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Rare Peter Rabbit 50p coins worth £795 going into circulation - where can you find them?

Peter Rabbit features on limited edition 50p coin


Peter Rabbit 50p coins worth £800 will enter circulation - this is how to find them Coins

Peter Rabbit features on limited edition 50p coin

eBay: ‘Rare’ Peter Rabbit 50p coin selling for £3,000 - why?

The Peter Rabbit 50p coins from the 2019 collection were originally not meant to be entered into generally circulation.

Some of the fifty pence pieces can be bought for as little as £10 but there are special editions which are much pricier.

Collectors can get their hands on the silver version for £65 and the gold proof version costs a staggering £795.

The first Beatrix Potter coins were released in 2016 to commemorative the 150th anniversary of the author’s birth.

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