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Priscilla Presley affair: Did Priscilla have an affair while with Elvis? 'Killed him'

Did Priscilla have an affair while with Elvis? 'Killed him'

11/30/2020 7:35:00 PM

Did Priscilla have an affair while with Elvis? 'Killed him'

PRISCILLA PRESLEY has spoken out before about how she eventually decided to break up with Elvis Presley - but did she have an affair?

“It had been Elvis’s love and hobby for years, and when I first took it up, it was just another of my efforts to get his attention and approval, as in the past when I’d enrolled in French classes because he liked the language, took flamenco dancing because he was an aficionado, and ballet because he adored dancers’ bodies…

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“The training was incredibly exacting. Over and over we’d executive the same movement until perfected...“Now I could understand Elvis’s enslavement to karate. It was an accomplishment, an achievement of confidence and physical master of self.”Soon this made Priscilla enjoy the liberation of enjoying her own hobbies and knowing her own mind, which led her away from Elvis, despite her original intention.

Priscilla and Elvis on the day of their divorce(Image: Getty)In 1972, Elvis introduced Priscilla to Mike Stone, a karate expert and bodyguard, who ended up sweeping her off her feet.She continued: “Everyone was more impressed with Stone than with the boisterous tycoon he was protecting.

“Elvis was complimentary and he, Sonny, and Red had numerous questions. Several years earlier we had watched Stone at a tournament in Hawaii and we’d admired his fighting technique.“Later that evening, up in the Imperial Suite, Elvis encouraged me to train with Mike.

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