Prince Harry's latest comments have sparked a *lot* of backlash

Prince Harry's latest comments have sparked a big debate

12/7/2021 4:40:00 PM

Prince Harry's latest comments have sparked a big debate

Some have branded them out of touch, whereas others wholeheartedly agree with him

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Prince Harry throws his own father under the busREBECCA ENGLISH: Both William and Harry have historically accused Charles of being a 'laissez-faire' father - one more preoccupied with weighty affairs of state than bedtime stories. Lord, what a headline.😬😬😬 why do you people have an aversion to the truth? One can only be accountable for his own behavior.. not others. LET THE FACTS SPEAK WHAT THEY ARE! So people think giving cash to a royal family member puts that person in the royal good books or they get some bullshit title that means nothing in the real world. This planet does have its fuk- up's. Fairytale ARSE world

Prince Harry issues new rallying-cry – Duke says quitting should be 'celebrated'PRINCE HARRY said the fact that more people are deciding to put their mental health and happiness first by leaving jobs that don't bring them joy should be 'celebrated'.

Prince Harry cut ties with Saudi at centre of 'cash for honours'Prince Harry 'expressed concerns' about Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz six years ago, whom it is claimed was promised honours in return for donating to the Prince Foundation. You served your purpose Pardon us if we don't take this hypocrits word on it. Dreamer Hewitt

BBC breaks silence after viewers blast 'biased' Prince William and Harry documentaryTHE BBC has responded to complaints about its 'disgustingly one-sided' documentary called Princes and the Press which delved into Prince William and Prince Harry's relationship with the media.

Prince Charles could spark Commonwealth exodus with Australia spike in RepublicanismPRINCE Charles' stance on climate change could spark a Commonwealth exodus as Australia is the latest to flirt with Republicanism. I just wanna say a big thank you to Dennismayson9 I was nobody until a friend of mine introduced me into investing with you, Since then it's been nothing but financial 💰 Success for me. I will invite my friends and family into your company Dennismayson9 you are the best💯🤞

Harry Potter fans in tears as reunion trailer confirms star-studded line-upThe Harry Potter reunion will finally air on New Year's Day.