'Queen's tears' as UK marks Remembrance Sunday

Newspaper headlines: 'Queen's tears' as UK marks Remembrance Sunday


Newspaper headlines: 'Queen's tears' as UK marks Remembrance Sunday

Monday's front pages include poignant images of the Queen at commemorations for the UK's war dead.

Most of Monday's papers show the Queen at the annual Remembrance Sunday service at the Cenotaph in London, with the Mail's splash appearing to show Her Majesty wiping tears from her eyes as she watched the commemorations. The newspaper leads on a pledge by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to change the law to protect Northern Ireland veterans.

The Duchess of Cambridge is pictured alongside the Queen at the Cenotaph on the front page of the Guardian - other senior royals and politicians were also at the ceremony. The paper's lead claims a Cabinet Office report shows almost half of all rape victims are dropping out of investigations, with the paper citing reasons including"invasive disclosure demands" and"delays bringing cases to court".

Elsewhere, the i newspaper's front page says the government remains under pressure to release a report on alleged Russian interference in the UK. It comes after after the Sunday Times claimed nine Russian business people who have donated money to the Conservative Party were named in the document.

The Financial Times claims the European Central Bank president, Christine Lagarde, will face calls for an overhaul of how it decides monetary policy. Ms Lagarde, who took on the role at the start of the month, has invited senior colleagues to present ideas on how to improve the central bank's internal discussions.

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Crocodile tears Queen doesn't cry. It was probably a fuzz under her eye. If it was a tear, I am glad to see the monarch is becoming more sentimental. Hi. Why did you use footage three years old showing Johnson laying a different wreath? He actually put the wreath upside down yesterday. 'News' would have been what actually occurred. Soldiers died to protect the country from state propaganda. Shameful.

If you think about it the Queen is a war hero too. She served alongside those in the 2nd world War. She probably remembers her friends and colleagues too. A very personal journey and we should honour her too. No doubt she is crying for her once remarkable country Were they tears or were her eyes watering on a cold morning as is common for older people

BOY I WOULD CRY TOO AS EVERY DEAD ONE IS LESS TAX INCOME FOR THE QUEEN !!! It has to be remembered that the Queen has lost relatives, friends and acquaintances in war, and two of her Grandsons saw active service. Over her 90 years she has had a closer connection to our military than anyone commenting here. She has every right to shed a tear.....

Give over ' that woman is the ultimate iceberg' she's harder than the iceberg that sank the titanic.shes the ultimate narcissist, and arrogant woman' if she was so loving and caring why has this country got forgotten generations' not generation' FAKER''💩

Kate Middleton joins the Queen on the balcony for Remembrance SundayKate Middleton joined the Queen and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall on a balcony overlooking the Cenotaph this morning, while Meghan Markle stood on a separate balcony.

Yet her government wants to leave the EU an organisation which has helped to keep peace in Europe for 70 years. After alleged Russian influence and the leave campaign breaking electoral law. ReleaseTheRussiaReport ToriesOut and still the royal family does not stand up for the people and the country when British and Russian oligarchs seek to undermine governance by the people and equality of justice under law. Stand for something or be reduced to irrelevant branding tools.

She didn't cry for diana!!! Should not have taken this long ! We should protect our soldiers in every way ! Stop the witch-hunt. End the Bloody Sunday enquiry. NOW Headline grabbing. I watched this as it happened. The queen did NOT have any tears, she simply touched her face. I admire our Queen and she carries out her duties without letting emotion get in the way.

motorwars shit queen for all these sarcastic remarks, perhaps she just remembered how many people have sacrificed and compare that to current political climate....how much lower can we sink. Maybe the cold just made her eye water Or it was the sight of Johnson not tucking his shirt in and laying the wreath upside down

Ask BorisJohnson Conservatives CCHQLondon toadmeister to release the RussiaReport

Kate Middleton joins the Queen on the balcony for Remembrance SundayKate Middleton joined the Queen and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall on a balcony overlooking the Cenotaph this morning, while Meghan Markle stood on a separate balcony.

She could well be reflecting on the state of the nation. We are brought very low. Not the legacy she would wish for. Those generations born during 1901-1920íes, were much more something special in spirit than generations today are... it 100 years since the Queen died on the Western Front. 😶😶😶😶😶😶 Many Millions of people were killed in the World Wars!...🤔 Not many survivors left now to cry the true tears of Remembrance!...😔 Respect to Her Majesty...👍

And right below that Boris vowing to protect war criminals She earns my respect daily. Respect Boss ❤️ God Bless Watching the breath-taking hypocrisy of traitorous politicians at the Cenotaph, who have spent the last three and a half years subverting our democracy that two generations in this country FOUGHT AND DIED trying to defend, nearly made me physically sick!!

Probably tearful thinking about all the heroes that fought and lost their lives for us and thinking what an absolute shambles the whole country is and how ashamed those that did lose their lives would be if they saw it now!!

Kate Middleton joins the Queen on the balcony for Remembrance SundayKate Middleton joined the Queen and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall on a balcony overlooking the Cenotaph this morning, while Meghan Markle stood on a separate balcony.

Most 80-something's would've loved a day out today, but unfortunately there was nobody about to help them because they were too busy adjusting their social profile so that they took a firm stance on the poppy issue. The truth about the British Royals and the EU superstate. ... and Blood and Sweat !? NeverAgain

Fine acting. A BAFTA must be due soon. Our Queen has always been a human with a heart, but she looked very emotional quite a few times both last night and today. Maybe it's time her Grandchildren in particular started supporting her as she's always supported them. Make her life a little less stressful..

God bless to the people of remembrance day we will send our love and prayers to you all and send our love and prayers to our majesty the queen god bless you ❤️❤️❤️🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 Farage couldn't be bothered to attend he flew to America to line his pockets with trump's money instead We want coverage of Andrew, Epstein and ABC news not crocodile tears thanks!

Bad enough that he is PM but looking down at that unprincipled self serving charlatan and liar putting his wreath down upside down would induce tears in most people

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton join The Queen on Remembrance SundayMeghan Markle observed the parade from a separate balcony from The Queen and Kate Middleton at The Cenotaph.

Wait. These tears are not for Brexit? Does she not know the taxpayers may run out of money to fund her absurd life & family? Her guillotine must need oil. Heads are not coming off as quickly as they do when the guillotine is lubed properly. Heartbreaking. Prince Andrew as a son and The Northern Mop as a PM. Yep, tears are allowed.

Corbyn is screwed. GOOD RemembranceSunday RememberanceSundaý this is to say that satan wept . She served in a war also THE LAST PERSON WHO CAN KNOW REAL TRUE OF SECOND WORLD WAR.. WHY IT HAPPEND.. ETC.... PRZESLUCHAC SPRAWDZIC RODZICOW WAZNA MOZE BYC Nederland She’s crying because Johnson put his wreath upside down

Bollocks! Establishment Propaganda Tool!

Why did The Queen choose to wear five poppies on Remembrance Sunday?Meanwhile Kate and Meghan each wore one

the royal blagger. Strange the Queen I know from my Earth is not emotional at all and does never cry.

UK to mark Remembrance DayThe Queen and politicians will join commemorations for those who lost their lives in conflict. wilfredowen How many living veterans are homeless and on the streets?

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