Rapper Slowthai holds fake decapitated Boris Johnson head at Mercury Prize awards

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Rapper nominated for his album 'Nothing Great About Britain'

It’s not uncommon for an artist to be influenced by the place they grew up in. Yet few are likely to have as much inspiration to draw on as India-born, Zimbabwe-raised and now Peckham-based artist Rina Mushonga. The singer-songwriter’s nomadic personality is reflected in the vast scale of reference points on her new record, In a Galaxy. It’s technically a follow-up to 2014’s The Wild, the Wilderness, but the newfound boldness on this new work is startling.


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Shamima Begum shocked the public with her nonchalant attitude towards beheadings perpetrated by ISIS. Rapper Slowthai wins rapturous applause and a prize for this extremely vile act for which there can never be an excuse. Has he been arrested yet?

Replace that head with Corbyn’s and watch the left explode with moral outrage but this is fine.

In which lifetime is this supposed to be ok? My god has political ground shifted so much that I am right wing? Because I don't understand the so called left right now.

The tolerant left

Kathy Griffin all over again? This really isn't helpful.

That’s not funny and to be honest disgusting whether you like or hate Boris..

This is a good example of a bad way to 'resist'. There is an argument to be made wether he's inciting violence with this stunt, but it's also hurtful for the argument against Johnson and his policies. Slowthai is more likely to amass sympathy for the PM than energize his critics

Sick in the head.

A Brit rapper like Slowthai can hold a fake decapitated head of Boris Johnson at an awards venue, but kathygriffin can't hold a fake head of Trump nowhere near any awards venues without AndersonCooper going 'hater' all over her!

CalebHowe I guess this is a theme with the left, no matter the nationality.

So what happened when the same thing happened to trump 🤔

Maybe it’s time the law was enforced and people like this should be arrested

Brilliant performance

Desperate publicity stunt by an unknown crap artist.

Typical music industry trash. Silly unnecessary opportunist with little talent

cc: .kathygriffin

I’m no fan of BJ but this should not be allowed.

Will the Independent be writing another story about the abuse of MPs?

Dangerous ...

Will OwenJones84 be as vocal in his condemnation of this as he is against anyone on the right.

Not a fan of Boris at all, tbh, but that's just stupid and immature. 😣 Rappers should use their platform to help reform this young kids not provoke hatred. Very disappointing 😒 mercuryprize

Is that not incitement to violence? Or a hate crime? No matter what you think of people, suggesting they should be murdered is not acceptable.

That os beyond vile.

Freedom of speech works in both directions doesn't it? No wait...

Wigger chav



Wow. That reinforces what ridiculous cocks the “arts” community is. Puerile childish with outdated Marxist views.

Kathy Griffin: I thought this would get more rt’s...

As much as I detest Johnson and Brexit, this is wrong. As Michelle Obama said 'When they go low, we go high.' You deal with criminals - Trump Crime Family included - through the law. If Slowthai tried this sort of thing in Thailand he'd be dead in seconds.

Unheard of bloke does shock tactics to raise profile only to be forgotten couple of days later, shocker.

I am totally appalled by this. I despise everything that Johnson stands for but would never support violence towards him, even in symbolic form, this must never be a solution

Alice Cooper has been doing this to himself since the 70s

I’m no fan of Boris ... but that’s school yard stuff.

Low cost fake publicity. Guy is empty and cheap to use such a fake publicity. And you support it?

Thats pretty sick... and not in the good way.

Freedom of speeeeeeeech

Shows what a scum bag rapper he is NOT FUNNY!!!

Which doesn’t have blood flowing to the brain in this pic? 🤭

No blood? Amateur.

Good job fighting the stereotype of violent black youth.

Oh how ‘grown’ up of him. Promoting terrorism is always woke with twats like this. Had Farage come out with a head of Corbyn and the dick left would be up in arms! Did this prick win any awards? Uf so he should be stripped of them!

BenCookeWWFC Unnecessary

What people will do for publicity.

..this is absolutely not ok ..not for any reason ..ever ..the man has children and family ..shame on the MercuryPrize for supporting terror ..pretending to be art ..👎👎👎👎👎

Shows his intelligence or severe lack of it. What a numpty

Uhhhh ohhhh..... this never turns out well

Low IQ people aren't very creative or original.

So edgy!!!!! Lmao It's hard to believe jokes of human beings like this actually exist.

Libtards are, without a doubt, mental and extremely dangerous threat to the stability of our nation.

That stunt didn't turn out so well for Kathy Griffin

Typical left liberal , intolerant & violent.

Where have I seen something like this before?😳

That's horrible 😔


Tasteless. But this is how some people 'strive' for fame these days. Please, don't advertise him on Twitter.

Luckily there was no press there. knownliar



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