Prince Andrew team were ‘quietly confident’ their argument would ‘get them over the line'

1/12/2022 1:59:00 PM

Prince Andrew team were ‘quietly confident’ their argument would ‘get them over the line'

Prince Andrew team were ‘quietly confident’ their argument would ‘get them over the line'

PRINCE ANDREW's legal team were 'quietly confident' that the contents of an old financial settlement between Virginia Roberts Giuffre and Jeffrey Epstein would 'get them over the line' in the Duke of York's civil legal case, royal expert Russell Myers claimed.

the Queen’s son by name, Andrew’s lawyers claim that the deal means Ms Giuffre cannot sue him, an argument that her lawyers contest.Jeffrey Epstein and his now-imprisoned partner, Ghislaine Monday January 10 2022, 5.January 11, 2022 - 15:37 GMT Georgia Brown The Duchess of Cambridge turned 40 this month, marking her milestone birthday with a trio of stunning portraits - but did Kate also celebrate with a cake? READ: 10 showstopping royal birthday cakes revealed Let's be honest, no birthday is truly complete without blowing out the candles on a cake - a tradition Duchess Kate insists on fulfilling for each of her children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis' birthdays.

Ms Giuffre, who is suing Andrew in New York, alleged that he sexually assaulted her when she was 17 and a minor in a number of US states.Related articles Subtle detail in Kate Middleton’s birthday photo leaves fans in awe She claimed that she was trafficked to Andrew by Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell 20 years ago.Related articles Queen quietly confessed she was 'wrong' in one of her biggest regrets Speaking tp True Royalty's The Royal Beat, The Daily Mirror royal editor claimed: “The reputational damage to the Monarchy, but forget him [Prince Andrew], he’s finished, he’ll never come back.The Duke of York has vehemently denied the accusations on multiple occasions, telling the BBC’s Newsnight in 2019: “It didn’t happen.6 million debt with a French socialite, paving the way for him to to fund his sex abuse case.I can categorically tell you it never happened."The rest of the family wouldn’t want him any near it.“I have no recollection of ever meeting this lady.var track=function (evt_name) { dataLayer.

None, whatsoever." Former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond claimed that the Duke’s reputation would be damaged even if US judge Lewis Kaplan were to decide not to pursue the case.” Sponsored De Rouvre launched a legal battle two years ago to recoup the money owed to her by the Duke of York.” Royal expert Mr Myers claimed that Andrew’s legal team, led by Andrew B Brettler, were quietly confident that the contents of the 2009 settlement between Epstein and Ms Giuffre would “get them over the line.” Read More: Andrew's lawyers were ‘quietly confident’ over their settlement argument (Image: Getty) Ms Giuffre is suing the Duke of York (Image: Getty) Pod Save the Queen is hosted by Zoe Forsey and features Daily Mirror royal editor Mr Myers."Obviously, the outcome he would like is that the judge will come back and say Virginia Giuffre doesn't have a case and there'll be no further proceedings.Mr Myers said: “The reason why it is so important, Andrew’s lawyer believed, is that they were going to try and get him off on the technicality of the ‘legal speak’ contained in this financial settlement.” He added: “When you look at the language it is particularly vague, which I think is going to be an issue for Prince Andrew." She added:"He's in a lot of bother, I don’t see any way out that’s going to be satisfactory for the public opinion.setup({ sources: [ {file: 'https://content.

“Talking to his team as I have done the last couple of days, they were quietly confident that this was going to get them over the line and that the Duke of York wasn’t going to have to face a full on trial.Epstein and Maxwell are both convicted sex offenders (Image: Getty) Trending “That is certainly not my understanding of the situation but I’m not a vastly expensive legal mind.Commentators have since suggested the Duke of York is unlikely to resume his public duties in the capacity of a senior working member of the Royal Family regardless of whether the civil lawsuit were to proceed to a court case.” Last Tuesday at a virtual hearing, Mr Brettler told Judge Lewis A Kaplan that a potential defendant was “someone who was not named as a defendant but could have been” and insisted that it must have been someone she knew she had claims against when she filed the lawsuit in 2009.In response, the judge said “potential” was a phrase neither he nor Mr Brettler could “find any meaning at all” in.DON'T MISS:.Mr Brettler added he wanted Ms Giuffre to “lock herself into a story now”, something that Judge Kaplan insisted was not required at this stage of

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