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Coronavirus, Australia News

Rightwing pundit Candace Owens suggests US invade Australia to ‘free an oppressed people’

Rightwing pundit Candace Owens suggests US invade Australia to ‘free an oppressed people’

10/22/2021 7:12:00 AM

Rightwing pundit Candace Owens suggests US invade Australia to ‘free an oppressed people’

The high-profile conservative commentator described Australia as a ‘tyrannical police state’ during an episode of her self-titled TV show

Photograph: Jason Davis/Getty ImagesCandace Owens called on the US military to invade Australia after calling the country a “tyrannical police state” during an episode of her self-titled TV show.Photograph: Jason Davis/Getty ImagesFri 22 Oct 2021 04.50 BST

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Last modified on Fri 22 Oct 2021 05.38 BSTOutspoken conservative political commentator Candace Owens has suggested the US military invade Australia in order to free its people “suffering under a totalitarian regime” while drawing comparisons to Hitler, Stalin and the Taliban.

Owens made the comments on her self-titled Daily Wire TVshowearlier this week, declaring Covid-19 had propelled the planet into an “ideological and psychological” global war. Read more: The Guardian »

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She didn’t say . Fake news She made a joke, your headline is a appalling. This is why no one buys your newspaper. Go back to actual journalism and report news and facts instead of peddling this sort of diatribe why are you only quoting part of the dialog and totally out of context? - is that what you consider honest journalism, Guardian?

This is clickbait...of course it was a JOKE taken out of context. She clearly said, '...of course I ask that in jest...' Great publicity for RealCandaceO & realDailyWire though! takenoutofcontext fakenew Many of you ppl on this post are truly lazy. Laziness is what you ppl have. I can guarantee that the same ppl here listening to fake news(Guardian) would do hard research if a right wing posted this kind of article if Obama said something. Then again, you might be too lazy🤦‍♂️

'I say that, of course, in jest' is what she said immediately afterward, but you don't want that part in for actual context, do you, Guardian? She literally said “I say this in jest.” I'd say the real news here is that The Guardian lied again but then, that's not really news, is it? Look up sarcasm because you obviously have no clue what it is!!!

'Of course, I ask this in jest.' Did you miss that? Rightwing pundit Jonathan Swift suggests Irish eat babies to 'alleviate hunger'

Singapore hospitals risk being ‘overwhelmed’ after record daily Covid deathsDeath of 18 people forces more social restrictions even as city-state expands quarantine-free travel to eight countries this is what the 'open 'er up' crowd wants 'Overwhelmed hospital' has to be one of the most overused, hyperbolic headlines of the last 18 months. They all seem to manage don't they?

Dishonest and out of context! FakeNewsMSM Agree with her. The Stockholm syndrome, hypochondriac attitude of the country has destroyed it. Nothing is about real health just following the msm and vaccinating. We have come big pharma shills. It seems doesn’t discern what sarcasm is so they do the best they can… lie about it and make it so big people won’t dig to see what she really meant

Australians, Candice Owens was supporting you, she said it as a joke. Do not believe the guttersnip press. They omitted the line where she said 'I say in jest'. She thinks what is happening to you all is disgraceful. She is truly on your side. You know that’s not how she said it. Typical of the media to take something so far out of context. She explains herself on her Instagram. You guys are shameless!!

She’s not an expert on anything she talks about, so she isn’t a pundit. She’s a troll. She’s just mad nearly 90% of Aussies are single dose vaccinated and that most of us aren’t stupid enough to believe vaccine misinformation. She’s so irrelevant to us here in Aus 🙄 What A Lie! She makes no such “suggestion”. I’ve seen the whole clip. She literally says “I say that of course in jest.” She was making a point not a suggestion! Whoever is writing this stuff is no better than any other liar.

You missed the part where she said 'I ask that in jest' HAHAHAHA

Care staff shortage harms services for thousands, say managersMany care staff are struggling with an increased workload and want to quit, research suggests. ‘Millions of jobs in the UK‘. ‘£Millions to Recruit and Train’. ‘UK wages rising rapidly’. Really? But we still can’t fill the jobs that are so critical in so many sectors. Social Care still classed as ‘unskilled’. If there was ever a Ship called Dignity this Government sank it.

She said “of course I ask in jest” RIGHT after but you omit that Feel like this is a good way to make sure that she can never get a visa to do a speaking tour in Australia. Shameful - she is quoted completely out of context. Your journalism stinks. Omg are we oppressed I didn't know I better tell my friends when we meet up, that the Americans think we need help so we'll go shopping and just laugh cause we don't need them to come and invade us they can go jump with that idea

Ok, Candyass Owens can take point. My Australian friends don't feel oppressed or that they're in jail. Fake News. Watch this. Get ready to be sued!!! Lol!! Your fake journalists messed with the wrong girl!! Lol We could do with the fact checkers on this one. More left wing bollocks Uuummm, you forgot to say JK lol 😂😂😂

Queen dragged into firearm row triggered by far-Right French pundit Eric Zemmour🇫🇷 Eric Zemmour has dragged the Queen into a fierce political row he triggered by pointing an unloaded rifle at journalists at an arms fair near Paris Run Andrew, run!

Free all of us from your bullshit, Candace. Hey Australia! Be careful, we have a American girl of African descent wants to invade your country. She want to send American military there. she is tough You gunna get sued so hard. And the only way she would get inside of Mara Lago is if she was hired to clean the toilets….wake up people.

LIES LIES LIES!!!!!!! Why Guardian Lie? Candace Did not say any of the things you said that she said. Lier Lier Pants on Fire. Why cuz they COVID responsibility? Funny. US is becoming so weakened by division and disruption that Australia and Canada could take it over peacefully or forcefully within 5 years. So Biden better send in the army now.

Has an appropriate authority checked her for brain damage? Well the US better watch out for the Emus. They’ve never been defeated in a war.

Risk of Covid infection 'cut by 90%' for fully vaccinated young peopleResearchers from the Clalit Research Institute in Israel analysed data from 94,354 adolescents who had received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine. Proof the vaccines are highly effective at preventing cases. They lie. Don't comply. Why are these studies only conducted nearer to holidays,worldwide the vaccination is showing results why not in Britain?

The 'hitler was right' lady? Pretty sure 'lunatic spouts lunacy' is anti-news You go first, Candace. She sounds really smart. Right wing nuts like Candace Owens just hate that other countries got it right and the U.S.A. response to the pandemic was a disaster. Such a lie. She literally said after suggesting invading, 'I say that in jest'. Disgusting guardian lying about this to create news. Be really journalists and report news not make it up.

This is not news. A professional attention-seeker making ridiculous statements like this needs to be ignored. Not given publicity. Nuts. The1986Classic Why bother invading? We have enough insane Leftist rhetoric here in the US already, without adding more to it. Besides, just let the Emus kick their butts again, and call it a day.

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Who is she going to liberate Aussies from? The Toecutter? Agent Smith and General Zod disguised as drag queens stsweeney3 what say you? She's going full Romper Stomper. invade a country to free them… that’s worked well for every time we’ve done that 🤪 … query for Candace Owens:🎶Do you come from a land down Unctuous?🎶🤔

If Candace is volunteering to do this by herself then I agree 🤷 She could even take a few war-happy colleagues with her. It's a tie between Candance and Gregg Kelly for the biggest idiot.

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No, sorry, too many spiders. I'm thinking that Australia needs to invade the United States... Imagine a world smart enough to not give them attention. Had TFG guy won, I would have hoped that Australia would have invaded the US to free us, 'an oppressed people.' Someone should ask for a compromise and will she stay there instead?

I am so embarrassed for our country. Dear World--not all of us are crazy or stupid. Makes me wonder if she has actually never heard of N. Korea -OR- if someone just told her Australia might have oil Wow the meth is taking its toll... she was joking to make a point you hacks

JacManuell 😂 Candace Owens is a CBB. She continues to embarrass. 🤮🤢 The best way to deal with CandaceOwens is to ignore her, depriving her of the oxygen of publicity. RealCandaceO Candace, how bout you 'Free your [own] mind and your A$$ will follow' you off the airwaves. PS Sorry Funkadelic but someone had to say it.

The right is so out of control and crazy I suggest we free people from having this stupidity pushed in their face. Do better by not giving them any air time. Anyone who takes this quote literally is too stupid to be helped. the real story is who created RealCandaceO You can start w/billionaire Wilkes brothers Chances are good there is foreign rubles too Her social media is extremely pro-Brexit,Extremely bigoted Now her social media is eyeing Australia Why? Who benefits frm organized chaos

I got news for her I think we're more oppressed in the US thanks to the minority having more of a say then the majority it seems, she & Cruz are just jealous because Australia is the gold standard in the pandemic response, they have shown how its done when everyone comes together

she's exposed how you're lying with this headline. Question, are any of you conservatives not freakin nuts? Do they have oil and other national resources? Who's gonna tell her we're allies. Especially with that new submarine snub A horrible haughty and sneering article on a lovely intelligent lady. Shame on you Guardian. Her comments where tongue in cheek but you knew that! I see the left wing bullies are having a field day here given your encouragement!

Shouldn't she use her talents? to free the oppressed people of her own country first? I believe she called them cannibals. It looks more and more that the Republican Party and it's supporters are becoming more and more illiterate and foolish every day. USA on the way down. Wow! Gop AmericanTaliban GOPTraitorsToDemocracy GOPBetrayedAmerica GOPCult GOPDeathCult GopKills

Let’s go You mean this Candace Owens? Umm what? How about Australians fight for their freedom. 🤔

The Iraq war only cost taxpayers 2 trillion dollars, and 4,825 American soldiers lost their lives, and it went so well. What a bargain Honestly, the US would benefit far more from being invaded by Australia. First of all a pundit is an expert on a subject, second, it's candace...need i say more... RealCandaceO

Why give her the publicity? I wish I was young enough to sign up to be oppressed in Australia. DanKaszeta Nuts ! When it comes to things that are very important, benefit many people and harm no one, like healthcare, education, the right to vote, and to make a decent living wage, conservatives are fine with denying people these things. But when it comes to things that (continued)

What a silly person this woman is. The only credibility she holds is with her echo-chamber. Does American intervention have to be a solution that has a promising outcome? I'm pretty sure the Australians will deal with the issue than just involve the U.S. as if it can't fight for itself.

I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!! For a moment I thought Candace Owen meant the Aboriginal and then I remembered who she is... Bro I'm not fighting cyber kangaroos with boomerangs. They have the power to free themselves if need be. Can't help feeling embarrassed about the ignorance flaunted like a virtue every single day by right wing politics&media in the 'land of the free', USA. Were they always like this?Most countries have fought the pandemic and are now doing okay. Knowledge sets us free, not stupidity

Is this not an Onion article? Exhibit 1: Candace Owens Why is guardian cover this nut? Please don’t give this nut..any oxygen! yeah good luck with that 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 She serious?

😳😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂she's one d___ b____ Candace Owens is a shit talking moron. You realize we Americans think she’s batshit, right? 'High profile' 😂😂😂 thats out of context You realize she's just trolling everyone, right? She only does this stuff to get attention and to get people on the right to give her money.

Guardian boosts troll's nonsense for free Why give her the attention she wants? Right wing pundits are moving beyond invading countries for their oil. Now want to invade for their coal? Let me understand. A blogger with absolutely no studies or educational background (except dropping out of college in Y1) makes some ridiculous comment & the worlds media publishes. Why? She is knowledgeless on this topic. *I’ve done my research

So they got oil there? I wonder what the Australian head of state would say about that? Anyone thought of asking Mrs Bet Windsor? (Yes I realise she isn't allowed to express an opinion on the matter in reality). ;-) They are everywhere jacquiavelli Morooooooooooooooooon !!!!!! Griftonomics Western Australia labour had a land slide in state election and that was largely because of there handling of covid. Apart from a few lock downs we have been as normal as you can

Don't give her the attention she's after This isn’t really news is it . The British government intentionally condemning tens of thousands more of their fellow citizens to death to cover their fleecing of the country’s coffers however kind of should be. After you ! Could she meant Austria. Why are all right wing people mad?

pundit means idiot? I read that whole article and I am even more unsure as to how I'm apparently oppressed? seriously wtf is she on about? The English have already been and fucked it, thanks Candace I don't know about that, Candice. 🤔 Guardian proposes this as a serious news story “ to avoid asking Tories on Covid failure “

Invade Australia? Here's a helpful map. And btw our venomous pets are locked and loaded for Karen, er Candace 😈 And you guys post that as news… 😂 Hilarious!!! This must be satire... Tell me it's satire and she's joking right? She only says what will get a reaction. It’s a bizarre failing that we give these total cooks airspace. She’s not a serious person. National enquirer level nonsense.

Good idea, turn it into 51st state of the US The crew in Cabramatta are waiting to kick their ass a second time! America so stupid always thinking invading other countries isn’t tyranny. Get back to us when you’re finished with Syria And here was I worried about China 🤔 Oh did I miss the announcement that they'd found a massive oil field under Australia?

Relax. She was just drunk at Outback Steakhouse again and they wouldn't serve her another bloomin' onion so she said some things she shouldn't have said which is pretty much everything she ever says. Though we'd love to send her to live with the giant spiders. She is on some very heavy duty medication!

Really…… Candace should first prove she can find it on a map. Invade your own country, that's the source of the problem.

Let her go first No, we're good here thanks, stay away. There are oppressed people in Australia but I don't thing those are going to be set free. The same for the indeogous people of North America Can somebody free us from Candace Owens first? Invade Australia? She’s a paid actor. Not a serious person. Most people in the USA don’t know who she’s so the rest of world should just ignore her.

What's the worst that could happen? Who? She should make an appointment to check for a brain bleed.

Whatever she was having, I want that. Just when I think she can't get stupider. Either fucking mental or great satire. Is there an in between? Oh yea of course 1984 now we’re at war with oceana….. that’d straddle both. What a fucking idiotic grifter I double fucking dare you RealCandaceO I’ll be waiting at he beach for you

LOL wow ewwwwuhhh