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Queen Elizabeth II and Anne: 4 photos that show their 'enigmatic' mother-daughter bond

Queen and Princess Anne's 'enigmatic' bond in pictures

10/24/2020 9:13:00 AM

Queen and Princess Anne's 'enigmatic' bond in pictures

THE QUEEN and her daughter Princess Anne have a 'more private' relationship than other members of the Royal Family due to Anne's lesser royal status. According to body language expert, the royal mother and daughter have an 'enigmatic' bond.

Queen Elizabeth II and Anne: The royal mother and daughter coordinated outfits at Peter Phillips christening(Image: GETTY)Princess Anne's 'likeness to Philip' to thank for bond with QueenJudi added:"However, it could be that Anne’s similar behaviour traits and like-mindedness to her father are exactly what has forged such strong bonds with her mother as well."

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From coordinating their outfits to enjoying rides out together, these four photos show the Queen and Anne's mother-daughter relationship at its best.4 pictures that show Queen and Princess Anne's bond'Matching outfits'Judi said:"There have been times in the past when Anne and the Queen have chosen to dress in such ‘matching’ styles that they have presented a more traditional mother/daughter, mirrored appearance."

Queen Elizabeth II and Anne: The royal mother and daughter are 'relaxed' in one another's company(Image: GETTY)Queen Elizabeth II and Anne: Anne and the Queen share the sense of humour(Image: GETTY)"At this christening, they opted for matching outfits but while the Queen leans in to dote on her new grandchild, Anne’s raised brows suggest, like her father, a much more practical, un-fussy approach."

'Relaxed closeness'Judi said:"This pose is typical in the way that it shows the relaxed closeness between the mother and daughter, but also how much those bonds are based on some similar body language traits to those between the Queen and Prince Philip.

"Anne stands tall here, looking around with the kind of steely, puckered brow expression of her father while the Queen stands close, looking interested and amused." Read more: Daily Express »

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