PSNI treat bonfire material as 'hate incident'

Police are treating the display of flags and banners on a bonfire in Londonderry as a 'hate incident'


Police are treating the display of flags and banners on a bonfire in Londonderry as a 'hate incident'

The bonfire had banners and flags about an ex-British soldier facing murder charges over Bloody Sunday.

Firefighters were called to the fire at about 23:10 BST.

Northern Ireland Fire Service group commander Jonathan Tate said four appliances and 16 firefighters were deployed to stop the fire spreading to nearby property.

In a social media post, PSNI Foyle said the material on the bonfire was"perceived as offensive and distasteful".

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There's something about this that's troubling. I accept that the subject is locally sensitive but the broader legal interpretation is a worry. If I write 'I hate my corrupt govt' on a placard and fix it in a public place could I face years of incarceration? THE POLICE KNOW ALL ABOUT HATING That's bullshit. FreeSoliderF

The politics of NI (nationalist or unionist) never truly engaged with the peace process, at most, it got lip service. Whenever there's a party political broadcast they promise to defend their side from the other. NI needs politicians who consider the NI nation as a whole. I have no clue about Irish politics, but flags should never be considered hate crime. It's an expression of peoples beliefs/views.

Hate is a very strong 💪 will eat away at you I’m completely against flag burning but the sheer fucking cheek of unionists complaining and they burning tricolors and effigies of the pope every July. Glass houses and all that. Bonfire of hate not vanity Still not peace as we know it with a carbon footprint how big?

They 're Irish so where is the problem. The only hateful thing is by the police not understanding what hate is ¿El Odio es un elemento nuevo en derecho penal? Parecen tontos seguidistas. Lo que se inventan los lexografos de la CIA. Is Hate a new element in criminal law? They look like foolish followers. What the CIA lexographs are invented.

Yes, they have learned nothing.

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Ira supporters must realise there will be no surrender What is it about bonfires & Ulster ppl? Seems a bit incendiary... sufiboy You couldn’t make this up. 😂😂😂 BUT god told me... to shoot them... They are different. Holy War once more Couldn’t they find any young female journalists to shoot ? What la chafe do these people speak? What’s that ENGLISH did you say...... Oh oh yeah that’s right! ENGLISH😂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🤪

At least no swastikas were involved.

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It was actually in Derry As bad as each other. It's a crime against the environment Give it back to eire It’s seems only Catholic bonfires can be hate crimes..... catchyourselfon DUP complained..... Irony

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