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General Election 2019, Dominic Raab

Raab and McDonald in racism row backstage after leaders' debate

Raab and McDonald in racism row backstage after leaders' debate


Raab and McDonald in racism row backstage after leaders' debate

Sky News exchange shows pair arguing over Islamophobia and antisemitism in their parties

They quizzed Jeremy Corbyn on antisemitism and Brexit, Nicola Sturgeon on Scotland’s deficit and deals with Labour, Jo Swinson on her voting record in the coalition and revoking article 50, and Boris Johnson on lying, racism and austerity.

Though there were grumbles from other parties that the audience was biased towards the leader of the opposition, they were not as “lovely” as he might have hoped.

“How can you be neutral in a referendum and claim to be a leader,” said Raab, speaking to journalists in the venue’s media room. “All those citizens at home and all of those businesses who are wondering how they will navigate the uncertainty of Brexit, and Jeremy Corbyn says he’s neutral. That is not leadership on the biggest issue of the day.”

The SNP seemed to think the evening was a success. “[Sturgeon] does have more experience with winning elections than any of the other leaders and I think that shone through rather tonight,” said MP Stewart Hosie. He said it was a shame that the leaders did not have the opportunity to cross-examine each other, “but on the whole the format worked rather well”.

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MacDonald being savaged by a dead sheep That is aur foreign Sec very diplomatic indeed. but did they kiss? much sexual energy in the picture Boa!!! Clearly, Con & Labour Party Are Racists! No Question! 2010 Con MP Robert Halfon Left Case When Advised Harlow Council Lied AT HIS MEETING! Lab & Con Cllrs Allowed the Bullying! No Scrutiny! 2013 Damage by Council to Property Proven! Both Equally BAD!

Alan B'stard the tories have a 200 year history antisemitism. ever since they were founded. You can see what an unpleasant, arrogant man Raab is here. It really comes across.

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Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn face grilling in Question Time leaders' debate - follow liveThere's just 1 hour to go until Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn, Jo Swinson and Nicola Sturgeon face a special edition of QuestionTime - follow our live updates here Pretty sure Boris just did a runner out the back door If only the opposition party leaders could form an alliance then Johnson and his ultra nationalist regime would be defeated and the country could back to some kind of normal. How much do televised leaders' debates affect public opinion? BBCQT

Letters: Jeremy Corbyn was the only adult in the room in the first leaders’ TV debateLetters: Jeremy Corbyn was the only adult in the room in the first leader's TV debate

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Boris Johnson set to snub election leaders' debate on climate crisisChannel 4 to broadcast first such discussion – but prime minister unlikely to participate .BorisJohnson knows as much about palaeoclimatology's lessons for today and the complex mechanisms of climate change as he does about synthetic chemistry: his stupid comments about Novichok had the Kremlin ROFL. All Boris wants is quick profits for his friends and sod tomorrow!

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