Protester glues her breasts to ground outside Goldman Sachs

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She was surrounded by police officers who put up screens to stop the public watching.

A woman has glued her breasts to the road outside the Goldman Sachs offices today as activists ramp up disruption on the final day of protests.Several police officers surrounded the woman and put up screens to stop the public watching her one-woman protest.

They were un-attached before being taken away in police vans, with Scotland Yard saying 26 people had been arrested on suspicion of aggravated trespassing.Elsewhere, five protesters including 83-year-old grandfather Phil Kingston clambered onto the roof of a DLR train at Canary Wharf station in east London, holding signs saying ‘business as usual=death’ and ‘don’t jail the canaries’.

Phil Kingston, 83, sits on top of a DLR train as demonstrators block traffic at Canary Wharf Station Protesters have blocked a door to the London Stock Exchange in their latest protest


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What a Pratt !

Holbornlolz presumably she is still there?

Imagine the pride of her grandchildren when she tells them this story in 50 years

She got the idea after a pervert had his eyes glued to her boobs last week

Well if there are artificial...she can just leave them there and then some new ones sewn on.


UghToHillary Lol. That help change things. Sounds like she has spent to much time huffing the glue

now cover her with snakes and spiders freakout

Quick, like you do with a band-aid! Here we go! 1, 2, 3!


She put her heart into it.

What a waste of perfectly good boobs

Nothing a jackhammer and a reinforced bra can’t fix.

That'll show 'em.

How dumb are some people

I suppose she expects the NHS to sort out any damage done and deal with her ongoing mental health issues caused by the trauma of the incident? Do they do insurance for 'protestors' because the taxpayers shouldn't be picking up the tab!

WhoDocdoc Look this must be your 'friend' trying to test how patriarchal the breast tissues are!! 😉

Hahahahahahaha... why cover her up, leave her out in the open so people can walk by, point and laugh.

This really sounds like a problem that solves itself.

Was that glue “earth-friendly” “bio-degradable” How dare anyone use any chemicals on Mother Earth!🤯🙄

There was a retard that did something today

I'm 100% sure he was bothered by this.

What a f'ing genius What these communist radicals demand from Goldman Sachs anyway? Did China pays them to be glue their boobs to sidewalks or the Russians?

How did they get her unstuck?

No one: This special person: I'm so mad at Goldman Sachs, I'm going to glue my t'' to the pavement in protest!!! Lol

Wow! She probably ate tide pods too! The left has lost their minds!

Perhaps it's time to leave protesters who glue themselves to shit to fend for themselves in their new predicament, rather than rescue them so they can glue themselves to shit again.

They should have left her. She would need to pee eventually.

That will show them!!!! 😂😂😂

This is the first thing that will show up when potential employers google her name. Job security?! 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻 She’ll be on food stamps the rest of her life! Guess she didn’t think that through...🤔

That’ll show em’ LMAO

I guess she found herself in a bit of a sticky situation. I'm glad police got abreast of the situation. What a boob.

Possibly also a feminist?

“They were un-attached before being taken away in police vans...” In separate vans?

Why don’t you point out that she’s on the far left?

What was she protesting? Seems like everyone and the media focuses on her stupid act than her cause lol


This is why I worry about moving to universal healthcare. I don’t want a dime of my tax dollars going towards sewing those pepperonis back on this lunatics breasts.

🎶speed bumps, speed bumps, my lovely lady lumps! Check ‘em out!🎶

She literally pilloried herself

I hear her husband used a prickstick 😂

While remaining totally up right. These 1960s leftover protesters are getting a little old and floppy…

About time road pot holes were filled

Wow so stunning & brave!

Just leave her there.

SaysSimonson Just pull her up forcefully. The moron deserves nothing less.


What was she protesting again? 🤔

That will teach them... something?

Ok, so she wanted to protest, fine. Thats her right. But what right allows someone to waste the time of medical responders, cops and others? Should have left her alone and saved someone actually needing it.

Sounds painful. They should put some cones out to divert traffic and just leave her.

Gluedmilk Sachs

There must be easier ways to get fondled.

Best bust the police made all year

That’s not even eco-friendly. hypocrite

Just leave her there. In a few days, she’ll come unglued.

Should have glued two Silver Dollars to the ground instead

She must be lonely ?

Can you say that again?

This was the best idea she could come up with?

It’s called art!!

There going to look like a couple of badly burnt spaniels ears by the time they get those realised 🤮

What she was protesting has to been mentioned. I think her stunt overshadowed her grievances.

Holbornlolz Protest? Ha. Amateurs. Here, hold my pint!

I know so many tits I would glue to that road but I’d start with Farage and Robinson.


What kind of glue does one use when one is gluing one's breasts to the asphalt? Just curious.

Well it’s made me stop and think..... about breasts! 👍

What a boob.

The Germans have a sign for this.

Mental Issues?!?! Why are we giving these protesters time and publicity, I agree we probably could do more to look after the planet, but protesting like this they should get locked up (bcs obviously they've got nothing else to do).

defacedwallop How do u not just leave here there?

bsdhanoa Now its Goldman Sacks !!!

Simple solution. Leave her there!

Are these people mad,do they think anything they do will change the behaviour of the wealthy by doing things like this?



As a handyman I've used just about every type of glue there is and I've NEVER seen 'Works on Wood, Plastic, Skin, Ground....' written on any of them.

Wait for this storm to hit. Rip her straight off!!

Bra ha ha.

I hope the breasts are ok

Jaroo45 I hail una oooo 🙌🏽

TeeExTee Some acetone will take care of that.

Leave her there.

When they finally get her off the ground, she will get into the Guinness Book of Records for having the longest nipples on the planet.

Perhaps dig out the tarmac so she can leave and find a way to lift and separate.

I’m guessing this is what my mother said don’t make a boob if yourself in public


News update: Several cars ran over the protester's boobs prior to police intervention. Her friends are offering reassurance.

HURRY get the blankets and cover those milkers up....

Stupid is as stupid does, just ignore her and leave her there as an example of the worst kind of litter 🙄

TeeExTee PETE935YT

Immolating herself would be more impressive and improve the gene pool.

Leave her there. Surely she wouldn’t want to pollute the environment with solvents?

Well leave her there and let her get run over by bus or something

Speed bump

Stuck on you

When she looks back in the future, she might reflect on this painful mammary.

Give her no attention and leave her there.

She must be left wing

How is that helping the planet for goodness sake?!

Colditz ?

Making mountains out of mole hills.

The rise of the menatly I'll.😩

'They were un-attached before being taken away in police vans'. So they performed a mastectomy and each breast was taken away in a different van? What poor writing.


Poor lady. This sort of hysteria on the whole climate change hoax, Trump derangement syndrome, brexit derangement syndrome has been whipped up by the Fakenews media. These people are good people off track. We must hold the MSM directly responsible and clean this up immediately.


Okay, jackbuckby, what’s in the water over there?


Put some orange cones around her. Get on with life. Natural selection does the rest.

Some people are just STUPID!!!

I say do nothing and let the cars run them over.

Should have left her and left the traffic running

I’m sorry, I’ve been reduced to a fit of the giggles by this one. Does stupidity have no bounds!

Did she use Loctit(e) glue?

Leave her there...silly moo

Show me your Goldman Sacks, baby.

That's gonna leave a mark.

Leave her there, put traffic cones around her.

Face down, ass up. Was this a protest, or an invitation?

Don't think she thought this through.

martian_munk I'd use her as a speed bump.

i guess getting naked just wont do it anymore

JulliaaJ get out from doing presentations?

Very simple....leave her there and let her pee and shit and humiliate herself...

If that's what she chooses to do, then leave her there.

I've heard of Brazilian waxing before, but extreme British waxing is a new one for me.

Hahahahahahaha. Leave her

Crazy is not an effective argument.

Just pull like ripping a bandaid.

JamieGlazov BUT WHY?

JamieGlazov Ouch...dumb....ouch.


Shame she glued her brain to her front door on the way out.

She’ll probably end up suing the glue company

Normal very normal

Just leave her then.

Straight to a padded cell me thinks.

That'll leave a mark.

Is all this glue bad for the environment 🤔

Chris11962 Let me guess ? She’s a liberal !

So that’s where pot holes come from.

Should’ve left her there to learn a lesson 😂

More like no more nips. 😱😁😁😁

A brave, bold decision


Pfffft.... that’s some weak sauce. Remember the dude who nailed his balls to Red Square pavement? LikeABoss

She's keeping a breast of the situation

But... why?

Brave and stunning

Serious anyone who glues there tits to the road need sectioning ffs

Ouch, but after breastfeeding two kids I could probably pop to McDonaldsUK for a big tasty and come back with my boobies still glued to the tarmac.

More like, Goldman Sacks......


Stupid! Not brave!

Well, Goldman Sachs is as good a place as anywhere to fix your assets. But it had better not affect my Marcus account!

Slow down speed humps ahead.

What did she accomplish? I think she needs help

thats what happens when you leave your brain at home 🤦‍♂️

That’ll show em 🙄

Would have been better if a dude glued his “Sach” to somethin’... its all about marketing...

Leave her there 👍

Ignore her... she’ll get hangrey sooner or later...

She seems like a reasonable person with logical ideals.

Glued fat sacks

Where do they get this amazing glue...?



This changes everything.

Ma’am, can we help you?

Imagine she got the trots omg that would have been disgusting haaaa

Leave her there for a while, she won’t do it again

The Left can no longer claim that asphalt is just a rectal problem

She’s a Breastperado

That must be some good glue thats sticks human flesh to dirty black top.This would make a good add for their product. IT EVEN GLUES TITS TO TARMACK.

This one act has defied Newton's Third Law - For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Action: One woman, one bottle of glue, paved highway. Reaction: Dozens of first responders, news media, head scratching, laughter, etc., etc., etc.....

TMcD1986 another one!


Leave her too it. Waste of bloody police time and effort.

Yea but what it doesn't tell you is that she was standing up at the time !

She shudder used “Mancream” on them boobies instead!!! Good as glue , but not permanent!!! Next time she can contact me and I’d be more than happy to help her out!! Just saying.....

Liberal Victory!!!

Just ignore it

The official new level of stupid

Think I would have put up a few witches caps and left her there. 😜

What they don’t realise is all the investment bankers are earning a fortune now the share price in Loctite has gone through the roof in the last week with all these glue protests 😂

Looks like somebody is NOT med-compliant.

She's off her tits...or not quite

Pave over her, new speed bump saves lives, everyones happy

Making a tit of herself.

Correction: “idiot does something stupid that we feel is news”

She should have used epoxy.

Her bangers will get her banged up.

Breasts? Isnr this a transphobic term? Mammalian lactation device....

Regrets 😮

Holbornlolz What a tit😂

And now for something completely different, a woman with two tits glued to the road.

I hope the charges stick.

sart48 dedication

I bet she's super hot

Axis7173 rockstacker123 gloves78 Grandkai82_ufc BoutaNT1976 MacMallyMMA JTHM8008 509Kingofkings 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤯🤯🤯🤯

She’s gonna leave behind a part of herself....

Surely this is mental illness ?

They should of either left her there till she pulled them loose or ripped them off and made her pay the bill for the firemen and police that had to be there

A Water cannon would of got her free way sooner, would of cost her some skin but who cares.

So, are there two new potholes in the STREET? How did they get her off the ROAD? Please explain.

Someone should have laid a soggy deuce next to her head and let her contemplate her decision for a couple days.

She clearly has no friends to have told her this was really not a good idea.

Breasts are a social construct; call them non binary chesticles, please.

Leave her there


Taking t!ts or GTFO to the next level.

But, um... Never mind. I'm done for the day.

So how did they remove her?

I wanna know what brand glue she used. I have a project that could use it. I want to glue someone's lips to their own ass.

Mental health issues need our support.

What did Goldman do to deserve that

Good to see the eco-warriors keeping abreast of the ever changing climate

Just leave her there. Yes she'll probably get run over by a car and die but that's really just evolution in action isn't it?

Udderly ridiculous!

Water soluble? Hose her down!!!! Oh, it's not water soluble, OK, we'll be back in a few hours. Anyone got a towel; a porta-potti?

Leave her there and use her as a handy door mat

Absolute tit

Could have just put plastic cones around and left her there

Just pull her a band aid

Freaks and loons plus the odd vegan... All remainers of course.

I think she's made a tit of herself!🤣🤣

BoganZen Did you just assume her/he/they/Sally’s gender ?

She going to regret that. Her poor skin.

ejin_elan Now that is truly special.

Holbornlolz What's the situation ..over 44 DD no bra Over

Tarmac over the cretin. SpeedBump


At least this pair of tits isn’t Cressida or Sadiq?

Was she able to stand up with them glued to the ground? If so....damn!

As you do.

So much for getting a grip of the situation.


Leave her there and paint them u have a new speed bump!

DarwinAwards qualifier?

I hope she used Biodegradable glue!

Sheanderthal Have I missed April 1st?

Was it Bill Shorten?

Stupid. You just lost your day job of painting them on Twitch for money..

Well that’s clever I hope she hasn’t got implants that will pull that silicon right out of her nipples...!

Incelofros 🤣

Should leave her there. She can serve as a temporary bollard.


Sheanderthal Should’ve just pulled her off the tarmac and laughed at her screams! 😂

Put arrows and yellow lines round her and can act as traffic calming then at least her bonding with the tarmac serves a purpose.

And then moans when someone accidentally touches them trying to remove the freak

The lengths Khan will go to for a new outdoor urinal in London.

“Look, look, look I’ve glued my breasts” ... “Is that all? I’ve glued my knob” ... “That’s nothing, I’ve glued my knob to my dog and then glued my dog to the road” etc etc 🙈

We need to just leave these attention seeking kids. If you pander to them, they crave more attention that they obviously don’t get in their lives or as a child. Leave them in the middle of the road, theyll soon move or get run over & won’t do it again. It’s all pretty simple.

Protest goes tits up

Holbornlolz Why on earth wasn’t she ignored and left there I’m sure she would have unglued herself eventually.

Ffs, words fail me on this

Wow you can’t fix stupid and that is a very stupid thing to do

Was she protesting the price of her medication? Which she clearly can't afford.

Holbornlolz If only she had the sense to take the bottom half off people could have parked an eco bicycle there. These nutters just don’t think things through.

Still probably cheaper than speed humps and I suspect a very ecological means of deploying traffic calming methods so I say leave them there

margieblondon She b wanting plastic surgery nxt on NHS , attention seeking Idiots clear off back t Uni or Mummy Daddy Idiots. I’m all f C Change but t Lot well t Rich most Rest jumping on band wagon . Should have brought Ary in cleated t lot away. Prison o big fines f those awaiting court appe

Speed bump.

Oooh. Ouch. That's gotta hurt. Nice to see so much passion in people, but damn. Come on, now. You've made your fucking point already!

Floppy breasts & hairy nipples glued to the pavement?

Nobody learnt from Daniel Blaine.

Lot of chemicals in glue


She has definitely not gone tits up.

Holbornlolz I’m sure it’s not the first time she’s had sticky tits

When I come of age that’s exactly how I will be spending my retirement, gorilla glue 👌

Oh excellent

What a tit.....🙄

Best to leave her there

Boob job

BenedictMPWhite A novel form of mammary stick

What a time to be alive.

Silly Moo.

Holbornlolz She was only trying to mend her shoe, and before she knew it, nipples araldited to tarmac. . We’ve all done it

Holbornlolz That takes some licking

Poll what glue do you think she used ?

Leave her there.

They are are future this lot🙄

Should have sealed that plastic curtain either end and poured some soap and water in. She’d have soon ripped herself up.

Really, no other way to protest.

Holbornlolz Under-strained NHS resources at a premium, and this eejit does this.

Wasting police time and resources when there's a knife crime epedemic, should have left her to the traffic

MarkBlackmore33 I do not understand these people.

And made a complete tit of herself

Holbornlolz Haha haha, stupid cu*t 😂😂😂

Holbornlolz All comment would be superfluous.

Udderly ridiculous

Shouldn’t that be Goldman fun sacks? Actually, no, they’re not fun at all...

Thatll show em

Expect she was still standing upright too.......


Leave her there

Holbornlolz Why didn't anyone think of that before

Sticky Molly is back at it!!


Yeah envinroment or summat

Should have left her there. I’m pretty sure that she would have found a way to detach herself when it started raining.

What kind of glue do they use? 🤔

I would leave her there..

I’m glad she didn’t glue her back to the ground. Saved litres of mind bleach.

Some women spend thousands preventing their boobs from reaching the ground.. Maybe she was practicing for later life?

Okay then.......🙄

Drive a steam roller towards her with no driver. She’d leave them tits there I assure you

Holbornlolz Next up; Velcroing her fanny to a postbox

😂😂😂😂 I'm weak!!!! 😂😂😂😂

Leave her there . Ridiculous

Hhahah, Nurse!

UKlPVoter Meanwhile inside the building the customers are getting their knackers stapled to the desks......

Just pull her off the road. If her breasts / skin comes off, tough. These dirty scummy protesters know what they're doing is illegal, so treat them with the same disrespect they are treating normal working people ExtinctionRebellion scummyprotesters

Holbornlolz Leave her there.

Holbornlolz The state of most of those tree-huggers, I bet she was still standing up at the time....


Holbornlolz Because it was all about climate change wasn't it.

A true definition of a wank bank if ever there was one.

Holbornlolz The authorities should have just left her there. Why waste resources that could be applied better on a person who opted to do this?

Flip! She obviously has not respect for her own body and unfortunately has some behavioural behaviour issues.


Holbornlolz I don't believe this ! what are they going to do,' next superglue themselves on to the dome, of St Paul's Cathedral.

Holbornlolz Bonkers!

More. Please. 😎

seanptellsjokes Here's a challenge Sean - make a gag out of this headline.

Holbornlolz Stupidity has no boundaries

Pamela Anderson with its plastic chest would do that and in front of Goldman Sachs an investment banker , no it would not glue its plastic chest to the ground it most likely sleep with the male banking employees

Holbornlolz Just put a traffic cone each end and carry on.

Holbornlolz Why ?

This does strike where it hurt for that bank!

Did she use Titt Stick?

clever people this lot 😂

Got to hurt more than a good old fashioned nipple twister😜

RyanRMUFC Traders will be doing gear off them by 9pm

Holbornlolz Cupid Stunt

Holbornlolz Now we have to spend taxpayers money on chemicals to get three tits removed from the pavement! Progress

Drive carefully bumps in the road

Holbornlolz One has to make the assumption that some of these protesters are not normal. They appear to be afflicted by a range of disorders. Fascinating !

Holbornlolz Stopping things from going tits up.

Holbornlolz Looks like the authorities soon got abreast of the situation.

Holbornlolz It's all gone tits down

Holbornlolz RyanRMUFC

Holbornlolz Leave her there

Holbornlolz LeaveHerThere DarwinAward

The report should have read, protester glued breast to ground, it did not need to say her.

Holbornlolz Looks like that went tits up.

That’s went tits up hasn’t it

Holbornlolz Hope she won’t be seeking aid from the NHS afterwards Should just leave her there

Holbornlolz Mentalists

Holbornlolz Woman with sticky chest lays outside for sachs...


Holbornlolz The only way they'll stop them doing this is by just fucking leaving them there.


Holbornlolz Did you assume it’s gender?

You could say she made a real... tit of herself 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Mental health issues right there

'They were un-attached before being taken away in police vans'

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