandemic, but I had to do this.’ Read more: Metro »

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Bet they took his furlough money tho.. Rishi doesn’t even drink - doesn’t sound like a publicity stunt at all... Appalling 😕 Brilliant I'm not sure any hospitality venue can pick and choose their customers at the moment. Yes. Tories should not be able to drink, eat or shop in public. They should be treated like pariahs

Good he should be barred from them all Who? He’s worth a fortune, he could buy the place😳 How do they know how he voted? OpenMindMH Probably not if they want stay in business. Tories are a vindictive tribe. Boycott the pub. Very short sighted of them. Love it. lacaldojewelery Brilliant. lacaldojewelery Yep all across the country

The reason he helped the country is because politics, to make sure the pm has a succession, a knight in armour for the poeople. Tories are thriving on poverty. in a nutshell as a worker you will be presented with 'don't you like to do it? Fine we get somebody else cheaper! ' Good. L. Here's going to remember a this when he's PM next year

Are they also banning labour MPs that voted for the Iraq war? Or labour MPs that allowed grooming gangs to operate in their constituencies? Banned? That is so weak and pathetic. The metro have no values. Man-up All of them should be barred let them starve Piethagoram Blackmail As long as they ban the parents of hungry children.

Did he even drink there? PR stunt? Yes Let's start with some North Devon restaurants and cafes, after this (now deleted) post from their MP: Yes. Not just him but all those who callously voted against the extension of the free school meal. Yes they should. Every Tory MP should be banned. Local that there’s no knowledge/evidence of him ever actually visiting.

Banning people from pubs because they have a different political view Wow...this pubs fb page has already turned into a vile anti tory cesspit making it clear no tory voter is welcome at the pub again. Do we want this across the country? Is that actually what we've become Love this ❤️ Utterly stupid petty gesture

All pubs should bar Rishi, Boris & Matt! It’s only fair His the husband of a billionaire, l doubt he uses pub & restaurant chains. Just jump on private jet to Europe for dinner..... orchidsbudget More of that. Make them feel, in their constituency, consequences of their actions. Fair play to that publican.

That’s blatant discrimination.. A Tory without a BITTER taste in his mouth 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Yes No, thats why we have elections Stupid to$$ers, he is teetotal! Go woke go broke...... The same pub that took full advantage of his furlough scheme oh & no doubt took full advantage of the eat out to help out policy. Some people have very short memories 😕

The area is mainly conservative. Let’s hope they all stay away from that Pub. I hate when people punish for having a different opinion. Parents get enough hand outs. Feed your own kids !! More businesses should do this. Such as this wonderful gym here in Glasgow... U BET 👳🔫😬😈😷🙅👌🍻🍷⛔ A gym also has a big sign saying tories f*ck off hope many follow suit

Well done that publican! Ridiculous ban - particularly as he doesnt drink alcohol😂 So the pub now wants to run the government not the ones we voted in to do the job MP’s get a £25 per day food allowance. £125 per week £1300 per year ( per person) £845,000 per year for all MP’s £800k + of our taxes go towards feeding MP’s on £80k a year while children go hungry. If that doesn’t bother you then you have a problem

Could we ban Ben Bradley from everywhere that would improve our lives greatly !!! He has so much money he can buy the pub out. In seconds. Banning anybody from anything for having a different view is just another step along the road to nowhere. Daft. disgustin serves him wright As previously mentioned, they don't hesitate to know to free meals for deprived children, but are more than willing to spend billions on the HS2 controversial unwanted train, which I am sure many MP's will have a financial interest in!

He doesn't strike as the type who spends his time hanging around pubs so I doubt it makes much difference to him. We’ll blacklist the pubs Childish. Banning customers because Covid won't allow enough customers = smart Not sure how this is going to help but if it makes them feel better.... The next news will be childhood obesity.

Bet he’s devastated Why ffs they need all they can get through the doors...bit childish

Chancellor Rishi Sunak told he's banned from local pub over free school meals voteThe pub owner says his choice to ban Rishi Sunak was made in defence of his beliefs and not 'in search of publicity'. jb_1969 Good for them, I say. Fucker's gonna let kids starve.....well, NO DRINKS FOR YOU! That’ll teach him I bet he’s gutted 🙄

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