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Prince Philip's heartbreaking school note: 'No fixed abode'

Prince Philip's heartbreaking school note: 'No fixed abode'

10/19/2021 9:01:00 AM

Prince Philip 's heartbreaking school note: 'No fixed abode'

PRINCE PHILIP was very conscious of his upbringing growing up, and left a heartbreaking note saying he had 'no fixed abode' while at school, a royal expert claimed in a documentary.

(Image: GETTY)Mr Brandreth recalled being shown a visitors’ book by Philip’s first cousin Countess Mountbatten from the 1930s.He said: “He’s signed his name in the name column.“But in the address column, he’s put ‘no fixed abode’ and I saw that in more than one book. He was conscious that he had ‘no fixed abode’.

“And so, though he was loyal to his parents, for several years when he was coming up to his adolescence, he didn’t see his mother. No Christmas card, no birthday card, nothing for several years, and his father had disappeared.”The Duke left behind a lasting legacy when he died earlier this year.

(Image: GETTY)Philip’s sisters, all older than him, loved him, but the one Philip “perhaps loved the most”, Cecilie, was killed in a plane crash when he was just 16.His uncle, George Mountbatten, described as his “Godfather” by Mr Brandreth, acted as something of a mentor in Philip’s adolescence. He also died of bone marrow cancer in the late 1930s.

Despite the heartbreaking upbringing Philip had, Mr Brandreth said: “And yet he just carried on. And he would not complain about this, ever.”He was largely brought up by his uncle Lord Mountbatten and his family who lived in England.Related articlesPrince Louis, 3, is still waiting for royal milestone

Royal broadcaster and author Penny Junor told the documentary: “He had a very dysfunctional and difficult life.“Lord Mountbatten, Louis Mountbatten, became his father figure effectively. He was hugely important in Philip’s life.”Philip remained loyal to his parents, however, and continued to speak very affectionately about them. 

Mr Brandreth recalled Philip once telling him: “I had a perfectly good father, perfectly good father, and an excellent mother.”‘Prince Philip: An Extraordinary Life’ is available on Netflix. Read more: Daily Express »

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