Prayer leader back at London mosque less than 24 hours after stabbing

A 29-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after worshippers at the mosque pinned him down.

2/21/2020 8:25:00 PM

'I don't need to put any hatred in my heart.' Muslim prayer leader Raafat Maglad, who was stabbed at a mosque in Regent's Park in London, has said he forgives the man accused of attacking him. To read more, click here:

A 29-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after worshippers at the mosque pinned him down.

He added:"I feel okay. This is my fate."Police are not treating the stabbing as terror-related.Witnesses said the muezzin, the title given to the person leading the call to prayer at a mosque, was attacked around 3pm at the centre.Image:Raafat Maglad was attacked in the mosque on Thursday

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A 29-year-old man was tackled by worshippers at the mosque before being arrested inside on suspicion of attempted murder. The suspect was thought to be attending the prayers, and his motive remains unclear.No other suspects are being sought by police.

Video showed a white man wearing a red hoodie, black trousers and no shoes being handcuffed by police.One video appeared to show a knife on the floor under a plastic chair.Attacker is detained by policeWitnesses said the suspect spoke with"a London accent" and had been a regular at the mosque but was last seen at least six months ago.

Mosque adviser Ayaz Ahmad said:"Everybody's reaction was shock and horror, the men were screaming."It was a vicious attack. We live in a society where we hear a lot about knife crime and what have you, but actually to physically be in a situation where you're first-hand watching an attempted murder take place, it's very shocking."

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he was"deeply saddened" at the attack, adding:"It's so awful that this should happen, especially in a place of worship."Image:Extra police have been deployed at the mosqueMr Khan said shortly after the attack that"every Londoner is entitled to feel safe in their place of worship & I want to reassure London's communities that acts of violence in our city will not be tolerated".

He said extra police officers would be deployed in the area.London Central Mosque is one of the country's largest and can hold 5,000 worshippers, with people from across the capital travelling to it for prayers every day. Read more: Sky News »

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When a Muslim goes on a killing spree, Sky News goes to his Mother's house for tea, and are told 'What a good boy he is' Salute you sir.. Great human being and a great ambassador to Islam. 👏 Dear non-Muslims who never bothered to look up what islam is beyond mass media; This is Islam..SURPRISE!! Wish him a speedy recovery, that's a real human right there.

He will forgive him because he was a fellow worshipper. blairmcdougall If there's a heaven/jannah, this man is going there. MichaelDugher Good on him

Knifeman storms London mosque and 'stabs man during call to prayer'Police say they were called to a mosque in Park Road, NW8, at 3.10pm to reports of a stabbing. Storms? Storms ? Probably just walked in the front door like everyone else..... Stabbed a man in his 70s? His bravery is astounding

Brave prayer leader, 70, stabbed in mosque attack 'feels sorry for the knifeman'Rafat Maqlad, 70, was knifed in the neck at the London Central Mosque in Regent's Park while giving the call to prayer at around 3pm after 'he stopped the knifeman from stabbing an Imam' This is immense in showing such compassion

Defiant prayer leader discharges himself from hospital and returns to mosqueDefiant prayer leader Raafat Maqlad was stabbed in the neck at London Central Mosque yesterday but returned for the 'Jummah' prayer with London Mayor Sadiq Khan

Hero worshippers tackle knifeman who ‘stabbed prayer leader in neck in bloody rampage’TWENTY hero worshippers tackled a knifeman who stabbed a Muslim leader in the neck during a call to prayer at a London mosque. A 29-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after … Amazing heroes! Hope the guy gets better very soon and here is sending love to him and his family He probably was one of your readers and learnt the hate that you have always promoted. Deffo not terrorism related and probably a lone wolf too with mental health issues.

Prayer leader hailed a hero for saving Imam from being stabbed in Mosque attackThe prayer leader - the Muezzin - reportedly saved the Imam from the attacker who witnesses report had been 'pretending' to be a Muslim convert and had been seen at the mosque several times You didn’t mention It was a terror attack. Why? Saudi Arabia is pumping money into spreading This religion and Mosques around this country. From Regents Park.

Police deploy facial recognition in London with two hours' notice‘This tech makes us less free and no safer,’ says privacy campaign group Are they looking for new black officers to recruit for the 20,000? Good. Got nothing to hide you ain't got anything to worry about. Blame those that bring violence to our streets for this kind of monitoring. It's because of them it's happening.