Prince Harry throws his own father under the bus

Prince Harry throws his own father under the bus over the 'cash for honours' probe

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12/6/2021 7:00:00 AM

Prince Harry throws his own father under the bus over the 'cash for honours' probe

REBECCA ENGLISH: Both William and Harry have historically accused Charles of being a 'laissez-faire' father - one more preoccupied with weighty affairs of state than bedtime stories.

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The jealousy of the Spare and his overambitious wife. History is peppered with such cases. He did not Shame it wasn't a real bus. Now that would be interesting news!! theroyaleditor If Charles and William can't be loyal to their own son and brother, what makes you think they're loyal and a friend to you Robert? If you think you're 'in' with them then you're deluding yourself.

Again someone else’s fault!! Blame blame blame …. Hypocrisy Harry was responding to a 'news' story from the Sunday Times ... Rebecca, you're a 'columnist' not a journalist. Do something meaningful with your life. DNA test required here. What season of “Succession” is this👀 Charles has never been accountable for his awful behavior. He deserves all the karma coming his way.

Just when I think Prince Harry couldn't possibly get more hypocritical - he opens his trap again. Seems to me like the SRF was clear Prince Harry & Meghan would no longer receive gifts, and this is merely the result of a massive tantrum. Weird how all these things come out now One Who will not be mentioned marries 6. And a free podcast is released. Strange very strange. Kinda like a targeted assualt? Strange very strange.

Princess Diana sang Simply The Best with Prince William and HarryThe song of choice, rather aptly, was Tina Turner's Simply the Best and it was deployed by Diana to raise the spirits of her children as they returned to boarding school. Ahhh love it 🥰 If there's anything more embarrassing than going to school dirt poor. Then being royalty must take the biscuit. They couldn't even leave the hair alone. Poor littles bleeders. 😂😂😂

Can BP lift all the shielding they him given him over the years and let karma swiftly shut him up Jordan 3 Retro A Ma Maniére (W) / Thoughts and Review / Shoe-Pao 3 of 3 🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽 Jordan jordanout Retro AMAMANIERE Sneakers Again? I wish that his Titles would be dropped by the Media’s they are no longer working Royals and most certainly not deserving of Princely Titles they have done nothing for the British taxpayer except fleece them and deride them , please stop covering their Hypocrisy

Not his father, actually. Sad sap, Meghan is the brains of the outfit and thats not saying much Sell your soul to the Devil Harry,Megs is counting down for the day to get rid of you Throwing people under a bus is a boring cliche that news hacks should desist from using. bore He’s thrown himself under the bus

I really dislike harry but tbf I would throw Charlie under the bus for a pack of crisps.

Prince Harry cut ties with Saudi at centre of 'cash for honours'Prince Harry 'expressed concerns' about Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz six years ago, whom it is claimed was promised honours in return for donating to the Prince Foundation. You served your purpose Pardon us if we don't take this hypocrits word on it. Dreamer Hewitt

Expect nothing less from H these days. He's become as toxic and bitter as the wife. He needs to remind himself, the RF have protected a lot of his and her skeletons from falling out of wardrobes. He needs to cast that critical eye at himself for a change. Harry is a band wagon jumper. When is he sending Megzillas blood diamonds back ?

For those that know Investigate travalyst. I wonder if he was just as concerned about Merchant Markle receiving EXPENSIVE jewelry gifts from an Arab price just suspected of killing a American journalist. He's a disgrace. To his family and to his country. What will he do when she has no further use for him ?

This teflon Duke of Montecito is utterly sickening. H is the antithesis of the Windsor motto, with him it’s ‘Always try to explain (even if that means contradicting a previous statement in the process), always complain, always blame someone else’. William already threw Harry under the bus by asking Knauf to support Daily Fail against his brother. Harry is not playing the game again. Your alliance is cheapening the monarchy as they are almost the same as Meghan’s father- always leaking to press.

Harry throwing a member of his family under the bus? Well, there's a surprise. If Harry were to publicly sing (any of) their praises, that would be the time to check his pulse.

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Потому что у принца Гарри вместо головы тыква James Hewitt is his real dad probably why he threw Charlie under the bus His attention seeking knows no bounds! Surely you can't believe that stating the truth is 'throwing (his own) father under the bus'. I have always said that Harry is the only man in the family with backbone and integrity. ❣❣❣ Keep the good work, Harry!!

“I will never turn my back on my FAMILY or my COUNTRY “. How’s that going then Harry. Perhaps someone should dig a little deeper into some of YOUR new friends. Not all are squeaky clean. I didn't see James Hewitt mentioned in the article though. That's not Harry's father! 🐍 I don't believe he 'expressed his concerns' about that man at all! He is just trying to be seen as the victim and his dad the bad guy! I don't believe a word that comes from H and his wife 🤥🤥🤥🤥

William says Tina Turner song reminds him of drive to school with Diana & HarryPrince William opens up on a new Apple Music podcast called Time To Walk, and recalls driving to school with his late mum, Princess Diana, and brother Harry and 'sitting in the backseat, singing away, it felt like a real family moment' 'What's love got to do with it'? Was William singing, 'simply the best' constantly? 🤣 👑 Maybe ❛Wills❜ KensingtonRoyal should remember his mother's teaching him to have his brother's back 😏 even if it was once in the blue moon? RoyalFamily nor ClarenceHouse will remind him of any of that, of course 🙅 and JiminyCricket is nowhere to be found 💔 🤷

What's new Just can't help him self. Silly little boy. To be fair Charlie deserves to be thrown under a bus with the ole trout he married..... Getting Boring Now!!! Thats exactly what he should do because they're trying to drag him in things he's not involved in. Good reason for Prince Charles to abdicate.

How Harry had fallen. It’s amazing how the rest of the Royal Family is close to each other and do their duties and then these whinging Harry. Just when you thought Harry couldn't get any lower. He’s such a twunt Give it a rest.

Prince William on Apple Fitness+ Time To Walk reviewThe Duke of Cambridge tells listeners stories about his childhood and shares meaningful songs Not sure the British monarchy will survive

What could I get for thirty dollars ? These clowns have brought the Crown into disrepute. The Queen deserves better. ha good that will do him when he's told.. he's really not his.. He's only a royal when it benefits him Harry has gone one too many steps too far. Not only do the BRF need to remove H&M’s titles but also need to drop Harry from the will! Harry has already lied about his dad cutting off his allowance when C actually hadn’t at that point. Now it won’t be drama if he’s cut again.

I saw several people testifying of making so much money with the help of AmeliDavd on Bitcoin option trade and I decided to give a try and now I'm glad now she helped me and my colleagues to make $5000 in one week, thank you for transparency and trust. Noooo Prince Harry corrected the nonsense.. you will learn that he is able to refute lies..he is no longer playing your games ooh

Here we go... Surely you didn't expect honour & integrity from Harry

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That family is imploding, last days of royalty. So people think giving cash to a royal family member puts that person in the royal good books or they get some bullshit title that means nothing in the real world. This planet does have its fuk- up's. Fairytale ARSE world 기쁨으로 모든 견딤과 오래 참음에 이르게 하시는 하나님 OurWayToMenengai4

why do you people have an aversion to the truth? One can only be accountable for his own behavior.. not others. LET THE FACTS SPEAK WHAT THEY ARE! Lord, what a headline.😬😬😬