Regions could be placed into Tier 3 lockdown before meeting cases thresholds

Regions could be placed into Tier 3 lockdown as ‘preventative measure’ before meeting cases thresholds

10/22/2020 10:32:00 PM

Regions could be placed into Tier 3 lockdown as ‘preventative measure’ before meeting cases thresholds

REGIONS could be placed into Tier 3 lockdowns before they meet the case thresholds, an expert has warned. Dr Clare Gardiner, the director general of the Joint Biosecurity Centre, said it could happ…

16:27REGIONS could be placed into Tier 3 lockdowns before they meet the case thresholds, an expert has warned.Dr Clare Gardiner, the director general of the Joint Biosecurity Centre, said it could happen as a preventative measure.⚠️ Read ourcoronavirus live blog

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for the latest news & updatesShe said that talks were ongoing with council leaders and local directors of public health to implement “preventative action” to stop curb the increasing case rates.The JBC was given the task of steering the response to the killer bug in June - but has also been criticised for its lack of transparency.

The Government has not publicised what the thresholds are for entering or leaving a higher tier.Dr Gardiner has promised to publish the case number and positivity levels that trigger moving into a higher tier.However, she said that decision was largely down to “professional judgments” rather than “hard thresholds” - meaning some areas may move into Tier 3 even if they don't meet the case requirements.

Giving evidence to the science and technology select committee, she said: "There are a number of other areas where one wants freedom to move to the upper tiers.“Preventative or prophylactic action is another reason and at some of our local meetings, directors of public health, in consultation with council leaders, are proposing to move from a prevention perspective, even if they may not have met some of these soft triggers.”

It comes a day after the government announced thatSouth Yorkshire will be plunged into a Tier 3 lockdown from Saturday- with Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and Barnsley facing tougher rules after a £41million deal.Around 1.4million people will go into extra restrictions, Sheffield's Mayor Dan Jarvis announced today, as not acting was "not an option".

3Regions could be plunged into Tier 3 lockdowns despite not meeting the trigger points used by the government Read more: The Sun »

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Tier 3 lockdown warning as regions could face toughest curbs before thresholdDrClareGardiner, the director general of the Joint Biosecurity Centre, has warned that a Tier 3 Covid-19 lockdown could be imposed as a preventative measure even if the Government's requirements are not met I eat beans. People stay 2 metres away from me. Anyone over 45 should be isolated inside, let the young people do your jobs, its too dangerous if you are old.

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Covid tier system in England has confused the messaging, says police chief – videoThe assistant chief constable Owen Weatherill said during a home affairs committee meeting that England’s three-tier system of coronavirus regulations was confusing and, as a result, difficult for police to implement If you have to think about it, it’s too hard. All COVID guidelines should be built around modifying human behavior easily. Why isn't anyone speaking out about the PCR test that is being used outside of it's design parameters to illegally maintain this casedemic? The information that could end all this hardship and economic meltdown in an instant. Yet all remain silent. Will you remain silent?

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