Prince Harry and Bon Jovi get behind the mic

Prince Harry meets Jon Bon Jovi at Abbey Road Studios


Prince Harry meets Jon Bon Jovi at Abbey Road Studios

The Duke of Sussex gets together with the US rocker at Abbey Road Studios for a charity recording.

Bon Jovi said he had sent the song to Harry, who had sent a"very nice letter" in return which said he would"love to include it in something to do with the Invictus Games"."But he said: 'Not only am I going to come back [to England], you know, but I want to be there when you do it'.

Jon Bon Jovi has a close link with the military as both his parents served in the US Marine Corps.

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Careful on that crossing, it's slippery when wet. I do find it a bit cringe but it’s all in a good cause for Invictus so I won’t let it bother me. 👍🏻 Me and my boy's managed the Abbey Road crossing with nobody about last November with less publicity I genuinely couldn’t give a shit I love By Jovey 👍🤣

👎👎 It's getting way too old! Just Harry now. Acrually what is his surname? Is Harry short for Henry? Is he still classed as a prince ? Love it. And love you people. How very rock n roll. My arse. I’m getting a bit sick of the pointless self promotion of Harry the rock star! You were much better as a soldier Harry! More liked as well! ps. Ditch the wife!

OMG it’s getting worse Harrry, what are you doing?

Jon Bon Jovi jokes Prince Harry is 'the artist formerly known as Prince' as he reveals song for Invictus GameJON Bon Jovi has said he came up with a clever way of addressing Prince Harry after he stood down from royal duties – calling him “the artist formerly known as Prince”. The 57-yea… Harry is just angry at the Queen because she took the name ROYALTY from him and his social climbing 3rd rated actress wife. Hahaha! Nobody cares Harry! too late, I done that 10 hrs ago. Is it true Jon has got a sister called Anne? Smells a bit fishy?

So that’s his contribution to society? What’s next? A B-movie, reality show, podcast? The artist formerly known as ‘prince’. Bon Jovi has the same hairdo as my Nan Who? I thought this minor royal wanted to get away from his royal connections and make an independent living. This is not doing that. Blah blah blah, its for charity. Still cashing in on his family and not becoming independent.

Well he needs to make an income now... We’ve always been at war with Harry Windsor. Living on a prayer meets Living on taxpayers money. Nice. It's just Harry now

Prince Harry asks to be introduced as just 'Harry' at event in Edinburgh‘He’s made it clear that we are all just to call him Harry,’ says event host Hurrah! Just like a trendy vicar getting down with the kids. Will he be using his German surname?

Great photo - looking forward to InvictusGames 👏 Bon Jovi is 5`10' but still feels the need to be taller.😮 Check his heels out!😀 Margarita Pracatan is a Cuban novelty singer, In 1990s when Clive James had her perform live on his TV show on numerous occasions. With GaryBarlow from takethat It's not news that an individual non royal meets a aging pop star🥺

That’ll be £2,000 please Where's Meghanbucks busily generating more ways to make money without royal title 😂 Living his best life. More fun than endless garden parties and other 'hard work' the Windsor's are up to. Wouldn’t it be great if people could set aside their petty criticisms of Harry and simply get behind this excellent cause! It’s about wounded veterans. Why are tabloid soaked minds so focused on their personal opinions of Harry? InvictusGames

Probably trying get his Mrs in next video princehaha. nottinghill What has happened to our lovable Harry ?

Piers Morgan: GMB host slams Prince Harry after latest long-haul trip 'Say it on Skype!'PIERS MORGAN, who hosts Good Morning Britain alongside Susanna Reid, took to Twitter to hit out at Prince Harry today, after he flew to Britain from Canada to launch an eco-friendly Travelyst firm to track users' carbon emissions.

“I told you just to take your bloody shoes off” Michael Caine goes to Abbey Rd Looks so awkward. Prince who? He's down in his luck it's tough. Oooh so tough 🎵 Harry isn't smiling 😕 Harry used to work on the docks . . . On the HMS queen Elizabeth . . . Meghan works the press all day. Their down on their luck its tough. Sooo tough.

Prince? They took the photo from the wrong place. The camera is facing south, when it should be facing north. Sacrilege! Look at his face, just doesn't want to be there. Shouldn’t that read “Harry”

Prince Harry is officially back in the UKHarry and Meghan have a busy schedule back in the UK No one cares

Harry: My heart is like an open highway Like Frankie said I did it my way!! I just want to live while I'm alive It's!!!!! Iconic ❣️👨🏼‍🦽🚶🏼🚶🏼‍♀️❣️ *Harry The artist formally know as Prince Sorry Jon. No rock n roll for me anymore. I’m whipped 💁🏻‍♂️ BBC making Harry the point of the story. The press call was to highlight the Invictus games.

Jon should rewrite 'Runaway', only this is about a sheltered rich boy who meets a street tramp, & they run off to face the real world. Together, he'll find his fantasy dreams fall apart, & the girl prostitutes him out to anyone who'll pay because he's her money maker. Is Harry going to sing song Urggghhhh 🤮

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announce first joint UK engagement since stepping down as royalsThe Duke and Duchess of Sussex will attend the Endeavour Fund Awards in London on March 5 Their going on a date night Does anybody really care about these two bit more

Imagine he started rapping?!!! 😂😂😂 Awwwwww Toxic royal reporters want to be able to denigrate harry + meghan and somehow they are belwildered that the Prince is now treating them accordingly😂 The artist formerly known as.... He looks thrilled I like them both..Prince Williams and Harry. Anyway sorry ..that IG still haunts me.😅

Prince? Give me something for the pain, more than just a runaway hit. These days needs good music, don’t lie to me Not interested. Harry has found the love of his life, a purpose that he controls, and has decided to live HIS OWN life, not as a royal. He's made a very difficult decision, but he is protecting his family from all the attention. Just look at all the 'bullying' following this posting. Disgusting

Just Harry now innit

Piers Morgan slams GMB guest for ‘unhinged’ swipe in Prince Harry row ahead of show returnPIERS MORGAN took to Twitter to hit out at Ayesha Hazarika, who appeared on Good Morning Britain today to discuss Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. She branded him an 'unhinged troll' for his comments about the royal couple ahead of his return to the ITV show next week. piersmorgan goes on being the big man about how people aren't brave enough to appear on his show and talk to him face to face, but then attacks people via twitter while hiding behind his screen Piers only saying what many people think about Harry and Meghan. If they don't want scrutiny, they should go have that quiet 'financially independent' 'eco-friendly' life they left UK for. But they didn't get what they'd demanded from RF and have been shown up as hypocrites. He is telling the truth and it’s what the majority feel. Harry and Meghan are a selfish greedy couple

Harry looks more and more sad these days. Great photo and a great cause “Call me Harry” meets hasbeenBonJovi BIG NEWS The actress won't like this. Isn't it just 'Harry' now? Lovely Guess he will really miss these royal duties 🙄🙄 That would have caused a traffic jam...lots of car fumes polluting the air....just sayin. 😏

‘Livin’ on a taxpayer’ Prince? Don’t think so.

“Harry’s going to work on the docks, union's been on strike, he's down on his luck, it's tough, so tough” You mean the duck of Sussex. BBC News: drowning us in trivia. Meanwhile, silence on the rigged show trial of Julian Assange, publisher. 'First they came for Julian; but we said nothing, because we are contemptible US stooges...'

I'm waiting for her Majesty to remove Sussex from their name...won't be long now.. He likes to be called Harry now NannySaysNah Prince HARRY! This wasters called Harry he’s a nobody just like me and you. Why am I seeing pictures of Harry still? GotoCanada

So what? The artist formally known as Prince. The Duke meet's the Rock and Roll Hall Of Famers. BREAKING: Four ways to know when a photo is staged -- That looks like some serious fun ! seriously he left the royality starts a charity to be rich again after losing few million if that was in the US he would be making 500k a year ..everything different in the UK with charities it is guess quick rich scheme i guess

So police disrupt the public for a photo shoot. Don't you just love metpoliceuk Who is Prince Harry ? Thought it was just Harry now ? Jon Bonjovi was extraordinarily boring on the One Show! I was disappointed.

Massive cringe. Harry in the place of George Windsor-Archie Harrison 😁 Still wasting police resources. It's just 'Harry' now Is Harry going to go on tour with Bon Jovi? Does he open for them? Harry. NadineatTheWell a week early? Livin' on a Taxpayer You mean Harry meets Jon Bon Jovi.

'No, I said we're living on a prairie.'

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