Prepare to trigger Covid Plan B curbs, say scientists

Prepare to trigger Covid Plan B curbs, say scientists

10/22/2021 3:37:00 PM

Prepare to trigger Covid Plan B curbs, say scientists

Advisors say early action could save later, tougher measures to stop the spread of Covid.

suggest more than half of British working adults are travelling to work.Sage says making face coverings compulsory in some places is likely to also help reduce the spread of Covid and other winter viruses, such as flu.It also notes the risks of high levels of the virus circulating in the UK, compared to other countries.

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"Cases and admissions are currently at much higher levels than in European comparators, which have retained additional measures and have greater vaccine coverage especially in children," the scientists say."Reducing prevalence from a high level requires greater intervention than reducing from a lower level."

Another worry is the emergence of a new variant that becomes "dominant globally", which they call "a very real possibility".And this winter, the advisors warn that the prospect of people being infected with Covid, flu and other respiratory viruses could be "a significant challenge", saying people who show symptoms of an infection should stay at home to stop it spreading to others.

This message needs to come from government, employers, universities and schools to be most effective, they say. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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Free 🍺 BorisJohnson MattHancock has repeatedly ignored in the past. Now sajidjavid should listen, but I guess he will wait til after cop26. Where I live, we still wear face coverings in indoor places, vaccine passports required for indoor eating/gym etc = cases/deaths low 😀 Plan B is devised to make the public work from home & use more of their own energy sources. This will make billions of pounds of profit; especially with the energy price hike.

Don't prepare do it !

Covid: When can I get my Covid booster jab?More than four million people have had a Covid vaccine booster dose. Article is dated November 2020 time it’s replaced PlanB.....

What is Plan B for tackling Covid in the UK this winter?What is PlanB for the UK this winter?

What the COVID-19 winter 'plan B' means for familiesMinisters are confident it won't mean further lockdowns Yes of course, why wouldn't you

British Medical Association says ‘time is now’ for Covid plan BThe doctors’ trade union believes not taking action over England’s growing Covid cases is ‘wilfully negligent’ Plan B? You mean the one where we just abandon prevention and 'just learn to live with it?' In other words: 'fcuk it, just let the peasants die' OMG, people get Covid and recover way more often than anyone reports. Let’s put THOSE stats next to the truth of how many don’t do well. I dare anyone to provide indisputable, reliable results that shows way more die than recover. People are not dying fast enough. They will probably start shooting them soon

Covid Plan B measures 'set to be rolled out in 20 UK hotspots within days'SOME parts of England are set have Plan B rules introduced as coronavirus infections continue to rise, it has been claimed. It comes as Health Secretary Sajid Javid last night warned that Covid-19 … While I was away on holiday at Abu Dhabi, The rules we have to wear the Mask (Mandatory) also Green Pass to enter the building like Mall, Restaurant, Theme Park and more to show the proof you have Negative results Wear a bleeding face mask in enclosed public places, and the number of daily covid cases will plummet from 30-40k to 2K a day. That’s what we’re doing in Spain, and it works. We have similar percentages of ppl fully vaccinated, so if it works for us, it should work for you too. Interesting Oldham is on there when it’s way below others and the England average

Covid-19: Doctors call for Plan B, and WHO's pandemic warning➡️ Doctors call for England's Covid Plan B to start ➡️ Pandemic could drag into 2022, WHO warns ➡️ The Covid-free remote island Thursday morning's coronavirus update There are around half a million cases worldwide, (many of them contributed by the UK!), unlikely to disappear in the next two months.