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Portland, Oregon

Portland prepares for city's largest far-right rally of the Trump era

Portland prepares for city's largest far-right rally of the Trump era


Portland prepares for city's largest far-right rally of the Trump era

Police are fearful of an outbreak of violence at the ‘End Domestic Terrorism’ rally, which is targeted at Portland ’s antifascist groups

In promoting the rally on social media, Biggs has brandished a Trump-themed baseball bat, appeared in videos wearing a T-shirt bearing the slogan “Training to Throw Communists Out of Helicopters” – a reference to the Chilean Pinochet regime’s methods for executing dissidents – and has taunted antifascists, saying “You’re not gonna feel safe when you go out in public” and “I’m gonna stomp your ass into the ground, Antifa”.

Other rightwing groups have also said they are attending, or have been mentioned by Biggs and others, including “patriot movement” groups like the Three Percenters and the Oathkeepers, who often openly carry firearms at public events, and American Guard, who the Anti-Defamation League describe as “hardcore white supremacists”.

The background to the latest potential confrontation is a long string of violent rallies since 2017 in which rightwing organizers, often living outside the city, have brought in activists and supporters to square off against leftwing counter-protesters.

Outlaw and Portland’s mayor, Ted Wheeler, have each told people intending violence to stay away. “Don’t come. We don’t want you here,” Outlaw said last week.

The FBI and the Oregon State Police have said they will assist local city police with enforcement on Saturday, and Wheeler has suggested he may ask the state governor to call out the National Guard.

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They do better to prepare for the Antifa mob and other assorted Socialist bigots. Not looking forward to this sh*t. I really wish ppl would stop giving these dolts attention. No counter-protesters, no traditional media, no social media. A blackout. They do these demonstrations to incite others to violence—and ppl fall right into their manipulative plan. STOP.

Portland got the mayor and government they voted for... let them rot. No more FEDERAL FUNDING!! Antifa - Proud Boys, same coin, different side, if people do not engage in debate and consider the other persons views, it will only get more radical. Oh, like all 20 of them? Portland is a left wing zealosphere

Have you noticed the riots going on just across the channel from us? No? Because it doesn’t suit your political agenda. The Guardian - just a left wing, posh, antisemitic, US and Israel hating, unreliable rag. Based. Can't wait to watch antifa get kicked in. Brexit This is where Brexit is taking us! Portland is a friendly tow you know!

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