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Priti Patel has upset the Home Office ‘chapocracy’… bully for her!

'Our plucky little firebrand of a Home Secretary is giving Sir Humphrey a rocket and he don’t like it up his pinstriped posterior' | @allisonpearson


'Our plucky little firebrand of a Home Secretary is giving Sir Humphrey a rocket and he don’t like it up his pinstriped posterior' | allisonpearson

When I met the new Home Secretary at the Conservative Party Conference back in September, she was remarkably buoyant, determined to get on with the job the voters expected her to do – and clearly aghast at the state of the department she had taken over.

For the past week, Home Office civil servants – not particularly civil and certainly no one’s servant – have been briefing furiously against their boss, who is accused of “bullying, belittling officials in meetings and creating an atmosphere of fear”. Yesterday, we learnt that two senior civil servants have been forced out and transferred to other departments.

Male commentators of a certain vintage and background seemed to take particular pleasure in lambasting Priti Patel in a highly personal manner. In The Times, Matthew Parris, still suffering PTSD after Brexit, poor man, declared that “Patel’s bullying stems from her inadequacy”, her record of “abusive and undisciplined behaviour is as long as your arm” and she should “never have been allowed anywhere near a ministerial red box”.

In any other circumstances, this would be called out for what it is: racist, misogynist and with a nasty pinch of snobbery thrown in.The attacks on “Priti Vacant” over the past few days have been truly disgusting. If there is any bullying going on here, it’s the chapocracy at the Home Office trying to bully Patel out of her job.

Aides report that the Secretary of State is constantly told by civil servants that there is “a 70 per cent chance” they will lose any given court case. Imagine her frustration at being unable to get a grip on law and order because the law – and her department – are ranged against her.

But there was only so much change Blunkett could manage without triggering a backlash. Ministers who want a clear-out of obstructive civil servants can swiftly be brought down by smears like the ones currently targeted at Patel. (No surprise that the attacks started just as she was introducing her points-based immigration system.)

At root, this is a crucial question about who actually governs the country. Is it a becalmed, self-protecting officer class that shudders fastidiously at popular change, or is it the democratically elected, born-above-a-corner-shop, grammar-school girl?

I have every sympathy for Priti Patel, and every confidence in her, too. We may like to pause at this point and think about another born-above-a-corner-shop, Right-wing grammar-school girl who was patronised, smeared and stymied by chaps in the cosy club of power as she fought to introduce changes they didn’t approve of.

Read more: The Telegraph

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JonesCitizen allisonpearson From the bankrupt Allison Pearson JedBickers allisonpearson Allison Pearson barking up the wrong tree as usual. Everyone knows Patel is considered vile, mean and a bully. allisonpearson Have you seen who work at home office. Dodgy lot allisonpearson Tory hack backs well documented sociopath shocker!

allisonpearson Absolutely right, Priti Patel is going to be a very effective reformer of an unwieldy and at times dysfunctional institution. What the left can’t stomach is a lady of colour being an effective conservative Home Secretary.Bunch of racists the lot of them. allisonpearson But of course. allisonpearson Don’t be silly as she is doing what should have been done 50 years ago .

allisonpearson The old white boys’ club and their mates in the champagne press (read Guardxx, BBx, Skx) will try and stymie her every step of the way. She needs to clear the rot if she wants to accomplish much.. allisonpearson Humbug. allisonpearson ‘Bully, for her’ Nice play on words, ‘Good for her’, wouldn’t have had the same ring of truth about it.

allisonpearson She needs to clear out the bullies and start a fresh!

Sexism to blame for attacks branding home secretary Priti Patel a bully, former cabinet colleague saysClaim follows slew of accusations over alleged spats with senior colleagues No. She's just a horrible person. Nah! I say nonsense... we never heard these type of criticisms when May was leading the Home office - sexism is a serious issue - and for former cabinet Ministers to suggest thats what's driving the exposure of Priti's attitude makes a mockery of real sexism WomensRights sexism

allisonpearson Very true KentVera allisonpearson patel4witham. The Home Secretary this country has been waiting for. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ allisonpearson Keep going Priti! allisonpearson A future Prime MInister in the making. allisonpearson FailingTelegraph same shit, different day. allisonpearson Patel has done a terrible job and continues to damage the infrastructure of the nation, plucky is hardly the word I would choose to describe her

allisonpearson I am sure the majority of the country is behind Ms Patel. A breath of fresh air after the TM Remainers, hypocrites and jobsworths we had to endure over the last three years. (Great article Allison!) ukipwebmaster allisonpearson The Home Office have been used to 22 years of uninterrupted Blairite, liberal left Home Secretaries. It is a shock that 10 years after the Conservatives took power, they finally have a conservative Home Secretary to deal with.

allisonpearson Excellent article allisonpearson Oh do piss off!

Dan Walker shut down by James Brokenshire over Priti Patel ‘bullying’ probeBBC BREAKFAST continued this morning with hosts Dan Walker and Sally Nugent who were joined via live video link by the Minister of State for Security, James Brokenshire, to talk about the newest measures to prevent terror attacks. james brokenrecord?

allisonpearson You mean she is bullying him and has no respect for male civil servants. Typical misandrist behaviour. beezalad allisonpearson Go girl patel4witham you are doing great. 👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏 allisonpearson Right of reply surely! pinstripedline allisonpearson Good for her. allisonpearson A brilliant article that needs to be read and shared.

allisonpearson They don't like it up em ! allisonpearson Really good article allisonpearson You nailed it. It's actually been awful to see the undertone of racism in their hate, all because she's not on the side they want. She definitely has hit the ground running, towards being the next PM if she carries on at this rate,Lol

allisonpearson For the sake of Brexit and democracy I really hope Priti wins this battle 🌈 allisonpearson I like her 👍♥️ allisonpearson This sounds more like Lance Corporal Jack Jones the butcher.!

Boris Johnson has 'full confidence' in Priti Patel despite bullying claimsPM also said claims home secretary was not fully briefed by MI5 were ‘baseless and wrong’ She looks bullyish. She’s doing an excellent job. Full-confidence from Boris......that's the kiss of death on any ministerial career😏

Priti Patel 'deeply concerned by false allegations' amid claims MI5 'doesn't trust her''Yes she's demanding, but in that role you have to be' Security Minister JBrokenshire says he does not agree with allegations that Home Secretary patel4witham is a bully. KayBurley Read more here about the allegations here: KayBurley JBrokenshire patel4witham patel4witham seemed to bat well for the press during the Megxit debacle. Return the favour dailymail

Priti Patel bullying claims dismissed as 'absolute nonsense' Priti Patel bullying claims dismissed as 'absolute nonsense' | Priti Patel | The Guardian And Johnson says it was just coincidence that Ms Arcuri was an attractive blonde woman ...Admit nothing denying everything...with this mentality what’s accountability?!?

Priti Patel is out of her depth – and that is Boris Johnson’s fault | Simon JenkinsThe Home Office needs artful, subtle leadership. Instead, it’s been saddled with an insensitive rightwing loyalist, says Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins She’d be out of her depth in a puddle. Whilst wearing stilts. And standing on a ladder. Haha! The bitterness of losers like Jenkins will never end. Quite a sight. doesn`t stop her continually brown tongue though

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