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Prop masters union claims Alec Baldwin fired a LIVE round on set

Alec Baldwin 'was given prop gun with LIVE round and not blanks' when he shot and accidentally killed cinematographer

10/22/2021 6:04:00 PM

Alec Baldwin 'was given prop gun with LIVE round and not blanks' when he shot and accidentally killed cinematographer

Alec Baldwin accidentally shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounded writer-director Joel Souza on the set of the upcoming Western movie Rust, after a prop firearm discharged.

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Arthur Labinjo-Hughes: Father and girlfriend found guilty over death of six-year-old boy

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Prop guns can't fire live rounds. If it can fire a cartridge, it's a functional gun. Why? It was no accident... why is live ammunition available on film set It’s called manslaughter 15 to life…..bye Alex So we ban prop guns now from movie stars? sage1411 I feel for him. Having to live with this for the rest of his life.

Nonsense, this is a clear murder!! Pure negligence at best Did you read your own story? Alec thinks there must have been a live round. He could also be totally incompetent.

Woman dies after actor Alec Baldwin fires prop firearm on film setA woman has died and a man has been injured after Alec Baldwin discharged a prop firearm on a film set, officials have confirmed. You could print her damn name Should prop firearms kill? Idiot

*When he committed a homicide. There, I fixed your headline Soooo, that would be an actual gun then 🤡 Also known as a gun Why not just use an actual prop gun and add the gun noise in post-production? This sounds like a plot line from Death in Paradise Prop? Sounds like a real gun to me Time the ban prop guns.

Correction. Baldwin was given a loaded gun. Not an accident. It's his responsibility and only his responsibility to check that the gun is not loaded.

Alec Baldwin accidentally shoots woman dead as prop gun misfires on film set Alec Baldwin has been named as the person who fired the 'prop' gun on the set of Rust which killed a woman and injured a man What? Totally destroyed by this news. Someone lost their life. Who is to blame? Arnold__Simon Good grief. How awful for all involved.

Murderer needs locking up. Did she vote for Donald Trump? yeah right, accidentally as usual That’s not a “prop gun” that’s a gun. A. That’s not a what a prop gun is clearly B. Why was it aimed at anyone? Especially someone not in the film? The left are literally killing their own. Negligence. They call this manslaughter

Has he pass a drug test yet Pretty sure a “prop” gun is supposed to be not an actual working gun. Just say he was handed a gun and being the expert on guns, he pointed at someone and pulled the trigger.

One dead and another injured when prop gun misfires on set of Alec Baldwin movieMovie was being filmed at Bonanza Creek Ranch in New Mexico Maybe prop guns shouldn’t have live bullets... just sayin

That’s awful. How does that even happen? In one spot she is a married mother of one and in another spot she is a married mother of two- needs to correct You are never supposed to point a gun at people, prop or otherwise.

Alec Baldwin fired prop gun accidentally killing a woman on set of movie Rust – sheriffCinematographer Halyna Hutchins was airlifted to a hospital, where she died, while director Joel Souza was also injured why are real bullets even on set? WASN'T AN ACCIDENT How is pointed at the director and photographer and accident they're not even in the movie

Alec Baldwin Accidentally Kills Cinematographer After Firing A Prop Gun On Film SetThe incident occurred on location at the Bonanza Creek Ranch in New Mexico

Alec Baldwin has fatally shot a woman with a prop gun whilst filming a movieThe tragic accident is believed to have involved a prop gun