Rees-Mogg says PM 'can be trusted' as DUP airs new Brexit concerns

Rees-Mogg says PM 'can be trusted' as DUP airs new Brexit concerns

10/13/2019 1:34:00 AM

Rees-Mogg says PM 'can be trusted' as DUP airs new Brexit concerns

The leading Eurosceptic says Boris Johnson is worth following because he is a 'Leaver', but the DUP has customs union worries.

Mr Johnson's vow to"get Brexit done" will be at the centre of the new legislative agenda set to be outlined in the Queen's Speech on Monday."Getting Brexit done by 31 October is absolutely crucial, and we are continuing to work on an exit deal so we can move on to negotiating a future relationship based on free trade and friendly cooperation with our European friends," the prime minister said in a statement.

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"But the people of this country don't just want us to sort out Brexit. They want their NHS to be stronger, their streets safer, their wi-fi faster, the air they breathe cleaner, their kids' schools better-funded - and this optimistic and ambitious Queen's Speech sets us on a course to make all that happen, and more besides."

PM hints at major Brexit concessionIn reference to this weekend's"intensive negotiations" in Brussels, a Downing Street source said:"We've always wanted a deal. It is good to see progress, but we will wait to see if this is a genuine breakthrough."

They added:"We are a long way from a final deal and the weekend and next week remain critical to leaving with a deal on October 31st. We remain prepared to leave without a deal on October 31st."Second referendum the 'only way forward'

Sky News understands that the main element of the UK's latest proposal is a variation of the 'new customs partnership' first put forward by Theresa May.It would see Northern Ireland leave the EU's customs union with the rest of the UK, but collect customs tariffs on the EU's behalf - resulting in an effective customs border in the Irish sea.

Northern Irish businesses would be able to apply for a rebate of any tariff charges that were higher than the rates set by the UK - if they could show the goods were sold in Northern Ireland and not transferred into the EU via the Republic of Ireland.

Barnier: 'Brexit is like climbing a mountain'Asked repeatedly on Friday whether he could confirm that Northern Ireland would leave the customs union in the terms of the deal he is seeking to negotiate, Mr Johnson simply replied that he would not accept anything that"damages the ability of the whole of the United Kingdom to take full advantage of Brexit".

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The Queen's speech is expected to include 22 new Bills, covering healthcare, fighting serious and violent crime, and science and infrastructure. Read more: Sky News »

One way or another, we MUST get OUT of the totally corrupt E.U. Wouldn’t trust either of them as far as I could throw them. He has got a history of trustworthy behaviour Would you trust arrogance Mogg who voted against May deal. Now he says trust disingenuous Boris who just twick the May deal and throw DUP under the bus? All those like Boris, Mogg and Ergs are all hypocrites.

No MPs can be trusted CORRUPT CORPORATE FRAUDSTERS Oh well, if sleepy R-M says he can be trusted .., Delusional...🙄😡 Is that the same Jacob_Rees_Mogg who lied to the Queen for LiarJohnson ? His ex wife says different I hope so JRM Jacob_Rees_Mogg BorisJohnson The PM can only be trusted if he actually delivers Brexit in FULL not the refried surrender and capitulation document theresa_may may came back from Brussels with That withdrawal agreement was only fit for use in the bathroom

He must be joking, who on earth can trust him and BJ? Good grief. Rhys Mogg says Johnson can be trusted! Anyone spot the irony...? SkyNews: What is needed is believe in BREXIT that what is promised is kept and 17.4 million people can relax with confidence Jacob. DUP are right to fear another change to please the EU? MAY the date to leave happens, and other Parties are dismayed at it!!!

I'd sooner trust a pyromaniac with a box of matches. Mr Rees-Mogg calls on Brexit supporters to recognize that 'compromise will inevitably be needed'.. Haven't we bent over long enough for the EU, when do they compromise. It's a disgrace the way you all just make excuses. EU says jump, we say 'yes sir, how high'. Enough already.

Rees mogg needs to be prime minister is boris gets the boot That's a double nope. DUP customs union worries so far look unfounded. I’m sure his ex wives will agree with that Remind me what Brexit means Like a tin of beans 57 varieties Tell that to his wife, his multiple mistresses the newspaper he was fired from and the whole country. Non-stop lies.

trust needs to be earned, so far you are doing a terrible job. Well! Thats proof enough for me! Trusted to ? Carmen Gallardo De Fuentes Mosso (police)neighbor and executioner 24 hours repeated and continuous,with other criminals annihilate mission, charge for torture and enjoy,infamous and sadistic.Intervened communications,toxic and noise control my few exits and continue with impunity

You’ve all turned- 🐍 BP next election Lies lies more lies Like his master puppeteer That’s like an endorsement of a football manager from the Chairman 😳 Tell that to his wife, his mistresses, his children of indeterminate number, his former friend David Cameron, any of his co-workers, his former bosses, and the country.

What a fucking arsebiscuit Has there ever been a more untrusting individual than JRM. The PM can be trusted.. to ensure me and my posh mates make millions out of Brexit before we rejoin the EU in a few years anyway and everyone else is fucked in the meantime Lol lol lol lol lol AT THE END OF THE DAY IF BOJOS FUCKS OVER NORTHERN IRELAND THEY MUST COLLAPSE THE GOVERNMENT AND HAVE THE BOLLOCKS TO DO AND COME WHAT MAY

Nonce JRM saying someone can be trusted automatically makes that someone 500% more untrustworthy Mogg not looking so well groomed now. Working doesn't suit him eh. Yes he as shown by his past actions he can be trusted 😂 Well no, obviously. Lying snake I like the idea of Rees-Mogg losing his born into wealth and status, becoming one of the normal people, and realising how much of a c^nt he is

Bum squeak on 2020 eu tax Great reference Isn't Moggy meant to be smart? Yeah but a rock 'can' be thrown at a pigeon, doesn't mean it's a good idea

DUP finds itself caught between the devil and the Irish seaReject the prime minister’s deal and usher in an economy-wrecking no deal, or endorse it and risk unionist wrath at home? The Irish Border is parting the Irish Sea as in the Bible so DUP, UUP should be over the moon. It's reassuring to know that history will be able to reflect that these guys burned in hell. FOR ALL ETERNITY.

BoJo talks DUP into climbdown sparking negotiations for Brexit dealBREAKNECK negotiations for a last-minute Brexit deal began last night after Boris Johnson seemed to have talked the DUP into a major climbdown. The Ulster unionist party — whose votes prop up the P… This is a SurrenderAct by deplorable Boris. I want my £350m a week to the NHS too! How much has he paid the DUP for their support? Another billion pounds worth of tax payers money.

DUP warns against Brexit deal that would 'trap' Northern IrelandArlene Foster vowed to block any deal that would keep Northern Ireland in the EU customs union BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 🤣 But you took the cash I have some bad news for you about your coalition partner...

Boris Johnson urges Turkey to end offensive against Syrian KurdsPM tells Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of ‘grave concern’ at Turkey’s military incursion 'Pretty please?' As if they’ll listen to him.

Brexit talks ramp up in Brussels in bid to thrash out divorce dealThe DUP, whose support is set to be critical to the PM, warn they will oppose anything that 'traps' Northern Ireland in the EU. I’ll have a pound. Nothing will come out of it FOAD (fear of a deal) is really growing now and we will see the final paradox in this process as Remainers begin to turn on the EU itself. As U. K. and the EU meet in the “tunnel of love” nobody should underestimate the damage caused to our negotiating position by May. So May and Robbins have created a dishonest draft BrexitDeal leaving Boris the complex task of salvaging what is a very damaged and awful position.

DUP warns against Brexit deal that would 'trap' Northern IrelandArlene Foster vowed to block any deal that would keep Northern Ireland in the EU customs union BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 🤣 But you took the cash I have some bad news for you about your coalition partner...