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Queen's war on Harry and Meghan's LA spin machine

Queen will no longer remain silent when ‘mistruths’ about the Royal Family circulate

6/13/2021 4:02:00 AM

Queen will no longer remain silent when ‘mistruths’ about the Royal Family circulate

The Queen , pictured, has ordered courtiers to abandon the traditional policy of 'never complain, never explain' following the increasingly bitter briefing war between the palace and Los Angeles.

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Oh wait, I am sure the war is on. Meghan will not stop, she will divulge what she knows or make it up. Something needs to be done. Pull their titles! Some how doubt she will abandon the tradition now.,,, after all this time 70 years Courtiers, and other help around her need to get their act together, I see them at fault for what comes out. HRH the queen's word is all I need to hear when it comes to her family.

How sad that an institution that has long been respected for not reacting to cheap rumours has to take this step. But I understand why. What a sad sign of the times… This isn’t a tit-for-tat response. It’s nothing more than a carefully worded announcement by the palace, of Lili’s birth. Of course, if it reads like the Queen is casting doubt over the Sussexes version of the truth...? Well, maybe that’s because their truth isn’t the truth?

I really hope so! How are people still willing to believe this manufactured story when even the BBC has come out to say their “palace source” lied? It’s the daily mail ffs, they lost a court battle against the duchess- they are trying to save face Why are so many believing this drivel? Wait till she hears about Andrew 😳 Nonce

Good for her, let them continue spinning their lies, but crack out a rebuttal within the hour, let’s see who the public believe in this, a Monarch of 70 years or a 2 bit hustler. The nibbling away at RF by the pair so it gnaws away at them. To the point of retaliation by RF & the pair hv got them responding in public whch tht is what the pair want. The silence makes them more angry as RF not taking up the pair’s ‘bait’.

Good bless the Queen. I was always a Harry fan until I realized what a f brat he is.

Meghan Markle and Harry have ‘no regrets’ over bombshell interviews despite backlash MEGHAN MARKLE and Prince Harry have 'no regrets' about their bombshell interviews since leaving their senior roles in the Royal Family, a source has claimed. Then why keep rehashing the sorry saga. Ile Royal UK praciwal na, twój a mój wizerunek? Megan zrobiłaś to celowo. Byłaś przygotowywana od lat do.. No. Hope they keep those thoughts close as in actual fact they've both totally fucked up their lives? I mean, we don't care about her although she's forever unemployable she's wrecked him too. The marraige will soon be over. Just a matter of time.

MM See Grandfather, father, husband, DofE is no longer there to protect Royal Family, so M gets more relentless at 'stealing' Royals' possessions of long held TRADITIONS - To create an opposing with underhand tactics - Royal Family ? GOD forbid, theft of a ROYAL Family 🙏🙏 💒! I love how it’s all “unnamed sources” or “insiders” saying this. The DM is the only craploid even reporting this. And these are the same folks that said Meghan would announce the broth of her child on Prince Philip’s birthday. Didn’t happen. Stop lying.

Good for her no need to put up with crap at her age. Strip them of their titles Airing out all the pure snakes round ere hun, just focusing on me and the kids from now on xoxo 👏👏👏👏 😍 Sending love from the Philippines! ❤️🇵🇭 I think you’ll find she doesn’t mean Harry & Meghan. About bloody time! The Montecito Morons don't deserve protection......

Hopefully Rotal Family has right kind of ‘advisers’. Hopefully they can distinguish between ‘baiting’ and deliberately spreading misinformation. In ‘families at war’ only the spectators win because they get the enjoyment for free. Tread very carefully is what I would advise...

Harry & Meghan 'using people's personal stories to fund commercial ventures'MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry are asking people to share their personal stories of “compassion” to fund commercial ventures according to Private Eye. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who welcomed b… Like a documentary? What a worthless, pathetic rag of a mag. The best use of your publication is to use it to line the bottom of bird cages. Thank GOD H, M, A and L are here in the states with us… and away from the toxicity of the UK. Er.....like this newspaper does?

Finally the ( white ) gloves are coming off . Shocking Harry and Meghan have aired their gripes in public and not kept their thoughts and opinions within the Royal family. So if this is a true report concerning the Queen, then I can understand her wanting to correct any mis-informed reporting. So wrong it's come to this.

‘Palace sources’. 🤣 We are all being suckered by the tabloid rags over a non-story they created for clicks. It’s damaging the Queen and RF; public don’t want to see them engaged in tit for tat. If media genuinely supported the Queen, they wouldn’t publish this tosh You go girl! That's the spirit. lol

Grown women shouldn't fantasize about becoming Princesses Mistruths sound like a better sin than lies Its good for the truth to be honoured weather you are royal or not. Can anyone tell me why the RF have escaped the racism cancel culture when their very existence has been predicated on Britain's colonial policies?

I guess the Daily Mail is in trouble then Good

Watch: Queen Elizabeth joins G7 leaders for family photoQueen Elizabeth joins G7 leaders for family photo Great moment, made me smile and feel happy. Thanks for sharing. L

Good news. She actually told you that, did she 🤣🤣 Yay!! But she will and did remain silent on Andrew and did an will remain silent when the press made untrue and racist allegations against Meghan She should have woken up long ago The courtiers are fighting a week old baby, they are using the Queen to fight a baby🤔🤔🤔 isn't this sad

This is unprecedented for the BRF. It’s pretty obvious they will never trust Harry again, but publicly calling him out on his lies is huge. She shouldn’t have to go through this at her age & after losing her husband, but glad to see the gloves are finally coming off. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Any sane person, have started to figure it out that lies has always been fabricated from the Palace by royal sources and sold to the press long before Megxit and Oprah. You will not twist this one. Meghan and Harry left because of twisted stories about them sold to gutter press

Goood for her .

Queen hands out special honours for key figures in Prince Philip’s lifeA rare set of Queen’s Honours have been given to the most loyal aides of Prince Philip

good... can we talk about the racism now? Banning people of color from working in the Palace... being silent on the 4 yrs of vile, racist attack on Meghan Markle... please let's have that conversation Queen never done war on them, because she has the power enough to keep silent. I think it means she is going to tell scummy uk media butts out and stops making up crap

Good. Enough is enough. I have a feeling Harry and Megan will regret telling 'their truth' when the 'actual truth' is revealed bestservedcold But will continue to remain silent when mistruths about Harry and Meghan circulate.. Brian May sticking his oar in Good I think the only way for anyone to know what happened here is to get a direct quote from the Queen, I am always suspicious of “ palace insiders”. So if she is really pissed off then let’s hear it from the horses mouth.

OOOKKK, I'm going to keep a diary to see how many times there is an official press release by the Queen about anything and everything. Because, if it is just 'source' that say anything, it is more BS from the courtiers! Hence, nothing has changed, you rats! Own 6.6 billion acres of land, sons are sexually deviant, has a Russian asset in the family a grandson who wanted money to supply PPE without having a PPE company, William, like his dad, doesn't want to be the first Prince of Wales who doesn't have a mistress. Please, begin ma'am

Jill Biden says she's been looking forward to meeting The QueenJill Biden said on Thursday she was holding the Royal Family in her heart on what would have been Prince Philip's 100th birthday and that she's been looking forward to meeting The Queen .

What about prince Andrew? Is still at the castle/palace whatever that colonial thing is called? At Last but 50 years TOO LATE. She should have told the Tory Government that she was against their deal giving Great Britain and it's sovereignty away to the EU . And Britain wouldn't be in the mess it's in to day.

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Lucky number: Biden is 13th US president set to meet queenJoe Biden will become the 13th American president to meet Queen Elizabeth II At least they have a lot in common.. .... Like their age!!! An honor.