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Queen recovering from recent illness by watching TV with friend Mabel Anderson

Queen recovering from recent illness by watching TV with friend Mabel Anderson

10/26/2021 1:21:00 PM

Queen recovering from recent illness by watching TV with friend Mabel Anderson

Mabel Anderson is a close friend of the Queen's and she has been keeping the monarch company since her recent ill health. The pair have known each other for decades — but who is the mysterious old friend and how did they meet?

It was reported that the Queen's health was suffering as she was forced to cancel a trip to Northern Ireland, spending the night at the doctors.A statement from the palace said that Queen returned home after one night "and remains in good spirits."

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Afterwards, sources told the Sunday Times that she will spend her recovery time watching TV with her long-time friend Mabel Anderson.If anyone fancies starting a petition to get the pair on Gogglebox, we'd very much like to see that.But who is Mabel Anderson and how does she know the Queen?

Who is Mabel Anderson? Just like the Queen, Mabel Anderson is also reported to be 95.Archived content from Time magazine illustrates how long the Queen and Mabel, who was nanny to the Queen's children, have been friends.In 1960, an article read: "At 33, fresh-faced Mabel Anderson is still unmarried, but by custom she is always to be addressed as "Mrs." in her job at Buckingham Palace.

"The daughter of a Liverpool policeman who was killed in the blitz, she first appeared on the national scene when Prince Charles was in need of an assistant nurse. She turned out to be the only applicant who was "not shaking with nerves"."

Due to their apparent friendship, it appears that Mabel might help keep the Queen company following the death of her husband, Prince Phillip."The Queen rings her up sometimes and Mabel goes and watches television with her. They are very cosy," one source said.

Upon Charles' 70th birthday, Royal author Ingrid Seward claims Charles knew Mabel as 'Mispy' and 'dreaded' leaving her when he went to boarding school. Read More Read more: Daily Mirror »

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