Prince Andrew 'trying to force through sale of his £17m Swiss chalet'

1/7/2022 8:46:00 AM

Prince Andrew 'is trying to force through sale of his £17m Swiss chalet while Queen refuses to foot legal bills from Virginia Giuffre sex abuse case'

Prince Andrew 'is trying to force through sale of his £17m Swiss chalet while Queen refuses to foot legal bills from Virginia Giuffre sex abuse case'

Andrew bought the seven-bedroom Chalet Helora (pictured), in the luxury Swiss resort of Verbier with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson in 2014 for £16.6million.

Andrew is attempting to speed up sale of the property because the Queen will reportedly not cover legal bills.The Duke of York has not ruled out making a financial settlement with his accuser in order to avoid further damaging the reputation of the Royal family, The Telegraph understands.Prince Andrew asked journalist Emily Maitlis if he should mention being “unable to sweat” before his catastrophic Newsnight interview about sex allegations against him.WhatsApp PRINCE ANDREW does not deny that it is him in the photograph.

Andrew and ex-wife Sarah Ferguson bought the luxurious Verbier chalet in 2014 for £16.6million.If the Duke fails in his motion to get the sexual abuse case thrown out, an argument largely based on a 2009 settlement deal Ms Giuffre struck with Jeffrey Epstein, it will underline the severity of the uphill battle he would face in continuing to fight the legal action.Duke is needing to find the funds to pay his team of US lawyers as they battle claims made by Virginia Roberts.Ms Maitlis said the Duke agreed to the interview in November 2019 as he wanted to “set his own record straight” by offering “minutiae and anecdote, detail and description”.Source claimed that there is 'no doubt' that the Queen will not help Andrew to settle the case.The next step is a potentially very exposing discovery process, in which the Duke will have to give sworn testimony under oath, before a trial, scheduled for the autumn, which could land further devastating blows to his reputation, as well as that of the monarchy.Ms Roberts, who now uses her married name of Giuffre, claims that the prince had sex with her three times.And had it really been Jeffrey Epstein behind the camera? The prince hadn’t ever seen his friend take a picture.

It emerged this week that Prince Andrew could settle out of court with Ms Roberts to avoid possible full trial.Her civil claim is seeking unspecified damages.She said: “His Falkland Islands wartime experiences, he claimed, had produced a glut of adrenaline that meant he hadn’t been able to sweat properly since being shot at.

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Switzerland has an extradition treaty with the USA. So the place isn’t much use to him is it? Prince of Paedos

Prince Andrew has not ruled out pay-off for Virginia Roberts Giuffre paid by the QueenA potential financial settlement in sex abuse case of 'at least' several-million pounds would avoid further damaging Royal family reputation

Prince Andrew 'asked Emily Maitlis if he should mention he can't sweat'Journalist Emily Maitlis said that Prince Andrew, during a meeting ahead of his Newsnight interview in November 2019, 'volunteered the information' that he cannot sweat “But Andy, you’re dripping from your pits as we speak!” Sounds more like the paedo duke was deliberately raising the subject in a belief it may help his defence except he didn’t expect to be challenged at this stage to provide proof……. And her reply 🤣🤣🤣🤣

The harm Prince Andrew does to the crownMonarchists can try to argue that the crown is insulated from Virginia Giuffre’s case against Prince Andrew. But the mere existence of the allegations is a threat to the hereditary principle He ain't ever going to be king. Relax. Your clients don't care anyway. They just want you help keep us down and the profits rising.

Prince Harry 'pulled face' at Andrew 'demanding mangoes', royal chef saysAccording to a former royal chef, the Duke of Sussex was taught to always say “please” to staff in the royal kitchen and would “pull a face” at the way his uncle would speak to them

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