'Pushy parents forced kids on Michael Jackson' despite child abuse claims

Michael Jackson 'had kids forced on him by pushy parents despite them knowing all about child abuse claims'


Michael Jackson 'had kids forced on him by pushy parents despite them knowing all about child abuse claims'

MICHAEL Jackson had kids forced on him by pushy parents despite them knowing all about child abuse claims, his ex-bodyguard has claimed. Jacko has been accused of abusing a string of kids – includi…

Fiddes admitted it was “quite normal” for kids to stay in Jackson’s room, but said that was because it was just “the way he was brought up” sleeping in a room with his brothers.

Australian-born choreographer Wade Robson, who is now 36, alleges that

Former child actor James Safechuck, 40, claims he was groomed and raped from the age of 10 to 14 by the superstar.

in two men’s accounts to claim they have concocted their stories of abuse.

Two teenage boys rape corpse of gran, 84, after breaking into her coffin

Where knife crime is rising fastest revealed - with some towns WORSE than London

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The Sun is the one of the most shameful media outlets in the history of the world. How can you call someone a pedophile without any proof? The devil is at play here. MJInnocent SquareOneMJ I know and I’ve met matt fiddes real life and don’t need to bring up about micheal Jackson MJ looks like a transhumanist transgender MK Ultra Monarch Prototype before 1999 happened.

Fortunately, such lame character assassination campaigns tend to die a natural death when the instigators run out of steam. We're patiently waiting for that to happen. What about all the random celebrity birthday parties at his ranch? All the adults wearing pajamas with a bunch of random little kids all over. I’m sure the staff knows who’s who...ask the FBI what’s in the homemade videos.

STOP. with these lies!! i’m so sick of you!! watch the new documentary Square One then form an opinion instead of repeating these baseless lies it’s so tiring ffs Who needs a pound coin?

Iraq: 104 killed and 6000 injured in anti-government protestsA spokesman claims no government forces have fired directly at the protesters - contradicting many reports. tide goes in .....tide goes out......wax on Danial.....wax off Hello_world There_are_people_Making Revolution_now_in_iraq ! Show_your_support_for_the right_of_Iraq_people_to protest_peacefully Save_the_Iraqi_people HELP_Iraq saveIraqipeople

Met officers will not face action over VIP child abuse inquiryWatchdog faces claims of whitewash over report on botched Scotland Yard investigation Scumbags. Yet people go to jail because they can’t afford to pay their bills. And we have disgusting men who can’t face justice for exploiting a child. One can understand Harvey Proctor’s anger. I’d be incandescent! I would put money on those allegations having truth behind them. Just look what happened to a ex cop who was trying to bring stuff to light... No wonder carl got 18 years. That's not a normal sentence. Killers don't get that long.

Bake Off star Nadiya Hussain reveals she was sexually abused as a child'It’s a memory that has stayed with me forever' I want to leak crimes about Japanese celebrities. Please help me. No child should have to suffer through that. 💪 🚶‍♀️

Meghan's estranged dad claims he felt 'forced' to reveal details of her letterMEGHAN’S estranged dad has claimed he felt forced to reveal details of her “hurtful” letter after her pals used it to “vilify” him. Thomas Markle told the Mail on Sunday he had kept the letter secr… Stop it now. WOW! Still posting stories about HRH DUCHESS OF SUSSEX 🇬🇧 When are you going to learn, her name is NOT Meghan Markle 🤔 Who cares about the drama queen ?

'We're not racist': Rassie Erasmus dismisses discrimination claimsTV cameras caught six white players appearing to exclude Makazole Mapimpi from their celebrations following the Italy victory and Erasmus felt obliged to offer a detailed explanation of events. Perfect for an office run (and back!). Save $2000 on fuel each year with a $789 e-bike! enough with the BS mailonline The racism in south africa is mainly a one way street now and the whites are the victims not the perps.

Police watchdog condemned over VIP abuse inquiryA retired judge says the police watchdog's review of an inquiry into bogus abuse claims was 'flawed'. FatNorthernHomo More evidence of The Long March Through the Institutions a carpet and a big brush None of this would happen if the police stuck to the Roberts Peels principles. It’s political interference that caused this and cops not being allowed to use their judgement

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