Putin says sanctions over Ukraine are like a declaration of war

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The Russian president also warned against any attempt to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

In his latest comments, Mr Putin sought to justify the war in Ukraine, repeating his assertion that he was seeking to defend Russian speaking communities there through the "demilitarisation and de-Nazification" of the country.

He added that only professional soldiers were taking part in the hostilities and there were no conscripts involved, despite reports to the contrary. For his part, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has condemned Nato for ruling out the no-fly zone. However, Western leaders say introducing the measure would be an escalation.


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Mr Putin … please do peace talk and sort out ur country disputes by resolutions and finding solutions not to disturb internationally . We know you are powerful but side by side we also know ur attitude & behaviour . Better Settle the matter peacefullySP

Good, it is and should be we’ll fight him till the death he won’t win 👊🏼🇺🇦

The blood of all the Childrens you kill will cry against you and your entire family until you go back to God almighty to get your own judgement as well, you will not escape it

You better change or die shameful

Putin God of host will judge you as He did to Pharaoh, your government will soon end,the Angels that will lead you home unexpected are behind you,is better you change your mind on Ukraine and the entire world God hate pride souls, those who stronger than you has gone, you w

Look he wants a fight and he is going to bring to us one way or another unless we take to him first.

KremlinRussia Ukraine DavidBowieReal The Russian people will not tolerate what you are doing in Ukraine. Putin your days are numbered, you will be arrested on War Crimes!

Putin says a lot of things. My question is when will we stop letting him define what is and isn't war?

He’s not getting his money’s worth from his pals


Go for it Putin, we’ll all end up back in the Stone Age

NATO coward, if it's was Libia, Irak, Afghanistan, then they will fast start BOMBING...

There are those who would rather have peace than freedom, and there are those who would rather have freedom, even if they have to fight for it.

Time NATO stepped in and hammered that bastard. Let him threaten nukes, we cannot stand back and leave Ukraine to his fate💪

Why are we still letting Russia get away with this in 2022? StopPutin

Well then we may as well declare a war then eh?

What is this man doing? What is he thinking? We see pictures on the news if the devastation he is causing? Why why? The whole world is against this. Just stop!

War that you started already?

US & NATO policies to provoke Russia and brought war to Russia door step. Therefore there was no alternative except this to give lesson to Ukraine who was playing in lapse of westerns.

Funny he should say this …

Fuck of Putin you been sniffing glue again.

Oh KremlinRussia_E This is not a war. It’s just a special financial operation from Mr Putin’s own word 😀RussianUkrainianWar

He is like a student suspended for bullying and then came back at the school with AK

And bombing an innocent community, isn’t? 🤯 The man’s no leader; he’s the bully in the playground that blows-up the school because his ego was dented. History books should remove their humanistic GLORY ID’s and refer to them, instead, as error codes. PUTIN = 05588833776289.

If you had spent the effort you put into dividing the Middle East into dividing Russia, the 3rd World War would not have started right now.

Zelensky the comedian must apologize or surrender to Putin that all...

On the news lastnight i watched the parents of an 18 month old child carry its body to hospital then listen to the mothers screams as he pasted away we can not let this deluded lunatic continue just because we don't our life's disturbed we need to take the war to putin now

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Putin thinks that the west will have too much to lose if they went into direct war with him and threatens them to keep them out of current invasion of Ukraine 🇺🇦 … he will regret this when his people will have returned to Middle Ages within months..

If that's the case put a no fly zone around Ukraine or is the West and Nato to spineless to do anything of fear of war? If so our grandparents from ww2 would be ashamed of us for doing nothing

But invading a Sovereign State is NOT?!!

All faked video and photos!

Just go home Putin and concentrate on your own country.

His statement is an acknowledgment that they are an effective measure. We should not let up and continue to squeeze, yes it affects ordinary Russians, but not anything like the Ukrainian population is suffering right now.

Having a shit and wiping your arse with a Ukrainian brand of toilet paper is considered as a declaration to war to this bellend.

So we are at war then? The sanctions will continue regardless of the nonsensical rhetoric. Russia, he is your problem - Fix It.🇳🇿😤

No, invading another country for no reason is a declaration of war

No, sanctions are in response to your (Putin) declaration of war against the innocent people of Ukraine. Moreover, the UK could have cited your use of nerve agents on British soil as a declaration of war.

If he sees this as a declaration of war - send in the planes, send in the troops, bomb where Putin is. Take the war to him. declareWarOnPutin

Meaning that sanctions work as they are intended. Good job 👍

Interesting… I wonder what he calls bombing unarmed non combatant innocent civilians

And that’s what it is indeed. You imposed war on people and we say nothing to you? That’s not possible.

No, they are a declaration of 'Russia, go fk yourself'

Sanctions are tough on the Russian people, who are already restricted by Putin & govt. Sadly, needs to happen to challenge Putin on his delusional path. The Russian soldiers could show some courage & declare a ceasefire to help innocent people in both Ukraine & Russia 🙏🌻🌻🙏

Once a buffoon always a buffoon & a dangerous one at that!

So , in his own little mind the world should sit back on their as and watch him do as he pleases. I am waiting for the day that your own people will bring you down , which will be soon .

Is this photoshop Ed also. I don’t get the pose with these girls?! What massage is he wanting to send?😂😂😂😂


And fking with the US and Brit elections and BREXIT weren’t?

Putin - talk is cheap. You called down the thunder, are you ready to ride the lightening? The civilized world is not afraid of you. Your time is at an end. WeStandWithUkraine putin

why BBC is showing a picture like this with women around him....is he a womaniser as BBC want to portray him.... quite silly

No, invading another country is a declaration of war. 😶

War with the world he couldn’t get air in his trucks tyres

The most hated person in the world!

He started it and now is the victim? SMH

No, he was the one that declared war.

Ergo.... sanctions must be working

You started this war mofo

Of course he does. It’s anything he wants it to be. According to him.

Well Putin are you going to do something or just stand there and bleed 🩸....

Picture is of TzarPutin shopping for a new honeypot to keep him warm at night.

I should coco.. Image if these sanctions were introduced to the apartheid state of Israel, who's constantly, for years, bombing its neighbours and annexing others land. It would be the 'Samson' option for us all.

Listen to what he is not saying: ‘I don’t like the sanctions’ …. Keep them going

.of course, Mr Putin! You've understood it clearly, now what next🤔 SkyNews washingtonpost USATODAY CBSNews GMA nytimes FT RT_com DailyMailUK DailyMirror Nawaiwaqt_ TFT_

These are just special financial operations. The world is trying to save him.

Looks like Putin doesn't believe in No Fly Zones. threesome MileHighClub CrazyFlightAttendant putin russia

Matrix with Butlin overtones

This shows its working... Stop The Killing

Putin is guilty of war crimes plain and simple 😡

it seems it is almost a declaration of war but it is rational action. Putin: 'Are you saying I am irrational?' A: 'Why not ask your advisers?'

Excellent. Bring it on. 👏👏👏👏👏👏

Putin seems in a popularity contest The True Star and Hero is President Zelinsky and the Ukrainian People

Now USSR does not exists . Is it not declaration of War ? UK is not no.1 power of world . Is it not result of 2nd World War ? Don't mind ,War is a product of selfishness and Peace is Will of the People . UN

You got told not to start shit

Don't think any of us gonna see 2023 at this rate

Exactly the purpose 🤷

Putin has started World War III. So what are the NATO and the United State forces going to do? United States is going to do the same thing as they did in World War II. Millions of people are going to die before they action and half of the Europe will be destroyed!!!!!

Hello, my family and I need help in Ukraine. Can someone help us? Use the address below TUEBw663ZUAPPPARBuq44rBN6LwFre496V

Who invaded Ukraine ? On who's orders ? Did he expect us to sit by & watch this vile takeover and do NOTHING ? He's lost the plot, has no real excuse for invading Ukraine, just sheer arrogance on his part, wants to be another Peter The Great, an historial hero. Not going to work.

The West need to blow Putin off the face of the earth

If Spewtin actually wanted a war, do you think other countries would do nothing. He talks up a good game, but in all honesty, Moscow would be flattened to the ground.

Invading and murdering innocent people is a declaration of war against humanity

The creaking desperations of a broken and panicked megalomaniac

Even kids would notice it's not so intelligent coming from an ex head of intelligent..


A sanction is not quite the same is it, it won’t bomb you, kill you, kill your children!

Invading a country is war.

Heard he has terminal illness hence why he's decided to do this either way he has nothing behind his eyes and time someone as was mentioned in USA took him out.His own people don't want this or him

This person is Delusional, and no matter what is said, he will do as he pleases, he will twist everything round to suit him !

So what is he going to do now that the world has declared war on him ?


If NATO is invited maybe we should, Putin is behaving illegally now, he's the president of a country that has inherited things he shouldn't have Stalin was killed by his sycophants he could be too

Isn’t killing innocent civilians and invading another country an act of war? He deserves all he gets!!

So what.

The father of the Right Honourable Lord Lebedev made most of his money from aeroflot.

He really really really wants a world war doesn't he

North Korea has been saying the same thing. Putin is the boss of that rogue state.


Putin needs to shut the fuck up. He started this bullshit. 😡 i can't believe that he is illegally still alive. What he' s doing is a crime!


How come these young ladies can stand so close to the warmongering tyrant?

So be it

Bring it on dickhead… seeing how non professional the Russian forces are, it wouldn’t take long Putknob… head shot looking good on you. .😡😡🇺🇦🇺🇦🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Can we just cut the BS and start the proper war with Putin. There is no way of avoiding it.

He shows more and more same behaviour as Hitler in beginning of world war two, megalomania and ned to show himself as the big saver of the Russian empire, but if you look back Russia are a kolonial power, inside are many small people that lost freedom.

Guess he's at war with the world. Seems like a premature statement. He probably shouldn't declare war with the world when the hostile takeover of a single neighboring country isn't going well. ❤️🇺🇦🇺🇸❤️

Well let’s party old man…..


I feel so much anger, I can’t even begin to describe! Those poor poor innocent children, being killed by an absolute evil.

You’re proposal is acceptable….. but you first……

Where are they flying to?

It's unbelievable. One may expect that international flying flight attendants know better. How can they stand there?

As opposed to bombing the shit out of a neighbouring country, murdering and raping its non aggressive citizens

Then let it be so.

Shirt Front

Time to crack on and send in the b52s in

That's fine, he's wanted a communist country with all the trimmings of a western democracy. It doesn't work like that, you can't have the trade, the luxury, the commerce and be a totalitarian bully - we will take our ball home and, basically you're f***ed

Putin the war salesman

I only care about this person's indictments, trials, convictions, emprisonment or death.

He just wants an excuse

Not Ukraine but Russia. You gambled words

Putler has to be eliminated!

It's a question of perspective. Mr Putin sees himself as the liberator of Ukraine from a neo-Nazi backed government.

Then so be it Putin

I’d vote for this guy to lead the UK

Interesting. What does Putin call invasion of Ukraine then? PutinWarCrimes

If you took his lunch plate away before he'd finished that would be a declaration of war too.. He is a bully because he gets away with it.. I never liked him but now i hate him with a vengeance 🇺🇦

Ummmm. Huh?

And we are supplying them with the missiles to shoot down you're planes, blow up the tanks. So you would think so you stupid little man. Bring it on. V The Russia army is all tough against women and children, blowing up civilian buildings. Against real soldiers no chance.

They must be hurting then. Typical action of a bully.

Haha photo with two attractive women who wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole given the choice. He’s lost the plot completely.

See? He's a madman who's going to fight us anyway. Might as well set up that no fly zone and try to save Ukraine.

You know what bring it on Putin, I'd rather get a war out the way now than have you and your cronies hold the nuclear gun to our heads, you may have the armour and vehicle but unlike the British Army you haven't kept up with you logical skills, because logistics is a skill.

What a nasty dictator, must be brought before the international courts as a war criminal

Well said 👍. Now let’s see which country’s foreign policy is independent of Washington

Might as well bomb the s**t out of you then I suppose

No a declaration of war is when you invade a sovereign state and neighbour. The sanctions are to be expected. Can’t have your cake amd eat it Vlad.

Vlad speaks with forked Tongue

Putin is a proper bell end pure and simple.

Johnson given back the donations yet?

BBCScotlandNews He is off his feckin head 😭😭

That bloody monster!

Just making shit up to justify further attacks on countries in the future. Someone just off him already, we are FINE with that.

What's with the women all around him?

He’s really looking for an excuse isn’t he

Next thing he will tell you is, breathing is a declaration of war. Don't be cowards. Breath.

We were thinking North Korea, Iran and China were the main nuclear threat to world peace, whilst all the time Putin was fooling the world whilst planning the occupation of the old USSR countries,he needs removing since he’s threatening nuclear strikes against Europe and the USA!!

You told us Putin is so scared of covid he doesn't mix or sit next to any one Now you show him sitting next to aids on tonight news so what is it

Well, Putin says many things. Majority of them though, utter nonsense. He has destroyed every gain made by Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union

Oh FFS ..this guy has gone off the rails , time to deep 6 him me thinks

It’s just a Special Economic Operation.

He’s right

He said the Sanctions didn’t bother him ! At least he won’t run out of Vodka. What’s made in Russia Stays in Russia.

So Putin has declared War?

It’s like looking at Dracula and his brides.

To be fair. All countries should close their borders to Russia in such a way that NOTHING can pass, neither people, than goods. In a way that nothing can pass. Let them stand along with their allies, Let them feel how it woud be after a nuclear war.

Nope since invading a country for literally no reason what so freaking ever is declaration of war and thanks to this thing (yes I refuse Putin a man deal with it) hundred of thousands of men , women and children have all been forced to flee there homes and there homeland.

It's more like telling a complete nob to sort his shit out

Damn,lookin kinda sickly Putin, “stress will pop any pipe”

It’s over…

PutinHitler is trying to convince himself to do what clearly themadman has always wanted to press the button.

A president who never ever smiles has declared war on a president who used to be a comedian.

Russia must stop putting energy into Europe and the US, so that they are aware of the sanctions they have imposed on Russia... So that they realize that there is no super power in this world... It's useless if people scream poverty...rusianews1

So sad

Stanhope2011VJ Cheeky cnut.

Ya, well f*ck dictator Putin

He looks sad.

Less bombing of civilians though.

We are all waiting for a Russian Colonel to strike a Valkyrie Operation.

No they're not you utter shitehouse KremlinRussia

If Pencil Dick Putin thinks these sanctions are like war, he's in for a helluva shock.

But sending your military into another county isn’t. Righteo. I see your logic there and it’s mental.

No...the declaration of war was Putin ordering the Russian military to attack and invade an independent Ukraine.

These dictators really believe the shit they come out with.

Sanctions 'Are LIKE a declaration of war' or does Putin mean 'It is a declaration of war'

How can those Stewardesses stand there grinning when civilians including children are being killed.

Can IKEA declare war?

Cry me a river

It seems likely that the Russian army generals will find a way to 'take him out'.deathofstalin

He's calling it not us, we're holding back by & large because we don't an apocalyptic WWlll, but if he wants to declare war - that's his decision not the west's. & we are very prepared for any act of military hostility from Russia.

Is RuSSianhitler crying?

BBCScotlandNews Let’s just call it a special operation and we’ll be fine.

He’s so wants to go nuclear with this. I don’t think it’s just threats.

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