Primark set to reopen English stores on 15 June

Primark plans to reopen all English stores on 15 June

6/1/2020 11:32:00 AM

Primark plans to reopen all English stores on 15 June

The fashion chain says it has built up almost £2bn-worth of stock, but there will be no discounts.

Primark's 37 shops in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales will re-open in late June pending"further guidance".It has also pulled forward the opening of a new store in the Trafford Centre, Manchester to 15 June. It was originally planned to open in the third quarter of the year.

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Safeguarding healthThe company has already reopened more than 100 stores across Europe including 32 in Germany, 25 in Spain and 20 in the Netherlands.It said it had learned lessons from the openings that would be carried forward to UK openings."Social distancing protocols, hand sanitiser stations, perspex screens at tills and additional cleaning of high frequency touch points in the store are among the measures we are implementing," it said.

Image copyrightImage captionPrimark has opened stores in Europe, including this shop in BerlinPersonal protection, including masks and gloves, are being made available to all employees, the company added."These measures are designed to safeguard the health and wellbeing of everyone in store and to instil confidence in the store environment."

It said it has received positive feedback from customers and employees in areas where stores are already open.Ted Baker seeks extra fundsIn other retail news, Ted Baker has said it plans to raise £95m to slash debt and to help pay for a transformation plan.

The announcement came as the fashion chain reported a loss of £79.9m for the year to 25 January 2020, compared to a profit of £30.7m the previous year.The fashion brand blamed the loss on £84.6m of non-underlying expenses, including £45.8m of inventory charges after an investigation found that it had

overstated the value of its stock.In the 14 weeks since January, to 2 May, revenue has slumped 36%, although online sales have jumped by 50%.To turn things around the retailer has announced a new strategy it calls"Ted's Growth Formula", which will involve"stabilising the foundations, driving growth, and enhancing operational excellence".

Ted Baker has started to gradually reopen stores, primarily in Europe, and is planning for further re-openings as governments relax lockdown rules. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

Only the staff free, open air ones, yeah? The fat single mothers of 5 will be happy Plan for another surge from 29 June then Hope the queues aren't like IKEA 🤣 You couldn’t social distance in Primark even when it’s closed. What’s it going to be like when it’s opened primark The land of unwashed. only one answer to that-no customers

It's amazing how the media seem to know everything before the staff. Yes you can :) Oh dear!! 2000sx_ ITS A DATE BIHHH Because they didn't invest in online sales even as a back up, so now they'll just risk human lives I guess, cool Oooh skidmark... The chavs will be happy. Oookaaaay...... 🙄🤔 SecondPeak

Does that mean the sweatshop making their clothes are back to work too? what a joke This just in: Primark doesn't mind if you die for their profits. Wait for the longest queues, even longer than Jan sales! Social Distancing out of the window. Be safe everyone. Hope they managed to build screen at the massive cashier area.

conners410 metro centre 😂👍🏻 Yay with high infection rates no proper testing a lying Govt of chancers and incompetents who rush thru legislation Dom and the Elliots getting a no deal brexit to progit from Health and rvonomic prosperity gone while the elite gain Suckers 'No special discounts'😆. If they went much cheaper they'd be paying us to take it away?

There will be another spike for sure 🤬 Primark windows at 8.30AM. In other non related news, all sweat shops will open June 14th and the dumps will open for used fast fashion throways on June 16th. So I can go INSIDE a shop which will be flooded with people that are strangers but I can’t go INSIDE my families house madness

I shop at supermarkets because I have to to survive. I don't need cheap disposable fashion to survive. I won't be bothering with any non essential shops at the moment - people don't SocialDistance in the supermarkets as it is. This will be much worse. Anrianra 😆 Yay I can go back to buying disposable fashion.

I must say when you go into Primark or TK Max it’s a similar experience to looking around British Heart Foundation or Oxfam stores. Which look trashier? My sock draw thanks u God help us! Herd immunity again Back to our ‘throwaway fashion’ buying habits. So much for polls saying we want Covid to be a catalyst for change

You could fold their clothes over 3 times and they still wouldn't be sufficient to be used as a face covering Great news. Kill your nan in a nice new top from Primark..... Stores in England. Covid cases will be on the rise after the 15th then. Cumming's eugenics in action..... Pack 'em in, stack 'em high.

So the board got together, looked at their profits and thought fuck it, let’s open up, after all it’s not us on the shop floor. We will be safe in our offices. Oh, and no meetings until at least October. Got it. Does this mean I could still peruse your Pride Collection Dame Zandra Glen Rhodes? 😉👗👚glenrules

Lovely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So you can all 'Shop Till You Drop' These companies need to survive. If people feel unsafe, they don't have to shop there!! If people feel safe give them the option to shop. Same with restaurants and pubs. Be careful, but don't become a victim of over the top scaremongering Get the superspreading chavs in there rather than at the local beach!!!

Apparently they launching new line called Second Wave. Do your job journalists! Apparently one got looted in London and all the stock has gone .. Primark have put an insurance claim in for £12 .50 Lockdown was completely waste of time The mobs will all be lining up outside!! Another recipe for disaster. It's going to be a nightmare not just in the stores but on the town/city centre streets. COVIDー19 StayHome

And I, for one, will be avoiding that shit show until the novelty dies down ...(imagine the queues & carnage 😖) As much as I like Primark and need new things , I've survived this long without it , so I can survive a tad longer , I'm not desperate !! 'Social distancing' 😔

Primark to reopen 153 stores in England by June 15 after coronavirus lockdownPRIMARK will reopen 153 stores in England by June 15 after the coronavirus lockdown. The clothing store shut all of its 189 UK stores on March 22 after the Government ordered all non-essential shop… good need my Primani fix Holbornlolz And if they think I'm going anywhere near a Primark in June, they're sorely mistaken! Очень круто

This is how shopping for clothes might look come 15 JuneWith non-essential retailers being allowed to reopen on 15 June, these are some of the protocols that you can expect in store. Definitely a NO from me! Not for a while; shopping online - safer!

Primark confirms it will be reopening 153 stores this month - including a new locationPRIMARK has confirmed which date its stores will reopen. The fashion and homeware chain has revealed when it will be opening shops around the UK. keithelliott94 Primark Gonna need one massive isolation room for returned goods, if, as we are told virus can live on surfaces and clothing. Plus what about clothes taken into fitting rooms. Not just Primark but every clothing store! Plus how much stock is on it's way from infected countries. Rethink!

Five things you can do in England from tomorrow as lockdown changesBoris Johnson has eased restrictions from June 1st from schools reopening to some year groups and more shops being able to reopen 1. Stay in lockdown 2. See 1 3. See 1 4. See 1 5. See 1 6. Stay at home Kick out the murderous Tory elites! That's the only thing we need to be doing now.

Mexican city Cancún offers free hotels, meals and tickets to entice touristsMexico plans to reopen tourism in the area from June 8 🇲 Ahh my holiday on the 11th has been cancelled so I've got 16 days of doing the same thing everyone else has been doing for 7 weeks. 🤪 meganreadd

All the countries reopening their borders to tourists in JuneBrits will not be able to go on holiday until the FCO changes its advice - but tourists from other countries have plenty of options for a trip this June I am staying at home or holidaying in africa fingure crossed who's next. For the second wave of COVID19..?