Retail sales in 2020 see biggest fall since records began

Retail sales in 2020 see biggest fall since records began

1/22/2021 10:20:00 AM

Retail sales in 2020 see biggest fall since records began

Despite a slight rise last month, 2020 was the largest annual fall since records began in 1997.

British retail sales saw their largest annual fall in history last year as the impact of the pandemic took its toll.Sales fell by 1.9% in 2020, when compared with 2019, the largest year-on-year fall since records began in 1997, official figures show.Clothes shops were hit hard, with a record annual fall of more than 25%.

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The drop came despite a slight pick-up in December, as a brief easing of some lockdown measures meant more stores were able to open.Top StoriesMembers of the ex-president's party say he deserves "a full and fair process that respects his rights".

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Unless you work for a furniture company then it’s boom time BBCBenThompson Such sad news for the high street but we’re seeing retailers being more innovative than ever to continue serving their customers Typically BBC bet Laura Kuenssberg is happy BBC is giving bad news, but are we surprised? The BBC is becoming so joke.

Records began in 1877 when Thomas Edison recorded Mary had a little lamb. Yer but online sales must be the greatest since sales began! Pointless journalism again..... No kidding!! Typical BBC raising people’s anxiety’s and causing fear. FckInG wnKerS!! Shocker. BBC the voice of doom and gloom. No wonder people are having mental health issues. Your a nightmare. A new game is are you brave enough to listen to the BBC?

As if we need you to tell us that, real news required. The government close shops.. BBC tell us retail sales have fallen.. In other news waters wet 🤦‍♂️ no 💩🕵️s No shit? Not hard to figure out when the government fucks them over from a virus with a 99.9% survival rate. What happened?! Hardly news since the countries been half closed for the year you bbc wan⭐️ers!

BBCScotlandNews This is not breaking news retail shops have not been open in 2020 apart from online offerings, so it’s not a shock, you really need to keep your Breaking headlines for real news 😡 No shit Sherlock! 🤣🤣 Breaking news?!!!! Because from now on we have to like forever with the Covid and we shouldn't calling it : global pandemic, but global new seasonal virus like flu. The lockdown and vaccines aren't usefull because we can't able eradicate the covid

Why is this news Because of the lockdown and it is harmful for UK economy. Anyway, don't trust 100% what medias try to tell us about the so-called pandemic, because the end of the covid pandemic should be already ended since a while. Wow, the bbc reporting something factual, could a change be on the horizon?

Stating the bloody obvious 🙄 slow news day. Just maybe and possibly it’s because the shops were shut . Do you include Amazon in retail sales? Because they're sales have gone up. We fans not us fans What a shock. How did this happen? 🙄 We’ll soon be back to normal and they’ll be earning their fortunes again

BBCScotlandNews Maybe it’s because the shops were shut? No shit Sherlock, the shops are shut did you not notice. BBCScotlandNews Oh i wonder why 🤔🤔 I mean is this really news we were not expecting? BorisJohnson what a legacy you will leave with your half baked leadership I didn’t see that coming 🤣 How the hell what’s happened?

That’s because the government have scared some people so much they are bloody terrified to step outside!! 😡😡 No kidding sherlock wonder why I’m not surprised, almost most of the stuff I’ve gone to order is out of stock.. Ya think? Do you maybe think it’s because retail outlets have been closed for months at a time, due to a global pandemic ravaging the country? 🙄

I stopped shopping years ago. all junk crappy shops. cheap items. No shock. I can't see why if ppl can go in there masses to supermarkets why we can't go into other stores in covid safe measures. All items are essential if you need them. BBC Bringing you the news you already know🤦‍♂️ Maybe another record will be in 2021.

Really? I wonder what could possibly be the reason? Somebody should pay for a study on the subject! They can add 2021 to that statistic also! As this situation is just going to rumble on and on and on BBCScotlandNews Jesus christ almighty..... I cannot believe it? The biggest fall in sales ever? Who would have thought that....especially after a year they spent 6 months shut

You tweet this as 'breaking news' when it's simply pointing out the bleeding obvious, could understand it if the news was the biggest rise since records began...which would be news worthy and unexpected given we have closed most of the retail sector. No shit Open them back up then and allow everyone to work. Then they will have the money to spend. If this doesn’t happen, the shops won’t be able to hold on much longer.

My shopping in retail stores fell 100% and will continue to do so whilst the mask guideline remains in place. Not my loss I can't imagine why? Hmmmm, strokes chin! What a surprise why are we even reporting this , it’s obvious they been closed most of a year Breaking news: mask sales are through the roof having their best year ever

Brilliant again from the marvellous BBC Tragically, the end of the high street. No shit. no shit sherlock No shit Sherlock. With all of the ships shut because of a pandemic, who’d have thought that would have been the result. BREAKING NEWS: My mums sister is my aunty! Wow. No shit Sherlock everything’s closed

Worth every penny of our license fee. It’s time to scrap the BBC change is needed Anybody would think there was a pandemic or something...😷 Really? Do you think so? 🙄 BBCBenThompson No sh1t. Cutting edge journalism Is anyone surprised. I image it’s pretty much worldwide. Another re write the headlines 'Lockdown harms: the long term impact to future health & wellbeing of our nation: Job losses, deprevation, despair for millions' BBC should ask Where is the impact assessment? Are all the UK governments causing more harm than good? EnoughIsEnough

Well who would have thought it? I wonder why that was? Next you'll be saying hospitality had a below average year.... 🙄 No shit Oh, I was expecting record sales last year 👀 Hardly surprising BBCScotlandNews How come? What happened? Really! Is the sure about this 🤔 This is hardly breaking news. More like inevitable news!

BBCScotlandNews Wow, I don’t think anyone saw that coming ! No shit sherlock! More upcoming headlines from 'water is wet' 🙄 Shocker. Funny that! No shit Sherlock. What a pointless headline A lot of people realise that internet shopping is just not the same as going to the shops. I miss watching my wife when she’s shopping always makes me smile picking up the item looking at it stroking it checking a garments feel and thickness. Getting a parcel isn’t the same

Woow, shocked to read this. What has been identified as the root cause might I enquire? How much of the TV licence monies were used to unearth this wee gem of a story? People realising they don’t need all that crap after all... WHAT?! HOW?! No 💩 Sherlock. 🙄🙄🙄 BBCScotlandNews Any particular reason for this ? 🤒

Genius Who would've believed it!!! ‘Forever’... Image my surprise Incredible sales only fell by 1.9%. If you consider the proportion of days in the year shops were closed for, this is a very strong performance. Sure this is offset somewhat by customers switching online, but all the same great stuff. *shocked* NOT ... shops have been closed. We have all been staying home and not spending. WHY is this Breaking News?

Really You don’t say- a nonsense headline and not news it’s obvious. We have been pretty much in lockdowns for practically all year 🙄 A few rates grants and a bit of furlough will fix all that I’m sure Investigative journalism at its bets lmao