Prince Harry cut ties with Saudi at centre of 'cash for honours'

Prince Harry says he severed ties with Saudi billionaire at centre of 'cash for honours' scandal

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12/5/2021 9:46:00 PM

Prince Harry says he severed ties with Saudi billionaire at centre of 'cash for honours' scandal

Prince Harry 'expressed concerns' about Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz six years ago, whom it is claimed was promised honours in return for donating to the Prince Foundation.

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I wonder if Harry Markle severed his ties with this Saudi bloke because there was no bung coming his way ? But was he concerned enough to return the £50,000 he received for his charity? How interesting. Mahfouz met Chas through H. H never returned that sizeable donation. H says he raised his concerns... to whom? This must be corroborated. H is not coming off well here. Quick to throw his father under bus, is he?

It seems concerning to me when the people care more about their perception of a Prince rather than the actual story - cash for honours. It’s a disgrace that this storyline is being used as yet another thinly veiled strike at H. Tarnish the man who was deceitful - not H yet again. Online trading is really a great opportunity which favoured me I really thank sir Trevor_brigg and his team for such a wonderful mentorship and profitability. He is really amazing and genuine trader

But did he return wifeys jewels? How sharper than a serpents tooth it is to have a thankless child. Think that sums up this horrible excuse if a man. Another lie from Daily Fail. You have lost, get over it. Dreamer Hewitt

Prince Harry urged to return for Christmas with Queen 'She's not getting any younger'PRINCE HARRY and Meghan Meghan Markle have been urged to return to the UK to spend Christmas with the Queen by a royal commentator. What do you can write about him and make up stories again not likely Forget qhat the press says. Harry should see HIS grandmother as much as he can or regret the loss of time later He's really mean if he doesn't.

Pardon us if we don't take this hypocrits word on it. You served your purpose

Princess Diana sang Simply The Best with Prince William and HarryThe song of choice, rather aptly, was Tina Turner's Simply the Best and it was deployed by Diana to raise the spirits of her children as they returned to boarding school. Ahhh love it 🥰 If there's anything more embarrassing than going to school dirt poor. Then being royalty must take the biscuit. They couldn't even leave the hair alone. Poor littles bleeders. 😂😂😂

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Prince Andrew took at least FOUR flights on Jeffrey Epstein's planeAn MoS investigation has discovered flight logs that show the Duke of York did fly on Epstein's jet at least four times. They included flights to and from Epstein's private Caribbean island. Odd. I know you support Trump. No comment? Whilst Andrew could have been arrested re murder suspect pedo Jimmy Savile years ago and questioned about the unsolved murder of JillDando...whose fiance was suddenly promoted to Royal medic after her death..'dark suit'.. Bill Clinton took 27 flights majority without secret service and many to the island. Typical that MSM is leaving this out and focusing on the one flight Trump took from NYC to largo Mar. trump hasn’t talked to Epstein in 25 years and cut off his membership to largo mar 25 years.