Police to text 70,000 victims of £50m iSpoof bank con after UK’s largest fraud probe

11/25/2022 2:00:00 AM

The scammers used a sophisticated tool to spoof phone numbers of legitimate companies such as banks

The scammers used a sophisticated tool to spoof phone numbers of legitimate companies such as banks

More than 70,000 people are expected to receive text from Metropolitan Police that will determine if they were a victim of a bank spoof con to help fight fraud

By 1 minute ago - 2 min read Metropolitan Police has announced that it will be sending text messages to 70,000 people across the UK who may have been targeted by fraudsters.OpenPrinting keeps old printers working – even on Windows President and CEO Enrique Lores described the results as"a solid end to our fiscal year despite navigating a volatile macro-environment and softening demand in the second half" but added HP needs a strategy – which he dubbed the"Future Ready Transformation Plan" – to find"significant structural cost savings through digital transformation, portfolio optimization and operational efficiency.The UKs largest gaming market is returning this weekend for its third year, bringing enthusiasts and sellers together in the city.Updated 24th Nov 2022, 11:47am Officers pursued a Volkswagen Golf on the motorway in East Lancashire after it was reported stolen from outside a home in Lancaster at 4am.

The scammers have used a sophisticated online tool to spoof the phone numbers of legitimate companies such as banks.The Met told Money Saving Expert website that those being contacted have been identified as potential victims of so-called ‘number spoofing’ fraud."Portfolio optimization" looks to be an effort to chase growth markets and to clean up some messes created by COVID-19.The text will be sent specifically to victims who may have been caught out by an online tool, known as iSpoof, which enabled criminals to appear as if they were calling from banks, tax offices and other official bodies while attempting to defraud people.READ MORE - Glasgow Christmas craft market set to bring independent creatives together this weekend Replay Events, who are holding the market, described the plans for Saturday.Advertisement Hide Ad The Met says more than 200,000 potential victims in the UK alone have been directly targeted through iSpoof, with 70,000 of them linked to an identified suspect.Doing so meant HP Inc.If you receive the text you will likely have been called over the phone from a fraudster pretending to be from your bank.Officers from Lancashire Police’s Tactical Operations Unit spotted the stolen Golf on the M65 in East Lancashire and gave chase Most Popular.

iSpoof has allowed its criminal users, who paid for the service in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, to disguise their phone number so it appeared as if they were calling from a trusted source."This is clearly now an opportunity to simplify, to rationalize and to reduce investment in the cost side," Lores said.Gaming nirvana.This process is known as ‘spoofing’.In many cases of scamming, the people targeting you already have access to your private information and will likely have been obtained via the dark web."For example, in Personal Systems, there is an opportunity to significantly reduce our number of unique SKUs," he said.Scammers may try to gain your trust by mentioning transactions you have legitimately made.From breaking news to the latest on the coronavirus crisis in Scotland, we''ll have you covered.However, they will often mention one you haven’t made to make you think you have already been scammed and will ask you to help them move your money to a ‘safe’ account.also has a plan to sell more stuff by combining its own products with those of Poly – the company formerly known as Plantronics and Polycom before HP bought them for $3.

This is often how you know you’re dealing with a scammer.You may be contacted regardless of where you live in the UK, not just in London." Gamers will be offered"seamless experiences across PCs, displays and peripherals.Also on sale will also be arcade machines, import games, handhelds and much more.So, how do you know if your text message from the Met Police is real? Here’s everything you need to know about the action.Advertisement How to tell if you’re Met Police text message is genuine The revealed the two key points that will help you decide whether the text you receive is genuine or not." "We will also expand our consumer services offerings beyond Instant Ink to include new areas such as paper and print hardware" Lores told investors – then later let slip that consumer ink-as-a-service is more profitable than managed print services for businesses.They are as follows: Advertisement You will ONLY receive the message on November 24 or November 25, 2022.Find out more about the event here.

If you receive a text like this outside of this 48-hour window, it could be a scam and should be ignored.take on approximately $1.The message will ask you to visit the Met Police website at met.police.6 billion to land on the FY 2023 balance sheet.uk/elaborate but, crucially, it will NOT contain a direct link.Scam texts often invite you to follow a link by tapping to open it, so to help distinguish this as a legitimate message, the Met Police won’t be linking directly to its website.Lores said the savings from the Future Ready Transformation plan will be the main contributor to improved results in the second half of 2023, and the company will stop share buybacks to ensure it has cash on hand to cope with what the CEO predicted would be a"challenging macro environment" for the year ahead.

International fraud experts have met in Belfast to deal with scam levels that continue to soar during the cost of living crisis.Advertisement Hide Ad What to do if you get a text from the Met Police? If you receive a text message from the Met Police November 24 or November 25, you may want to consider independently visiting the website address given by to file a report and help the investigation.Lores replied that the world has changed since HP's last cost cutting plan and that previous efforts set the company up to make positive investments in growth products.Advertisement Hide Ad If you provide information to the Met Police via its website or to Action Fraud you may be contacted again by police officers to provide a victim statement and evidence.However, there is no guarantee you will get any money back.47.The Met has said it is looking to use the ‘Proceeds of Crime Act’ to try to recover stolen funds.

What to do if you think you’ve been scammed? Advertisement Hide Ad If you think you are being scammed, hang up the phone immediately and independently search for your bank’s contact details to inform your bank of any suspicious activity.Lancashire Police are teaming up with Age UK Lancashire to deliver a free event at Salt Ayre this week to educate people of all ages on online security and how to avoid scams.Advertisement.

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So how will the already wary victims know the police texts are legitimate...?

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Police to text 70,000 victims in UK's biggest anti-fraud operationThe website iSpoof, used by criminals to make fake calls, has been taken down. Sounds legit And everyone will think it's a fraudulent text 👍 More than 70,000 people voted Tory 🤔

Police to text 70,000 victims in UK's biggest anti-fraud operationThe website iSpoof, used by criminals to make fake calls, has been taken down.