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Reggie Cannon: 'Explaining America feels like describing medieval times'

Reggie Cannon: 'Explaining America feels like describing medieval times'

3/3/2021 1:18:00 PM

Reggie Cannon: 'Explaining America feels like describing medieval times'

The USA full-back is attracting the attention of clubs across Europe after his transfer to Portugal. The move across the Atlantic has also made him reflect on home

… explaining to my teammates what is going on in the country is baffling to me. Explaining the America I have lived in to those who don’t live in America, it feels like I am describing medieval times.”On and off the pitch, however, there are increasing reasons for optimism for the 22-year-old defender who swapped MLS for Boavista last summer. Cannon has impressed in the shop window that is the Portuguese league, already attracting interest from the Bundesliga, La Liga and Premier League, all while the election of Joe Biden at least symbolically ended a tumultuous four years in his homeland.

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But Cannon is not the first member of his family to distinguish himself in his chosen field. Cannon’s grandfather,Warren M Washington, is a highly-regarded scientist in the field of climate change. In 2010, Barack Obama named Cannon’s grandfather as one of 10 eminent researchers to be awarded the National Medal of Science.

“Growing up I didn’t even know what my grandfather had done all for my country, for science. He has done an incredible amount of work. Even now, where people still reject climate change in America, I look at the work my grandfather has done to scientifically prove a lot of that exists and it’s a threat that is coming - it’s really incredible to see the groundbreaking work he has done, especially as an African American in his time.

“He has broken a lot of boundaries and he has given a lot of motivation to my career and that’s why people can’t push me down because he had to go through it all to get to the level he is; to shake Obama’s hand; to win that medal; to prove scientists wrong that an African American can do that. He played a very pivotal role in paving a lot of paths for people. I have the utmost respect for him, he has given me a lot of motivation. His work in climate change really speaks to me now, especially when we see people deny climate change. It is incredibly important.”

Read moreAlthough Boavista have struggled this season, despite an early victory over Benfica, Cannon has been one of the standout performers. His plan was always to come to Europe, although doing so during a pandemic meant leaving his family and pet dog behind without notice. It was the step up from MLS he says he needed in order to achieve his goal of becoming one of the world’s best right-backs. Cannon has already experienced two coaching styles, as 37-year-old Vasco Seabra was replaced by Jesualdo Ferreira, a man twice his predecessor’s age, midway through the season. Playing alongside experienced players like Javi Garcia and Adil Rami is another crucial point in his education, as he looks to reach the levels his teammates did.

“The new coach challenges me a lot to do the right thing and to do things that make me uncomfortable, which is something I want to get out of my game. It’s players like Javi and Adil, that have done so much in football, that have experienced so much and been at the world’s biggest clubs that are really helping me improve my game. Rami is a good friend of mine and has helped me adapt to Portugal, he kind of gives me a wink and he really believes I can really get to the top level of football he played. I can feel it and he feels my belief.”

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