Prince Charles could spark Commonwealth exodus with Australia spike in Republicanism

Prince Charles could spark Commonwealth exodus with Australia spike in Republicanism

Prince Charles, Climate Change

12/6/2021 12:25:00 PM

Prince Charles could spark Commonwealth exodus with Australia spike in Republicanism

PRINCE Charles' stance on climate change could spark a Commonwealth exodus as Australia is the latest to flirt with Republicanism .

The host asked:"I really want to ask you this question about Prince Charles. "Could we see people who are traditionally more conservative and more likely to want to stay with the Royal Family pushing away the from the royals because of King Charles the Green's stance on climate?"

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Mr McLaren said:"Well, in short, we could.JUST IN: Charles has strong opinions on climate change(Image: Getty)Barbados is the latest Commonwealth country to become a Republic(Image: Getty)"The only rider I would have being Charles obviously lives in Britain and in Great Britain, I don't think this climate agenda is really seen as a party political issue in the same way it is here.

"I mean, up until recently, you had one side of politics here pretty much against much happening and the other side pretty much pushing forward."So it was a very divisive issue on the on the floor of the house.He added:"Whereas in Britain, you've got both sides wanting to outdo each other about how quickly they can go green.

READ MORE: Joanna Lumley says we cannot 'second guess the future' for RoyalsLine of Succession(Image: Express)"So in that context, maybe he looks at this and he's in that bubble largely and said, well, you know, this isn't really a political issue, and so he's just having his say, and it's not like it's come to this fresh.

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"Outside of Great Britain, obviously, it plays differently, including here which is what you're asking."And therefore, yes, there could be people saying, well, you know, the monarchy is made to be distant from everyday political matters.

"I guess the point is, once he gets the crown on his noggin, if he stops playing openly in the political arena, well then I guess he's playing by the rulebook."

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Prince Charles speaks of importance of UK hedgerowsThe Prince of Wales hosted a hedge-laying competition at his Highgrove estate in Gloucestershire. Shit I'm stoned I thought it said importance of uk homegrow,s lol Very true Charles, but until you stop jetting around the world whilst preaching about climate change you will find it hard to get people to take you seriously. This is so right ! In France they were cut off in the last 30 years, it’s both ugly and non ecological !

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