Prince Philip, Monarchy

Prince Philip, Monarchy

Prince Philip’s will to remain secret for 90 years, high court rules

Prince Philip’s will to remain secret for 90 years, high court rules

9/17/2021 2:31:00 AM

Prince Philip ’s will to remain secret for 90 years, high court rules

Ruling on Duke of Edinburgh's will made to protect ‘dignity’ of Queen and her constitutional role

Last modified on Fri 17 Sep 2021 00.23 BSTThe Duke of Edinburgh’s will is to remain secret to protect the “dignity” of the Queen because of her constitutional role, the high court has ruled. Philip – the nation’s longest-serving consort – died aged 99 on 9 April, just two months before he would have turned 100.

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After the death of a senior member of the royal family, it has been convention for over a century that an application to seal their will is made to the president of the family division of the high court. This means the wills of senior members of the royal family are not open to public inspection in the way a will would ordinarily be.

The current president, Sir Andrew McFarlane, heard legal argument from lawyers representing Philip’s estate and the attorney general – who represents the public interest in such matters – at a private hearing in July.In a ruling published on Thursday, McFarlane ordered that Philip’s will remain sealed for 90 years from the grant of probate – the formal process that confirms the authority of an executor to administer a deceased person’s estate – and may be opened only in private even after that date.

The judge said: “I have held that, because of the constitutional position of the sovereign, it is appropriate to have a special practice in relation to royal wills.“There is a need to enhance the protection afforded to truly private aspects of the lives of this limited group of individuals in order to maintain the dignity of the sovereign and close members of her family.”

He said the ruling was to make as much detail as possible public without “compromising the conventional privacy afforded to communications from the sovereign”.The judge said it was in the public interest for him to make clear he had neither seen nor been told anything of the contents of Philip’s will, other than the date of its execution and the identity of the appointed executor.

McFarlane said he had decided to hold the earlier hearing in private because a series of announcements, hearings and then a judgment would have been likely to “generate very significant publicity and conjecture”.McFarlane said that, as the attorney general was there to represent the public interest at the hearing, there was no legal reason for any further representations by media organisations.

Lawyers representing Philip’s estate had argued at the private hearing that news of that hearing and the application “might generate wholly unfounded conjecture” that would be “deeply intrusive” to the Queen and royal family.Outlining the history of similar decisions, McFarlane said the first member of the royal family whose will was sealed on the direction of the court’s president was Prince Francis of Teck. He was the younger brother of Queen Mary and, following his death in 1910, an application for his will to be sealed and not published was granted.

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McFarlane said that, 90 years after the grant of probate, an “initial and private process will be undertaken to consider whether at that stage the will may be unsealed and made public”.He said the private process would involve inspection by the monarch’s private solicitor, the keeper of the royal archives, the attorney general, and by any of the deceased’s personal representatives who may be available.

The physical process of unsealing must be conducted by a professional archivist to ensure that the document and its seals are properly preserved.McFarlane said any future judgments on applications to seal royal wills would remain closed, and therefore will not be made public.

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We now know the name of Nicolas Cage's next movie: National Treasure: The Duke's Will I wonder how we should consider this as a revenge from the Royal family toward Prince Harry (aka the Moron). My bad , folks. I am the illegitimate grandson of the Duke of Edinburgh, and he bequeathed me some money and hereditary titles due to the close nature of our relationship, and that information should have been held close to the vest. RIP Pee-Pop.

🤔 So what? Who cares? The queen is definitely gonna be there to read it when it's unsealed Is that in case he comes back from the dead again? I cannot guess what indignity could this will reveal? 🤔Secret offspring? Everybody will be dead 90 years from now, what's the point? Will humanity make it 😂 He left it all to a mistress?

Prince Philip's will to be secret for 90 yearsA judge says he made the ruling, in line with other royal deaths, to protect the Queen's dignity. This is getting funnier by the day 😂

Let’s hope that generation are enjoying an abolished monarchy by then. I doubt it though. To prevent people asking where all that money came from? Or to hide his numerous affairs? Anything to distract from Prince Andrew being served? He worked for us, the family is there due to conquest! Everything they own belongs to us or another country through conquest, not a god given right! We no longer need a family who are above the law, make them all citizens with no special privileges abolishthemonarchy

Tax the royals. Just makes wonder whats in it?!? So, if Prince George lives as long as his great grandfather, he might find out if he was left something? 🤓 I'm not sure why I or anyone else would need to be mad about this, but people find reason to be mad about anything. His heirs will have to be patient.


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Remember everyone apparently “they work for you” Two thoughts went through my head: I will be very dead by then, AND I don't actually care. Who cares. Smells like tax evasion! AbolishTheMonarchy Seeing as most of his stuff was bought by us we should be able to know what's happening to it. So inheritance tax implications will be well hidden from public scrutiny!

Fair enough, but now I want to know why. Before, I had no interest in it at all! perverse Stashed away in tax havens perhaps?

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What needs hiding? 🔥요한계시록 11장 두 증인의 메가 글로벌 금요철야예배 안내🔥 * 한국시간 🇰🇷 2021년 9월 18일 2AM [동시통역 생중계 채널] 유튜브: 페이스북: 회개와_거룩함 메시아께서_오신다 ProphetDrOwuor 휴거_환난 I thought all wills became public documents after death, how can anyone contest it otherwise? That’s equality for all us plebs Fantastic but i bet its loadsamoney.Who cares what Wills or Harry got. I wonder who got the `purdey.

So he spent his entire life sucking money away from the British taxpayer and now that he's finally done, the public doesn't even get to know where their money went. Cool and normal! Good What else you can expect from an Orwellian society with 'equal' and 'more equal'... Ohhh I can't wait!

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some pretty ignorant comments here. standard procedure. BTW the the papers covering the Abdication of Edward VIII were locked up for 100 years. 2036. These wills were made secret when the royals made money secretly… gofigure based on what law? But even if nations stand up and cry for democracy, in vain, but you continue to fund or rather support our oppressors, so nations are perturbed, were should we run to, in Nigeria Ethiopia WorldBank IMFNews amnesty robertamsterdam amnestyusa ,hrw.

CasaReal Perfect timing! Human beings will be gone from the earth by then, royally screwed by themselves! Very modern and accountable. 🤔 Makes you wonder what part of his will would be undignified for the Queen. Other kids?

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Sai lokacin da George ya Zama king kenan

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