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Prince Andrew set to pay off debt with sale of £17million Swiss chalet

Prince Andrew is set to sell his £17million Swiss chalet to pay off debt after legal battle

9/27/2021 3:30:00 AM

Prince Andrew is set to sell his £17million Swiss chalet to pay off debt after legal battle

The Duke of York is understood to have reached an agreement with Isabelle de Rouvre, 74, to drop proceedings with the imminent sale.

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PC Andrew Harper: Widow warns criminals 'we won't stand for this' amid law change for killing emergency service workers

The police officer's family were prompted to act when the 28-year-old was killed while responding to a call about a stolen quad bike in Berkshire on 15 August 2019.

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Prince Andrew accepts US service of sexual assault case lawsuitVirginia Giuffre accuses Duke of York of forcing her to have sex with him in lawsuit ...Wow. What a HERO. 🙄 That’s big of him

Prince Andrew has accepted service of the sexual assault lawsuit against him – so what happens next?Virginia Giuffre has accused him of sexual assault and battery when she was a teenager. It would be handy if you also explained what ‘accepted service’ means too…

Tearful Andrew Neil’s tales of woe about GB News leave his critics unmovedLBC’s James O’Brien attacks veteran broadcaster’s ‘unfeasibly high opinion of himself’ Headline mis-sells: article really only talks about one critic. I always found Andrew aggressive with interviews which was rather refreshing, I'm glad he's left that clown show gbnews

Secret document ‘could defeat Virginia Giuffre sex assault claim against Andrew’The item is a ‘release’ signed after Giuffre's settlement with sex trafficker billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Her lawyers claim it to be ‘irrelevant’ because it only exempts lawyers, agents, heirs and employees from liability in Epstein’s affairs. Of course he would get away on a technicality She isn't going to get any money or attention. Go away Virginia 😂 It is named - 'Release' ... ! 🤔

‘Worse than being on the IRA hit list’: Everything Andrew Neil alleges about GB NewsAndrew Neil quit GB News last week and now it looks like he is not going quietly. Remember when thickos & racists thought GB fake news would be a game changer 🤣🤣 He is the man who took the Genie out of the bottle complaining about the Genie being put of the bottle

Queen has gone to great lengths ‘time and again’ to show her affection for Prince HarryTHE QUEEN has gone to great lengths 'time and again' to show affection for her grandson Prince Harry, a royal expert has said. What about Andy it’s always the child in the middle who gets overlooked He has long been difficult... nothing is ever good enough... and he's been slapping her in the face over and over again. actually nonstop.