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Prince Harry helps launch ‘critical’ mental health project for frontline workers overseas

Prince Harry helps launch ‘critical’ mental health project for frontline workers overseas

1/22/2021 8:00:00 AM

Prince Harry helps launch ‘critical’ mental health project for frontline workers overseas

PRINCE HARRY assisted in launching a new mental health programme in Australia to help frontline workers look after themselves.

Prince Harry news: Peak Fortem was launched on Friday and has been backed by the Sussex royal(Image: TWITTER)Harry and Meghan go through inner circle 'with fine-tooth comb'Mr Morrison launched the initiative today, which followed the devastating wildfires in Australia last year and the country’s battle with coronavirus.

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He said in a statement: “I want all our first responders to understand that each of you matter."Your health matters. Your wellbeing matters. Your work to our community is vital, but you are more important than your work.”Graham Ashton, former Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police, also said: “It'll make the lives of first responders that much better... but also increase the amount of conversations about mental health and mental fitness."

Prince Harry news: The Duke talked about how 'critical' mental health is as a first responder(Image: PA)Prince Harry news: Harry has planned to launch a documentary on mental health with Oprah Winfrey(Image: PA)Peak Fortem is the latest mental health initiative to be backed by the Duke of Sussex.

Harry is currently working on a documentary about mental health for Apple TV with Oprah Winfrey, but the project has been delayed.In May last year, he also helped launch HeadFIT with the British Ministry of Defence, and said: “This is about being the best you can be. This is about gaining an advantage, whether 

facing an opponent or overcoming a challenging situation.“This is about building resilience that will match that of most world class athletes and prepare you for every day stress. To be HeadFIT, is to be at your peak performance.” Read more: Daily Express »

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Seriously, who cares. Why is he not helping the country he is now living in? We have all been affected mentally during this pandemic and the last thing we need is a woke multi-millionaire from a privileged background providing us with a sermon. Everytime I see the hypocritical face of him or his wife affects my mental health.

Not interested Charity work good good. Now fuck off What does he know of 'critical mental health'? Is he a sufferer speaking from his experience? If he has 'critical mental health' problem he needs help and not be advocating on this since he isn't a trained medical expert. He need a mental health help