Rachel Levine: Transgender official sworn in as four-star admiral

Rachel Levine: Transgender official sworn in as four-star admiral

10/20/2021 3:39:00 AM

Rachel Levine: Transgender official sworn in as four-star admiral

Dr Rachel Levine is already the nation's most prominent openly transgender federal official.

ReutersThe US assistant secretary for health has been sworn in as the first transgender four-star officer in the country's history.Dr Rachel Levine, 63, is now an admiral of the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.Dr Levine, appointed by President Joe Biden, is already the highest-ranking openly transgender official in the US.

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She described the occasion as "momentous" and "historic" during a swearing-in speech on Tuesday."May this appointment today be the first of many more to come, as we create a diverse and more inclusive future," she said in a speech that paid tribute to other LGBTQ individuals who came before her.

Dr Levine is a graduate of Harvard College and Tulane University School of Medicine and previously worked as a paediatrician.The US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps has about 6,000 uniformed officers and is tasked with responding to health crises like the coronavirus pandemic and natural disasters. headtopics.com

Secretary of Health Xavier Becerra described Dr Levine's appointment to the job as a "giant step forward towards equality as a nation".Image source,Image caption,Dr Levine will oversee a 6,000-strong uniformed forceShe also served as Pennsylvania's physician general and the state's secretary of health, working on issues like responding to widespread opioid addiction.

Dr Levine was confirmed as US assistant secretary for health in a 52-48 Senate vote in March.During the confirmation process, the nominee faced questions over her handling of the coronavirus pandemic in nursing homes during her time as health secretary of Pennsylvania.

Critics blamed the deaths of many elderly people on a state policy that required nursing homes to accept Covid patients.Shortly after implementing that measure, Dr Levine acknowledged having moved her own mother out of a care home as virus cases rose.

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Sure hope she has access to her hormones if deployed to a place with no US pharmacies. Reason why so many are 4F. Need medical treatment. Why is this foreign story in the BBC news UK feed? Nothing to do with the UK. He's worked hard to gaine that role Commendable and congratulations Admiral? Absurd. Chuck Berry, My Dingaling

Brava China must be shaking in their boots. And the rest of the world laughs because they have some fear of God even if they don't know him & his Son/saviour. If the job is done well, that's what matters 👏

Rachel Levine becomes US’s first openly transgender four-star admiralShe also serves as US Assistant Secretary of Health

Clown world is real Of the health service, not the US Navy.

Rachel Levine becomes US’s first openly transgender four-star admiralShe also serves as US Assistant Secretary of Health

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