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Pope takes aim at Trump comparing 'populist leaders' to 30s dictators

Pope lashes out at COVID deniers in new book

11/24/2020 12:03:00 PM

Pope lashes out at COVID deniers in new book

In his new book Let us Dream, the leader of the Catholic Church does not mention Trump but makes clear his contempt for the 'populist' and slams politicians who say COVID is no worse than the flu.

Pope takes aim at Trump by comparing 'populist leaders' to 1930s dictators, backs protests over George Floyd's killing and lashes out at COVID deniers, in new bookPope Francis is using a new book published next month, Let Us Dream, to attack 'populist leaders' who foment 'resentment and hatred' at rallies

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He does not name any but compares them to 1930s dictatorsOvertly political book also dives into George Floyd's death calling it 'is a gross violation of human dignity' and backing protests in its wakeBlames unnamed 'media' for complaints about COVID restrictions saying they 'used this crisis to persuade people that foreigners are to blame'

Slams people who say 'coronavirus is little more than a little bout of flu' and says 'There are politicians who peddle these narratives for their own gain.'Also says he understands feeling of people with COVID having been on a ventilator aged 20 headtopics.com

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The self-styled QAnon 'shaman' was one of the suspects the FBI had been looking for.

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Peodophile priests will no longer be protected by the Papacy 👃 Who the fuck is buying his shit? When will he lash out at the child rapists in his church Very few have denied Covid- we have questioned the extra ordinary response of Govt worldwide all responding in same way to covid flu that is not unique or deadly for 99.94% & average age of death is greater than life expectancy age! I do not fear Covid I’m very angry at response!

The last pope before the new religion Hey, Pope. We the people all know you love big ass. This pope isnt a real pope,yd the previous pope retire? Thats not how it works,just put this commie in,writing books and lecturing us about politics, encouraging the islamic invasion of Europe, made the vatican a mockery, political joke with nba activist, not a mask on any of em

I know that the Pope has no salary. I see a inch by inch progress on taking the sexual abuses of the Church which the future popes will continue to fight on. Looking forward on taking reforms seriously. Senior member of the globalist one world movement. Weird! There is literally not one thing me and this man agree on. Either he's a baddy or I am.

DefundThePope PlayPope would be a better idea for the new book Sir... Which Brazilian model got the best Ass 🌟🍑 But pederasty is okay, Pontifex? Sounds like a minor oversight. Pope's know a lot about denying don't they. A man who has amassed a lot of power based on taking advantage of people's fears. Who'd have thought it?

Stop protecting your staff that harm kids. He's part of the globalist cabal I hope that they are going to record all deaths within 28 days of the vaccine... Popes a baby snowflake. Needs to man up